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Title: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
Revised, Refined, RE-loaded

The latest edition to the X Factor series, the X Factor RE-Loaded by STORM, features the new RE (reaction enhanced) -Load coverstock. This precision-engineered coverstock material ‘loads up’ energy at the break point, and is the perfect complement to the X Factor and X Factor Deuce.

Custom designed for unrivaled performance, the X Factor RE-Loaded is in a class by itself; brought to you by the undisputed leader in the high performance ball market, Storm Products, Inc.

X Factor RE-LOADED Technical Data

Coverstock: RE-Load Reaction Enhanced Pearl Particle

Weight Block: RAD Motion Control Technology

Ball Color: Emerald, Navy, Silver

Ball Finish: 1,000-grit Matte

Radius of Gyration: 2.53 (Low)

Differential: .058 (High)

Mass Bias Differential: .013

Durometer: 76-78 Rex D-Scale

Flare Potential: High (6” Plus)

Fragrance: Cinnamon Apple

Weights: 10-16 lbs
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: BuddiesProShopcom-Chris on June 26, 2003, 06:23:32 PM
Received my reloaded about 2 weeks ago. Drilled it out right away. Ball came in with a 3-3.5 inch pin top weight 2.82.

Layout used: Pin 4 3/4 from PAP, RAD 5 3/8 from PAP.

This layout put the pin about 1 1/2 inches above my ring finger. The RAD is directly under my thumb.

I was shocked to see that this ball out hooked my Deuce. Out hooked it by about 5 boards and rolled slightly earlier then the Deuce. It was very helpful that they sent the ball in with a dull finish. I have bowled on about 5 different patterns with this ball ranging anywhere from a house pattern to our 2 different challenge patterns. On hte house shot I was able to either stand left and come around the ball and open the lane up. The ball still had strong recovery and good guts. And I was also able to move right and back out of the ball and play up the boards. The ball still got through the front clean with a predictable but strong reaction down the lane.

This is a great addition to the X-factor line.
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: bbock7272 on July 12, 2003, 03:46:13 PM
I just got this ball.  I was having major problems in my league and dropped from a 215 avg to 195 avg cuz of wet lanes.  i got this ball drilled and threw on practice lanes and it still went too long in the oil, so i got a hole drilled for it to make a turn faster.  My first 3 games w/ it .  238, 234, 268.
Very impressed.. hits the pocket very hard, has an amazing backend
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: mac32453 on July 13, 2003, 09:29:15 PM
the storm is a very good ball with a lot of back end first time i use ball shot
299 and 690 second time i use ball shot 700 really like ball thank bob McIntyre
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: Cbjdc on July 15, 2003, 07:25:54 PM
well I'MMMMMM BACK,  Its been a while since my last post but well got to tell you done a lot of bowling and tried lots of balls.  Came back from the bowlers expo and got to say storm has finally got to me.  I mean I have to say they actually did something that I cant even agree with.  They brought out a ball just to bring a ball out.  All this ball has is backend a X FACTOR DUECE WITH A NEW PAINT JOB.  NO NEW FEATURES NO NEW CORE, NO NEW ANYTHING.  AND I HAVE TO SAY GOT THE BALL LOVE IT BUT THANK GOD I DIDNT SPEND THE MONEY ON IT.  It matches in between the x factor and duece alright just put a new paint job and you got the same ole ball with a little more attitude.  

---Okay for me I need to clarify this.  I went to the bowlers expo with some friends went out to go buy some balls and find out whats new with storm.  First off whoever was selling that day you lost a ton of money with me.  No help no nothing.  then top all off not even a hello and tell me what the new balls were.  It was I am to busy shooting the breeze with others then trying to make a sale. ----  I love all storm equipment but unfortunately I am going to have to say that storm may have just gotten that stage of their life cycle that they jsut put a ball out for the sake of it.

