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Title: Too Hot
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
The Too Hot is specifically designed not to "over-hook" on drier lane
surfaces for increased control. It consists of a clean pearl reactive
2-color cover stock and a .025 (low) differential weight block for increased
length in the mid-lane. The weight block of Too Hot maintains adequate
dynamic energy to generate sufficient backend reaction for carry. The
specifications are: Cover stock: Curelyon Pearl Reactive Cover stock;
Factory Finish: 1500-grit Polished; Color: Green/Gold 2-color cover stock;
Hardness: 76-78 Rex D-scale; Weight Block: Modified 2-piece; Radius of
Gyration: 2.582 (Medium); Differential: .025 (Low); Flare Potential: Med.
(3"); Hook Potential: 15/11 Dull/Shiny on Storm's scale of 1-20; Length: 8
on a scale of 1-10; Backend: 6 on a scale of 1-10; Recommended Lane
Condition: Medium to Dry Lanes
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: Goof1073 on March 14, 2001, 09:02:39 AM
When I drilled this ball I was looking for a ball to fit in between my lightning flash and flame reactive…and this is it!!  My ball started with 3-oz top and a 2.5" pin.  Drilled it with the pin just above the fingers in the mid-plane and the cg just under my ring finger.  **Please check my profile for my style and typical house shot**  

When I first got this ball I was surprised by the amount of hook the ball really had.  I immediately fell in love with this ball, as it is extremely versatile.  The weight block is back to basics and the cover just knocks the pins around like crazy!!  I will typically play 15 to 5 with this ball on a second shift shot.  If there is a bit too much oil for this line...this ball will work just as well up 5 or for drier 20 without any problems.  It's not a really big hooking ball so make sure you don't play in too much oil or it won't come back (it's almost like the old Black Rages in this respect).

I can't say enough about this ball.  I haven't hit a series under 700 with it so far and have a high series of 812 (300-254-258) with it.  Who says the lower priced balls don't hit well?  If you are looking for a great mid to light oil ball this is it!  A perfect 10 out of 10 in every way.

Oh and if there is ever any doubt about the low-end stuff hitting well...check out my review on the flame reactive!!
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: Billy Ray on March 21, 2001, 08:43:35 AM
My Too Hot has a 2" pin Drilled 5x4.

Pin is under my ring finger Hole is 1.5" below my PAP.

This ball is awesome on the burnt heads. The cover clears the heads and it plays well from inside the 5th or 6th arrow. Recovers nicely but controllably. The weight Block balances control and power well. Another winner from Storm! Priced right too! Compliments my Eraser and Lightning Flash nicely!
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: bug on April 30, 2001, 11:36:37 AM
Storm Too Hot,15 lb,2.5 pin,3 topwt.
Drill=cg under ring finger, pin to right of ring fingertip (at 1 o'clock), looking for distance and snap.
Condition=light oil.
   Purchased for drier condition than used by Eraser or Messenger Ti Pearl.  The factory finish was too grippy.  Sanded with wet 2500 grit, and finished with Finesse.  
   The Too Hot works well for light oil and dry back.  The coverstock wears well.  This ball seems too much for completely fried conditions.  My tweener buddy likes the ball for second shift.  This ball could be described as a weaker, milder Eraser.  Thank You, BUG

Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: Mike Austin on May 03, 2001, 01:47:08 AM

I have drilled two of these balls for myself, and I may not be finished, and moved about 15 of these through my shop already.  TH #1 has turned out to be an experiment that worked.  I put the pin to the left of my middle finger, and the cg in my grip with no extra hole (needed or wanted).  This layout puts the pin about 6 inches from my PAP.  This is a layout I have used with much success with balls such as Super Beast, Speed Demon and Tiger in the past.  The pin is so far from my axis (so close to my track)that the ball tends to hold axis rotation longer, which gets it down the lane better, and lays off on the back end.

As I have medium speed and above average revs, I have trouble when the lanes are really hooking.  TH #1 turned out to be a DART.  This ball would work well if the lanes were 15 feet longer!  There has been a couple of times when the lanes have been just scorching, that this ball has worked awesome.  BTW, I could not wrinkle this ball in Reno at the Stadium. DAMN.  I needed just a little back end with this great length, hence TH #2....

