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Core Power HRG
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Color: Black/Gold Pearl

Core: Tri-Density (from Tour Power)

RG: 2.61 High

Differential: .056 (High)

Finish: 1500 Grit Polish Finish

Flare: High (6" plus)

Hook: 23 +

Coverstock: PRO-Thane LT-Plus Particle

Lane Conditions: Medium to Oil


Pro Street

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Re: Core Power HRG
« Reply #16 on: February 15, 2004, 03:45:40 PM »
WOW!!! This is a great ball for all kinds. Mine is 16# 3-4 inch pin and 3.31 top weight. I just got this ball used for a trade in deal. I used it at a place that had very dry inside- and dumped oil on the outside. DID NOT AFFECT BALL!! Since I play with high revs and this ball has a high radius of gyration we make a perfect pair. I shot more strikes in one day than I ever did. This is a great ball on all conditions. Oil to dry it is very versatile. The only flaw with this ball is that if you miss your target left. SEE YA!! It takes off and you get left with a very bad split. If you throw it right it will hook back right into the pocket. All and all this is a great creation by Storm. I give at a 10 out a 10. Great job storm. So if you have the chance to pick a Core Power HRG up I suggest you do so.

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Re: Core Power HRG
« Reply #17 on: April 11, 2004, 08:48:10 PM »
I'm only 13 years of age, and have just started to bowl with Track. I throw a 90 degrees angle, and about 10-12 revs, throwing about 14 mph.

I got this ball, wanting a ball for light oil. Whenever I threw it on light oil, it broke early, and hard. I would throw it 40 feet down the lane, about the 5 board, and it would come back, and hit right on the head pin. I talked to my pro shop owner, and he resurfaced it, and shone it up. Now it will only hook on dry lanes. The problem was, the pin placement was 1/4 of an inch. When it was shone up, I have gotten some good scores on dry lanes. I recommend this ball.


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Re: Core Power HRG
« Reply #18 on: October 22, 2004, 08:56:20 PM »
many people have said it is a very good medium oil ball but by far the worst smelling ball made by storm i am interested if anyone has one out of the box at 15 pounds