I have never seen a ball do just the same amount and to be honest with you this ball only last for about a four weeks worth of league and then just go ahead and use it as a plastic ball its the best thing for ten pens if your a regional player (or seven pin for lefty)

Sorry gent's and ladies storm has lost one its biggest supporters.
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: ruffryder on July 17, 2003, 02:01:21 PM
I have to agree with Cbjdc with his comparison between the two....X Factor Deuce and X Factor Reloaded.....the reaction is exactly the same...and take a look at the specs for both balls......EVERYTHING is the same.....what is Storm doing???...big blow to a once great company........
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: Hare on July 17, 2003, 05:45:30 PM
Dear Cbjdc,

I am writing you in regards to your post.

On behalf of the entire STORM Team, please accept our apologies for our poor service during the Bowl Expo Trade Show.  There is no excuse for our neglect to give you the proper service and attention you deserve.

The RE-Loaded™ product launch continued STORM’s company philosophy and commitment to the bowling industry through ball introductions only for significant and/or revolutionary reasons.  We are disappointed that your feelings were less than satisfactory toward the new ball.  Our tests and the feedback from players around the country showed significant difference between the new RE-Loaded coverstock and our ACCU-Tread and Mystic Pearl covers (found on the previous X Factor and Deuce).

At your convenience, please give us a call to discuss this release or any other questions or concerns you may have about STORM (800) 369-4402.

If someone would have taken the time to field your questions at the show, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you in the future.

Bowl up a STORM!

Craig Harrington
Tech/Customer Service Manager
Storm Products
The Bowlers Company
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: thunder on July 17, 2003, 06:58:22 PM
The overall response has been fantastic to Storm's latest ball releases. The X Factor RE-Loaded and the Eraser Particle Pearl are too of the hottest balls on the market! Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion, but it is complete hogwash to say that there is no difference between the X Factor, X Factor Deuce, and the RE-Loaded. I have drilled all of them and they all give me a different look.
Storm is a great ball company, and they have wonderful people working for them....

Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: ih8stupid10pins on July 18, 2003, 02:54:43 AM
Okay, I tried something different here ....

I wanted this ball to move alot, but label layouts don't work well for me .... so my pro shop guy (Jay Bell) gave me a new look:

He had a 4" pin in stock, so he drilled it up for me as follows:

Pin about 4:30 in relation to my ring finger, (slightly down to the right) and the CG stacked parallel to the pin just about even with my thumbhole, mass bias below the CG.

This ball is alot stronger than my X-Factor, and more aggressive than my deuce as well.  (Both Deuce and X-Factor were layout out leverage with the pin slightly left of the CG.)  The backend reaction is like no other ball I've ever had.  Awesome on a fresh 42' house shot, but towards game 3 or 4 I have to get away from the RE-loaded because of it gets almost uncontrollable and jumpy in the backends.

To say this is the same as the Deuce, is not true.  The RE-loaded gives more length and flip, the Deuce picks up sooner but doesn't react as hard in the backend.

Both balls are great, it's just a question of what you need: hook and roll, or flip.  I drill everything because I'm just a storm freak.  

I'll get to test this on a Tour shot next week, I'll update then.  Until then, good luck and good bowling!

Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: jkbowl on July 18, 2003, 12:48:24 PM
Well I've read some very interesting reviews. So i'll throw in my two cents worth. First, I must say that when I bowl on house patterns everything works about the same. That said, I have not bowled on any house conditions for the past two months (bowling regionals and practicing on pba patterns as well). As recommended by the tech staff at Storm I drilled my Re-Loaded with the pin above my fingers at 4 1'2x3 to complement my Deuce at 5x3. Both balls work great but have a completely different look.
Bowling on the "B" and "D" pba patterns I have had an unbelievable reaction with the Power Charge, Re-Loaded, Eraser Particle Pearl and Hot Wire as the lanes transition.
The tech guys at Storm have been great with any assistance I've needed, and I'm sure they'll help anybody. But remember, you have to give them accurate and honest information to help them assist you.
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: tburky on July 19, 2003, 07:02:27 PM
Ball Specs
My axis: "A" game: 5-1/8 over 1/4 up "B" game: 4-3/4 over 1/2 up.
Pin to cg distance:3" (Pin-cg-rad are in a straight line)
Starting top weight:2.56 oz
Layout: Pin above ring finger 4-1/2 from axis,cg 3-1/4 from axis & Rad is 4-3/4 from axis. Weight hole straight across 6-3/4", 3/4" diameter & 3"deep.