#2 has the pin to the right of my ring finger with the cg directly under the pin.  The pin was out about 1 1/2 inches from the cg, and have 3.4 Top weight before drilling.  I had to use an X hole to get the ball back to legal, and this hole was put 1 1/2 inches above my PAP.  I used a small(3/4) inch bit and about 2 1/2 inches deep.  For me, this was about a 5 inch pin from PAP layout, with the mass bias strong.

This ball is nice!  Very nice length with a strong back end.  Very comparable to Super Beast, a little less than Tiger, but much more than Flame Reactive.  This ball is NOT a fresh oil ball, you need some dry for this ball.  But when they break down, and you gotta move in to 3rd or 4th arrow or deeper, this ball is at home.  You can open up the lane very well.  With the mellow pearl shell, you can get some hold you won't get with stronger pearl balls (Eraser, Trauma, Pearl Ti, Pearl Monster).  The tamed down Thunder Storm weight block still provides plenty of hitting power.  Price is nice too.  Hope this helps ya.....

Mike Austin
Mike Austin's Precision Pro Shop
Houston, TX
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: Michael on May 30, 2001, 12:04:23 PM
I am a tweener. I purchased this ball because I wanted to see how it would do on the sport condition this summer. I haven't had a chance to test it yet but on the normal house shot I half to move about 3 to 4 boards right on the lane than with any other ball in my arsenal.
I drilled it with the pin just below my bridge with no extra hole. It doesn't have hardly any flare. It was drilled for a smooth arc. My ball driller kicked the cg out about half an inch from my center of grip. The ball had about a 3 inch pin. I really like how the ball rolls it is very, very predictable. It doesn't give me a huge reaction. I drilled the ball specificly for the sport condition. So we will see how it does!
Good Luck
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: Goof1073 on June 12, 2001, 12:02:19 PM
This is my second review of this ball.  Please check me previous review for ball drilling and see my profile for bowling style.

I have had this ball for over 3 months...I had gotten it when it first came out!  Since my previous review I have continued to have great success with this ball.  I have found it to be very versatile on a wide range of conditions and lines.  I have bowled with it on full wood, synthetic heads and full synthetic with the same results...10 in the pit.  I will admit that this ball isn't the best ball for wet conditions nor is it well suited for extreme dry...but anywhere in between it's great.  In a recent Massachusetts tournament I ran off my second 800 with this ball going 300-279-258 for a 837...only a 4pin, 7pin,10pin and a strike away from a 900!

I have fallen in love with this ball and have purchased a second one to drill out for a different reaction.  I have also bought a Trauma and will post a review of this soon.

Overall I still would say that this ball is a great ball for anyone on medium conditions...given the correct drilling and surface prep.  I have seen everything from crankers to strokers use this and love it.  This is in my opinion the best low end ball on the market bare none...I have tried messengers and Vortex's but this core/shell combo knocks them dead.

Go get a too hot and enjoy bowling up a storm!!
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: jmf300 on June 24, 2001, 06:14:16 AM
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: Deadbait on August 21, 2001, 12:09:36 AM
Probably the best ball out right now for house type conditions.  Very much Oil scares it, but a light oil to dry (not toast) it is scary.   Carry is excellect.
Luck     Bullred
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: Christopher Marchand on September 07, 2001, 08:22:08 AM
Drilling of my TOO HOT is Pin 3 3/8" x CG 5" to the PAP for a similar reaction to my X-IT. What a surprise, first two games out of the box 260 plus. Best value for the buck with this ball. Surprising how well this ball handles oil and mild carrydown. Very impressive pin carry, keeps pins low and hits hard. Great job by the guys at Storm putting out another high quality ball. Rating this one a strong 9 of 10.

Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: Leftyhi-trak on September 28, 2001, 10:00:00 AM
Spec: 16lb 2"pin  4X4 Layout
Bowler: Stroker, 15-16mph

 Bowled in a house that oils 8 to 8 to 38'. I had been swinging a pearl particle but was incurring too much over/under. Pulled the Too Hot out and decided to try down the oil line with a slight bump to the dry. (10 to 6) To my suprise this ball hooked quite nicely and set. I did eat a few seven pins but I was trying to spin the ball to get a little more area. If I did a flat roll this ball hit hard. I will be using this ball a lot at a tournament this weekend. It was nice to throw a pearl reactive that was not jumpy just even depending on release. I will review again but would definitely recommend for med-light conditions or choppy where you need to take the lane out of play.

High Flush to all,

Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: Tweener on November 08, 2001, 02:32:35 PM
Too Hot

Ball surface: Factory
Layout: 1in pin and pin is under the ring finger
Lane conditions:
    Condition 1: med oil through heads and pines and nice backends on synthetic
    Condition 2: med oil with carry down
    Condition 3: very light oil on wood lanes


I am in three houses now so I can give you a little more info about how balls react on different lanes and conditions.

Condition 1: I really like to use this ball on this condition because the ball is pretty long and has a nice snap for the backend. I was playing an outside line by starting on 23 and throwing over 11 to 13 and flaring to 4.

Condition 2: Still an okay condition but because the length of the ball, sometimes it will not finish and leaves nice pretty washouts (playing the same line has condition 1). If you play a little more straight up, you can get the ball to work, but I rather pull out another ball then trying to fight with the ball and trying to carry a ten.

Condition 3: Playing by the gutter cap and throwing about 25, this ball will get out and finish. The only problem is if there is carrydown, this ball seems to die before getting into the pocket. I got tired of fighting with the ball because its not my favorite shot and being a splochy oil, I decided to pull out an urethane.

Overall I like this ball for medium oil and sharp backends with this setup. On the conditions I would rate:

Condition 1:

Control: 9
recommendation for this lane condition:9

Condition 2:

Control: 6
recommendation for this lane condition:6

Condition 3:

Control: 5
recommendation for this lane condition:6

Remember this is for only my style. I really feel that this ball can be used by people who do not put a lot of revs on the ball on these drier conditions. I really think if you like playing deep inside, this ball will work especially real dry lanes with no carry down.

I Would recommend this ball to any player looking for a cheap ball that can be pretty universal.
Tweener2k []
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: BowlingJunkie6 on November 26, 2001, 10:48:36 AM
Got this ball in a 15 lb. edition.  Has a tame cover, and if you have heavy oil on the lanes, put this ball back in the bag.  However, with a dry backend, you have yourself a legitimate striking machine.

Usually with some head oil, and the dry back end, I like to take this ball from the 15 board, run it out to about 7, and then let the ball do the rest.  I was not expecting the hit I received with this ball, because I was looking for a tame reaction.  It literally will explode the pins off the pin deck.  I have an older Piranha-C that still gives me great reaction, and I like to use it a lot.  The Piranha-C, and Black Messenger that I have been throwing, will keep the pins low, which I consider a plus.  The Too Hot tends to really send them flying, which looks nice, but sometimes will flip a pin past a corner pin.

I really like the Too Hot for what I use it for, and am looking forward to purchasing an Erase-It for the heavier oil patterns.

Good luck and good bowling.
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: Christopher Marchand on December 13, 2001, 06:29:03 AM
Previously reviewed the Too Hot, but an additional review is deemed appropriate. This is the go to ball when the condition goes into transition, giving the bowler in because of the pearl coverstock and still able to miss a little out because of the forgiveness of the label leverage drilling. Outstanding second league or late shift ball of choice. Overall this ball deserves a high 9 out of a possible 10.

Chris Marchand
Bowl-Mor Pro Shop
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: LuckyLefty on December 13, 2001, 11:21:41 AM
I will compare this ball to the Blue Violet Sparkle
Tornado and the the Red Storm Too Hot on the Ebonite Forum.

Thanks for reading.


Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: Mongo on January 02, 2002, 12:24:14 PM
2 1/2" Pin
2 oz. TW

5 X 5 (pin over bridge)
Box finish

Drilled the Too Hot with the expectations of having something to go to When my Eraser was too much.  I was looking for something stronger than a pancake, but would still play on the dry.  

I'm still looking.

The Too Hot, with this setup, is WAY too much.  I get better length and a smoother move from the Eraser.  I was actually shocked at the amount of flare I got, 4"+.  The Too Hot is very skid/flippy and reads dry hard.  I was expecting a ball that was 2-3 feet longer than my Eraser with a smoother backend.  Right now, the Too Hot is stronger and harder to read.

Given the fact that I have drilled a couple up for customers (which they loved) I may have to give it one more chance.  However, this high RG drilling did not match up with this ball at all.
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: StormLefty on January 02, 2002, 03:31:29 PM
See my profile for style.
Drilled pin above fingers, 5x4 drilling.