I have only tested this ball box finish and used my "A" & "B" release I am comfortable with.  I do have a 2nd reload that I will drill and I will polish it. I tested this ball on a 40 ft top hat and a 40 ft christmas tree. In comparing this ball to the X Factor and Deuce(both drilled the same as reload) the reload fits between the 2; closer to the deuce. This ball is cleaner thru the front of the lane than the deuce but overall hook is the same for me. The backend is smoother especially when playing the drier boards. The ball is not angular off the dry(like x factor and deuce)... just rolls smoother...very controllable. This ball is not a monster hooker.  I can see this ball being used by the pros because of the reaction. I really like this ball a lot from what I am seeing however, I think that a lot of people will be disappointed because it is not angular like the charts show.  Maybe it is angular in someone elses hands but not mine.
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: brisax83 on July 27, 2003, 07:09:35 PM
all i have to say about the reloaded is that its the most amazing ball i've ever had.  i went 236 - 278 - 246 out of the box and bowling on a sport shot with ball is awesome as well, it revs up like no other ball and hits the pocket like a truck. i recommend this ball for anyone.
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: mikecbowlz on July 28, 2003, 09:25:15 AM
Ball: 15 lb., pin 3-7/8”
Layout: Pin 2” from PAP, towards ring finger; CG towards grip center. Final weights 5/8 oz. positive side, 1/4 oz. finger, approx. 1-1/2 oz. top

Bowler: Right-handed, getting old, medium speed, “rotationally-challenged”.

   Both ball and layout were selected primarily for an ABC-sanctioned “Sport” league condition, on relatively-new AMF synthetic lane surfaces: Varying lengths and patterns, but very flat conditions (no more than 2:1 ratio, center to edge ). The idea was to use a pearlized, medium-load particle coverstock with a low-flare, mellow, arcing layout, to provide CONTROL and predictability on flat oil patterns with freshly-stripped back-ends.

On shorter Sport patterns, the ball was perfect out of the box. When the shot was outside, the ball could go straight down the boards and arc up without any trace of overreaction; and when the shot required deeper lines, even in my low-rev hand, the ball could play 4th or 5th arrow, and still turn the corner very effectively. In either case, there is plenty of saved energy for the pins-- this ball HITS! On longer oil patterns, the box finish is a teensy bit too shiny, but a sight dulling with 1000-grit wet-sanding was more than enough to make the difference. But the duller surface still didn’t even think about over-reacting in the back-ends.

As an experiment, I tried the ball on ‘house’ Xmas-tree conditions (long, fairly heavy oil, but a WALL, nonetheless) on old, well-worn wooden lanes. For this condition, even dulled, the ball wasn’t strong enough to turn the corner on a deep inside line. But in the track area or outside, it excelled-- it scooted long, even going straight down the boards outside, and then made a smooth, even arc to the pocket, with no ‘jumpiness’. The reaction was so smooth that I’m certain it would be a perfect ‘go-to’ ball for 2nd or 3rd games in a league, when the head have fried up a bit and there’s some carrydown. Most of my equipment gets a bit ‘jumpy’ on these conditions, as the night wears on, but this ball is almost impossible to get a ‘jumpy’ reaction out of-- it just ROLLS.