Great value for the money!  Old coverstock makes it lower power, high RG gets it down the lane, and low differential makes it smooth and predictable.

I got the Too Hot for when the heads dry up and as a lower hook alternative to my stronger stuff.  I would have to say this ball is even better and even stronger than I expected.  It goes nice and long, then has a strong pop at the back and hits hard.  The Too Hot is about 4 boards or so less with my feet than my Eraser, but it actually looks sharper on the back.  The reason is the Too Hot goes longer then flips like you pulled the string, whereas the Eraser starts up a few feet earlier, covers more boards out and back, making it look like it arcs in comparison.

The Too Hot will jump off the dry if you throw it too far into dry outside boards, and will snap hard off of super clean synthetic backends.  I have found that a light scuff (white scotchbrite) will dull it a bit and make it smoother off the dry and not as sensitive to carrydown.

Great ball for medium to dry for medium to low speed players.  Good for dry heads or medium with backends for higher speed players.  On oily or carrydown conditions, I would guess higher speed players will need to dull the ball or go with the Ultra Hot which is a solid with mica.
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: PolishHammer on January 11, 2002, 08:42:22 AM
This was my first of three storm products.  Looking for something to handle the dry and still have some carry.  WOW!!  On dry back ends, this ball carries better than some premium balls.  It's not a skid flip but a real powerful arc.  Add some control it polish and it really gets long.  Carry does drop off if you go too deep, or if there is a lot of carry down, but that's what the other balls in your bag are for.   Excellent inexpensive ball
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: maestro1313 on January 14, 2002, 03:40:12 PM
I got the Too Hot last Friday...
Now to be fair, I bowl without a thumb in the ball so I get more hook then some will with this ball.
I threw my first practice ball and it went directly into the gutter.
Figured there would be a learning curve... that was it!
I am a 185 bowler and I threw a personal high 688 in my first series with the ball.
This included a 260 game where I had 10 strikes including 8 in a row.
This ball just chewed through the pins! The ball hit so hard, it was like it reached out and pushed pins over...
I would say this is a great ball for the $$$ (I spent just over $100 - drilled) but I really have to say this is a great ball... at any price.
I am on middle of the road lanes... not too dry... not to wet..
I go to our other house tommorow, I will update and let you know what happpens...
Excellent ball so far!
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: Deadbait on January 20, 2002, 11:11:06 PM
Righthanded, 16 mph, 20 degree axis rotation, small tilt to axis, maybe 10-20 degrees.  Track is 1 inch off finger and 3 inches off thumb.  Set ball up to bowl dry heads and midlanes.  Pin out 3 inches.   3.5 TW.  Pin is just under ring finger with cg swung out to 1 oz. neg side wt.  Drilled out neg. axis point back to 3/4 oz positive.  What I wound up with was a ball that has a pretty straight path to the backend.  By governing speed it will make a pretty good turn to the pocket.   Any backend oil scares it.  The more I use it and get used to the straight trajectory down the lane, the more I like it.  With the quick flip to the pocket, carry is excellent.   Drawback would probably be speed.  It will go through the breakpoint if pushed too hard.  It seems to be release friendly.  Either turned or rolled, movement seems to be about the same.  Don't plan to drill this in any other ball, but would reccomend it in a mild cover and core for dryer lanes.
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: hondapower06 on February 02, 2002, 01:06:56 AM
GREATEST BALL I'VE EVER THROWN!!!  This ball is VERY forgiving.  Hits like an 18-wheeler.  i bought it last Thursday and shot 806 (258-300-248) tonight.  Most people use this ball for dry to medium.  i use it for medium to heavy.  I have alot of hand though.  Now I'm just trying to find something that doesn't hook as much (dozen boards or more).  Anyone have any ideas.  10 out of 10 for this OUTSTANDING ball!  Nothing but Storm from now on.
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: supa horce85 on March 02, 2002, 08:43:54 PM
This ball is great!! Many say this ball hates oil......they just dont know how to adjust. This ball is quite possibly the best ball out there on med-dry lanes, and not too shabby on med-heavy.  Great carry, hits like a truck, i personally like it better then any of the Tramua series.
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: bart00n on March 06, 2002, 03:09:31 PM
This is an impressive ball.  This ball will not over-react on any thing.  Mine is drilled to lay off. It will roll early if there is early dry.  You can play inside with this ball!!  It will carry.  For the money this ball is well worth it.  Not the best for league shots, but put it to the test at any tight tourney shot.  It will pass with flying colors.  Good luck!
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: lane1lefty on March 07, 2002, 12:36:50 AM
People, as most of you know, the stuff the companies tell you on a ball is what they want you to believe. I own a Too Hot, the pin is 1-2" out, I have it drilled over label with the pin next to the ring finger. Let me tell you, I'm a lefty with a speed of 15-16mph and all the hand in the world, which usually presents a problem considering my center doesn't use the winter synthetic lane oil, always the summer. Buy this ball, it is for dry lanes, but it will rip them apart. It is very forgiving on a bad shot, as a lefty I leave the 4-7 at worst usually. Great complement to the Blue Hot flame if you own one of those, good luck, good bowling, and watch out for corners.
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: bowlingking on March 21, 2002, 07:43:04 PM
Got this ball late last year. Had it drilled label, to give it length and some backend hook.

I have to agree with some of the other reviews that this ball has more hook than I was expecting, however it does need some dry. If there isn't enough dry, you will definately know because you will never carry all ten. Seems to work great on house shots on the dry, and when you get lined up with enough dry, look out! When this happens the too hot definately hits and carries excellent.

Overall a great ball.
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: Track900 on April 06, 2002, 07:13:28 PM
I got a Too Hot with about a 4 inch pin.  I wanted the long pin so I could put it above the fingers to get a lot of length out of the ball. I was wanting a ball to throw on Dry Lanes.  
I am happy with the purchase.  It covers more boards than I expected it to, but it is playable on dry lanes because it allows you to play very deep (I am talking lofting the ball over the left gutter(right handed)) and still carry. I have found that I can also use the ball to go up the lane as long as there are some dry boards to get the ball going.  And like all STORM equipment its carry is awsome.
And to top it all off you cant go wrong with the price.  Very low price for a ton of performance.  Like Always Great Job Storm!
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: JP1 on April 26, 2002, 03:09:02 AM
In terms of the too hot I strongly suggest watch the drilling of this ball as my pro shop determined "this is a hard ball not much hook" ya right!! If ya throw it with some rev this ball can hook (polished) I calmed mine down by sanding with scotch-brite green. It hits hard so drill it right to expect it to what you want it for!!!
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: laner7pin on June 18, 2002, 11:37:21 AM
Bought this ball about a month ago, got it drilled 12:00 leverage, pin directly above the fingers, same drilling as my Eraser. Needless to say, this ball so far is good for me. I am a lefty, high rev, usually playing between 3rd and 4th arrow, depending on what ball I have in my hand. With the Too Hot, I stand about 20-22, lay he ball down at about 10, get it out to 5 and it comes back hard. Surface is dulled up a bit right now, which causes it to squirt high, leaving a big 4, but other than that it carries very well. Corner pins carry well, but do leave 10 pins when I get it in the "swish" area. Going to polish it up this week to get a different reaction out of it. Will post another review after I get a fewgames under it shined up, like all my other equipment. Hooks more than a kick, but not as much as an Eraser or Ultra Hot. Overall and 8 out of 10 so far. Keep on bowling.....