Overall, I give it an 8.5 out of 10 on Sport conditions (only because the box finish is a tad weak for my low-rev game on long patterns), and a probable 9 out of 10 on house conditions once the fresh oil has worn a bit. An EXCELLENT arsenal ball.
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: brenttsr on August 05, 2003, 06:50:08 PM

Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: Eye_of_the_Storm on August 14, 2003, 12:21:31 AM
Ball Specs: 16lb, 3-7/8" pin, Right Hand
Drilling: Pin above fingers 1/2", CG out 45 degrees to the right, with the RAD 5" to the right of my thumb, weight hole above and slightly to the right of the RAD.

I tend to throw the ball with medium to high speed with medium revs when released. This ball was able to break, thrown straight between the 5 and the 10, to the pocket.  This reaction was possible on the "kiddie" conditions; heavy in the middle with flooded backends.  The ball hits very hard and left few ten pins. This ball will hook and, with light to dry backends will allow you to play the angle over the 4th arrow.  Great ball that hits with major power and drive.  I highly recommend this to people that like to hook the ball.  The ball will pick up a lot of oil and by the third game it burned the line I was playing.  Keep this ball clean and let it hook.
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: Al Bundy on August 23, 2003, 01:16:20 PM
After being so impressed with the original X-Factor, I decided to purchase the Reloaded to hopefully give me a different look for varying conditions. Deciding that I want the ball to be the difference,  I have both balls drilled up with the same layout and I can tell you there is a definite difference between the two balls. I went and rolled at our league practice night last night and alternated these two balls for a while, trying to using the same approach and mark to see the difference. To sum up my experience, the original X-Factor would go a little longer and make a more drastic left turn to the pocket. Playing the same line, the Reloaded tended to make more of an arc move towards the pocket. I found the Reloaded let me play a tighter inside line without fear of the ball breaking drastically across the pocket, while the X Factor tends to want me to play more outside.  Also, I believe someone else mentioned that this ball was forgiving...I agree 100%. If my speed was lazy on a shot or I got the ball too far out, the ball still seemed to right itself and find the pocket. To say both of these balls hit hard is accurate as well. The Reloaded really seemed store lots of energy. I bowled 3 games without leaving a ten pin, which is unusual for me, telling me that this ball packs the punch when it gets down the lane. Great job STORM. Can't wait to see what you throw at us this winter.
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: Mr Straight Ball on August 25, 2003, 12:26:54 AM
Top 2.74 Pin 2.25" Layout: Pin 4.5 x 5 with the RAD under my thumb.

Well, I finally broke down and punched up this piece. Owned a X-Factor and there is definitely a difference in what each does. My X-Factor displayed more of a skid-hook movement with no stopping from the breakpoint to the pocket. The Re-Loaded displays a better mid-lane reading. The difference in reads allows for a heavier volume of oil to be conquered. This piece rolls so heavy and takes well to changes in release. Since I am rebuilding my arsenal, what a great addition. I am looking forward to adding a piece a little weaker then this one. This one pretty much covers the kind of oil centers use these days.
...Storm through the pocket like a Storm Trooper
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: kdizzle299 on October 04, 2003, 11:39:52 AM
Ok first of all the guy who said he paid $325 for this ball, where did you buy it from a flea market. How long have you been bowling for? This ball is one of the best balls I've thrown. I paid $150 for the ball.

This is my third storm ball, and I would never buy anything else.

I got it drilled about two months ago, and I get all of my balls drilled stack leverage, so naturally I had this one drilled the same way.

I am a lefty with not a whole lot of hand, but I do get alot on the ball, so I could never play the 5 board.

Now for the ball, this ball does tend to go long and then snap back in. The backend is enormous, even on the house that I bowl on to where the lanes are basically flooded. The ball can be a coast to coast ball, that is if you throw it right, and your on the right conditions. This ball doesn't tend to roll out, but if it stays in the dry for too long, watch out because it will shoot right past the pocket. This ball is not lane sensitive, it is a very veratile ball. I probably wouldn't throw it on a bare dry lane. First three games I threw with it I shot 279,234,254,no lie, for all of those haters out there. I cant say enough about this ball.