Eric Lane
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: booner_86 on June 26, 2002, 11:55:18 PM
drilled this one 5 X 5.. and LOOK OUT.. do NOT let this ball fool you.. with decent backends this ball takes off HARD.. it has a very strong arc at the backend.. has a strong midlane read.. the lanes werent fresh.. but there was still alot of oil out there.. and a bit of carrydown.. this ball does not like carrydown i might add.. but on clean backends this ball takes off hard.. i got it to replace my Trauma when the lanes broke down.. but it has so much midlane roll that it almost hooks out my Trauma.. might wanna drill this ball for a late reaction
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: CB on July 12, 2002, 01:40:54 AM
I love my Too Hot.  I am uncertain as to the exact drilling.  It was drilled to go long and break.  That's exactly what it does.  I purchased it to compliment my El Nino which did not carry well on dry lanes.  I am a lefty and have found the Too Hot has proved rather versitile on all except heavy oil.  It has become my main ball.  I generally stand about 20-22 and roll it over 7-8.  It hits and carries more consistently than the El Nino.  I currently bowl 4 leagues and have increased my average 10-15 over last season.  Great ball and I can't wait to get my next Storm ball - I need a ball for heavy oil.
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: laner7pin on July 12, 2002, 02:12:37 AM
Have an update on my Too Hot. Polish it up with Ebonite's Extender Polish and it made a great difference. With it dulled up as it was, it tended to jump high and leave the Big 4. With the polish, the ball now goes down the lane about another 2-3 feet and makes a bit sharper turn into the pocket. Bowled on a sport shot this past week, it actually was the Team USA shot from 2 years ago, found out that outside was the key to play the lanes. I like to be consistent with speed, as any bowler should be, but have been incosistent lately, due to poor mechanics. Figured it out before league so now my speed is where I want it, and still have tons of hand. I started on the pair playing almost straight up first arrow with some hand, tried to let the ball work, and came in light. Slowed down a little with more hand, went Brooklyn. Picked speed up, with same amount of hand...flush. Started league play with the same line, and was burying the pocket with good carry. Left a couple of 6 pins (lefty), and wiffed them cause I didnt move enough. Kept the ball in play all night, had a great reaction, but score wise wasnt the best simply cause I wiffed a couple more spares and left a couple splits towards the end when they started to break down on me. But the Too Hot was the ball for me on that pattern, and shined up gave it more hitting power and better carry when I good shot was thrown. Did not squirt high, till the lanes broke down. I would recommend this ball staying polished, it gives me a better reaction and should for you as well. Another winner from Storm, cant wait to get my hands on a Big Hit!
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: Trauma Line on July 12, 2002, 06:48:31 PM

Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: Rock77 on September 11, 2002, 08:22:41 PM
Probably my favorite ball. Goes long and moves nicely in the backend. Great ball for drier conditions and this ball hits like a sack of bricks. Good ball for a beginner learning to hook or a dry ball for an advanced bowler!! Great ball from Storm!
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: MerkinMan on October 09, 2002, 09:03:49 PM
Great ball for when the lanes start to fly a little.  I didn't like it at first, it was to over/under. But on the right lane condition....WOW!!!
Recently went 299-242-249=790 on very hooking condition. very smooth transition, and smash in the pocket.  

for the price, storm has done well with this line of equipment....

Thanks storm, and KEEP IT COMING!!!!!
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: Hoyt on December 08, 2002, 09:40:55 AM
I drilled this ball neutral with the pin 12 o clock and the cg stacked under it.  I throw 17-19mph about 18 revs.  This ball is great on lighter oiled conditions and is one of the few balls that I have thrown on light oil that carries and saves its energy.  This is a very solid ball on wood lanes when they break down...its not my favorite on synthetics but the performance on wood makes up for that.  Another good ball from storm.
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: stormrox on December 15, 2002, 01:54:03 PM
This is a great ball for the price. This ball hooks more than I expected. This ball hits really hard. My first storm was an meteor flash this ball hits every bit as hard as that one ever did. I was a die hard Ebonite bowler. Was being the key word as Storm has won me over. These are by far the most consistently reacting balls on the market. As long as you take care of the cover, regular cleaning, they last as long as any other ball out there. I've been using my meteor flash since 2000. 2 leagues a week for going on 3 years.....
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: bowler0821 on January 05, 2003, 12:07:49 AM
15-17 mph
good revs

I got this ball used from a friend and drileld this up with a stacked layout I believe with the pin above the ring and cg kic out a bit. This ball is great for dry. Goes long and at mid lane startes to rev up and makes a turn not a sharp turn but a good turn into the pocket.
The first time I used this ball in league I shot 752 which is my high series. With a 290 the first game I used it and then a 233, then 229. This is a great ball I give it a 9 out of 10.
Thanks storm keep it up.
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: morpheus on January 06, 2003, 04:11:28 PM
Drilled this ball pin under the ring finger, 1" shift with a hole past the axis.  To start, this ball is much stronger than I expected.  Don't really care for the massive skid flip I get with it and I would say carry is average.  I tweaked the cover trying to smooth the reaction and then I felt the ball was much too strong for the condition it was drilled for.  I have seen some guys bowl well with these, but for me there are better options.
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: ken823 on January 06, 2003, 10:49:46 PM
hits hard when some length and backend
are available,not for dry,but its all been
said before.right time,right place.
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: Loki on February 25, 2003, 03:59:48 PM
I bought for this ball for $50 it's got a excellent backend to it It comes around sharp on dry lanes. It's one of my favorite bowling balls. I crank the ball which in the area of 12-13 MPH and the backend nails right in the pocket. I would give it a 10 out of 10 rating on it.

Good Work Storm

Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: jpk871 on April 23, 2003, 11:59:54 AM
Wow, drilled this ball up for fried heads, didn't think it would be good for much else.  Was I wrong, what a great ball.  I have a lot of hand in the ball, so this is a great one for me I can actually play some of the track area with it, somewhere I never get to see, and it hits great.  Drilled it up 6 x 5 and it is so consistent its scary.  You should see how good it is when they start to dry up, doesn't overreact at all, just does its job.  If you want a great ball for a great price, don't miss out on this one.
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: BrianN on May 30, 2003, 11:45:13 AM
Not much new to add to the sum of human knowledge here - this is a well-understood ball, a shame Storm is phasing it out in favor of the much stronger Hot Rod.

I have a terrible track record with Storm equipment. Of the 5 or 6 I've thrown, Thunder Flash has been the only Storm I've had real success with, when I took a lot of revs out of this cover-strong ball. I borrowed a Too Hot to try out 18 months ago. The only place I could use it was on a short, fast-transitioning shot on light oil. I had no other shot with it, and eventually settled on a mild urethane here.

In searching for leagues for next season, I learned that I'll be on a shot where I can't get my 1:30 ScreamR long enough. It's a nasty little short oil strip block without a lot of hold inside, a dry strip 8 - 10, 3 - 7 is heavier, and dust on 1-2. Tough carry once you get there too, which rules out a 3-piece. Recalling my experiences with it, and some of the recent release changes I've made, my shop had a price too good to pass up on a Too Hot with a decent pin (2 3/4"), so I thought I'd try it again.

It was a big advantage having thrown one of these before getting it drilled. Even though the core slightly overmatches the cover, Curleyon is mild enough to get long without drilling the ball to death. I wanted some length and roundness to the breakpoint while still leaving the ball reasonably strong. I put the pin beside the ring, CG out about an inch and on the centerline. No reason to risk cutting the statics close, so we put a modest weight hole on the PAP to bring it to 13/16ths side.

As long as I keep the pin away from the bridge, CG-out on a pearl seems to matchup well with the small swing I naturally play. Also, it behaves better in transition, allowing me to stay with the ball longer. Too Hot will never, ever be a carrydown ball, but this seems to get me an extra frame or two in transition, where I lose most of my sticks.  

This drilling does fine, still plenty long ("effortless length" is what I wrote down at the time), moving about 12 boards round-trip from the outside. While several feet longer and slightly more angular, the overall move was not that much smaller than the Boost (which is billed as a big oil ball?), and it carries at least as well. It behaved as well as anything could on this shot, with a predictable skid/roll move.

Once you understand how to use them, these Thunder cores have nice roll characteristics. The biggest mistake I think you can make, and this is one of my many sins, is to force them into a roll too early. Too Hot definitely likes to be thrown its way. If you loft, lift and hit up on it, you'll hate it. I think this is where some of the reviews come from that characterize the hit as thin, brittle, prone to leave corners.

It seems best suited to the 'less is more' stroker/power stroker game. To my mind, Too Hot is really more an outside line kind of ball. It's not what I'd reach for if I needed to get inside 15.

Overall, I'd say the Too Hot is a nice little pearl that many people will be able to score well with on the lighter patterns. It's the mildest 2-piece resin I'm aware of, but I have not yet thrown a SonicX. It sits noticeably under my mildest release with Scream/R and has a different look, so it's worth having.


Giving it an overall 8, but not everything that counts can be counted.

Control: 8. Had a generally good look and handled well on some of the lighter sport patterns I've tried it on. No big overreaction on the backend like you get from some of the stronger pearls.

Versatility: 7.5. Best on the light to lighter-medium patterns; plenty of ball for the majority of league shots I see. Wish I'd had this guy on the codger block last winter - it could've meant another 5 sticks.

In my opinion, the best light oil resin option for the lower-rev styles.  A much better choice than an n-piece for these conditions. Half a point off for being somewhat style-specific.

Hit and carry: 8. Very good, but only if you have a style that matches up. It needs to skid and roll on its own terms, not yours.
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: A_P_K on September 15, 2003, 12:36:25 AM
My Too Hot is drilled with pin over the bridge and the CG under the middle finger.  It weighs in at 16 lbs with an unknown amount of top weight holes needed.

I'd like to say thanks to Tommy Semiz and David over at 11th Frame proshop for their ingenuity at laying out my Too Hot, they gave me exactly what I was looking for.

I wanted to use this on a wood second/broken down shift short oil pattern that could leave other balls way too strong.  What I have is a ball that slides down the lane very easily with or without alot of head oil.  If there's no oil on the backends it will move nicely to the pocket, not sharp nor weak but just right.  The move is very even and smooth and very controllable.  The hit and carry is better than average, but flat hits will leave nightmares in the form of 7-10 splits.

Long oils and carrydown are a no no because this ball with the layout on it hate that stuff.  Also too much dry/dirt can cause the ball to check up too early.  

Overall considering my usage of the Too Hot it is a great ball that I use during most of league play.
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Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: ken823 on December 27, 2003, 11:54:33 AM
5 weeks into winter league,avg 199,team almost in last throwing v2,hanging 10s.switched to too hot,and have averaged 230 last 10 weeks,now in 3rd with 2 position rds to go in split season.awesome,surprisingly controllable,as long as i dont hit the side of ball,or try to swing 15 boards
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: UpTenBowler on January 04, 2004, 09:19:15 PM
i found this ball on the rack and decided as a joke to use it.i used on a dry shot and it had a lot of backend, but i could control it better then my X-Factor Deuce. I decided to try it on a oily condition,yet again it amazed,it had a lot of backend and i could swing it better then my Deuce, Great Ball!
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: bigalex300 on February 19, 2004, 06:01:50 PM
This is a great ball. This is the ball to get!!! I bowled my first 300 GAME with this ball. The ball is great for a person that throws the ball straight and in. The ball has a lot of back end to it. The ball is great for dry conditions. Just buy the ball and try is what it comes down to. The ball is great!!! I rate it a A+
Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: Fatboy8 on March 06, 2004, 11:31:03 PM
I overlooked this ball too soon. I tried this on oil at first, it wasn't having any part of that, so it went to the closet. Read some reviews, found out it's a dry lane ball and man what a difference. I've been having trouble with lane change and needed a ball for drier lanes. Low and behold I've had one the whole time. Gave this one a try and started averaging 180 for 9 games with it, so far so good!
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Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: davidellisonispcom on August 18, 2004, 07:55:08 PM
above avg speed, med-hi revs, RH
Drilled Storm layout 2
Lane Conditions: Very Dry
Played 10
Weight of bowling ball: 16
Surface of bowling ball: 1500 Polished (Out of box)
Likes: None. Might make a nice spare ball
Dislikes: Rolled and rolled and rolled. That's all it did. Slower ball speeds and higher revs and this ball still barely did anything.

5 out of 10

Title: Re: Too Hot
Post by: Airplay on February 18, 2005, 08:11:15 AM
Style: Power Stroker
Ball speed: 14-16 mph
Ball: 16 lbs 4" pin 3+ top weight
Pin over and between fingers
cg under ring finger
Lanes played: Wood and Synthetic
conditions: Med/Light
I use this ball at league where I used to think the oil was medium. I have since firmed up my release by keeping my wrist firm. I cup my wrist at the top of my backswing. This creates lots of revs or at least more than I used to have. I now play way left. I also don't use the stronger balls I used to. My Deuce gets no play now. My X Factor is my strong ball now. Even at the local tournaments I don't get to use my Deuce. My Too Hot is a step down from my X. Only about two boards at my feet, but my Too Hot clears the heads better. My carry percentage with the TooHot is much higher. If I get it to the pocket, I usally get strikes. I leave easier spares with my TooHot, so my spare percentage is higher also. I don't leave many 10 pins. The TooHot doesn't make a leap at the breakpoint like my X. It is very controllable. It gives length and a strong arc at the breakpoint. My X Factor is still my favorite ball but my TooHot is catching up. I use my TooHot about half the time. It is just stubborness. I should use it all the time. Actually, I could use something a step down with hitting power. Very nice control ball.
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