I give this ball a 10 out of 10. Great job to the entire Storm Staff
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: stackowak81 on October 06, 2003, 02:24:43 AM
Man some people are gullible.  If it wasn't already obvious enough, read the rest of that guys reviews.  Somehow, i have this hunch that tells me that just maybe he's pullin' your leg.

As for the ball, I'm not real up on the technical lingo, so all i can tell you is that i have it drilled to go long and snap, and trust me there's plenty of pop on the backend in this ball.  Even though it's nothing you haven't heard already, bone dry is off limit's, and long and flodded is too much for the factory finish.  Anything else, and this ball is a winner.
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: ddfitch on October 10, 2003, 05:37:08 PM
I got this ball a month ago and hated it the first night.  It wasn't as aggressive as I thought it would be.  wet sanded to 600 and keep the scotch brite handy and now it's my favorite ball.  I like how it clears the heads and saves everything for the pins.  10 boards different from the x-factor, and later breaking than the duece.  covers about the same boards as the duece for me, but just does it a little quicker.  waiting on my FF to get here, because I think that is more what I was looking for when I purchased this for heavy oil.  I'm still glad I got this ball though cause it's the first one out of my bag nowadays.  When the shot burns up, I can just move deeper with it and keep the fingers in it.  still turns the corner and rips the rack.  Great ball storm!
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: winny567 on October 23, 2003, 09:55:26 PM
Got my Reloaded a month ago and had it drilled up with the #4 layout in the Storm layout guide book.  I don't know what all that other stuff means.  What I do know is that this ball crushes the pins.  I love the nice arcing motion of it.  Plus, it is as forgiving as any ball I have ever thrown.  If I get it out a little right it still charges in hard and if I tug it, it will either cross over pocket brooklyn or lay flat and hit the pocket.  Even when it does go in the nose, it rarely leaves any splits for me.  Plus, I don't leave nearly as many 10 pins with it.  

Love the company, love the products.  Storm is the way to go.
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: BIG John on November 13, 2003, 10:19:02 PM
Needed a compliment to my Erase-It, which is more of a continuous bender, and might be getting a little tired. Sorry, I'm no techno geek for drill stats, but the ring hole is 1/4 into the bottom of the PIN, CG is 5/8" below and 1&3/8" left of my span centerlines, RAD is slightly below and 1&7/8" left of my thumb, counter hole 1" below and 3&3/4" left of span centerlines. I'M LEFT HANDED!!

I usually average 200-205, but am a little down so far this year at 196. I stand 20-ish and roll 6-8-ish. Medium+ speed with about 18-20 revs (I guess?). I generally use the old "Suit Case" grip, but will play with cupping and/or coming around the side when more drive is needed.

I had too much over-under with the Erase-It this year, and was looking for something that worked in a different part of the lane. This ball does EXACTLY what I wanted. Reads very well through the heads, cruises long, breaks very strong but with no wild snap, and hits like a 500lb'er! Heavy... light, whatever... it's Toothpick City! It is VEEEERY forgiving when I miss, which is not uncommon. Goes a little flat with carry-down, but that is to be expected. More hand brings it back in for more destruction! It even flattens out incredibly well for those $#&%@ 7 pins!

I hope this ball lasts a long time. After struggling mightily to get 600s with my Erase-It this year, I've rolled back-to-back 664s with the Re-Loaded in the two weeks I've had it. I really love it !

Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: longwa on November 13, 2003, 11:02:02 PM
Let me start by saying that, up until I got my Reloaded, I had never met a Storm ball that I didn't agree with. I have an Erase-It, Ultra Hot, Barbed Wire, and a Fear Factor which all play very well for me. Like the last review, I had hoped the Reloaded would compliment the Erase-It and give me a little bit more read in the transition but still be fairly strong overall.

Some profile...I'm a solid tweener with medium speed and medium high revs. I have about 60-80 degree axis rotation and a fairly high track. My "comfort" shot is starting about 30 and playing out over the 3rd arrow. I figured this ball would be fairly strong so I drilled it to go a little longer and snap (pin above and between the fingers with the RAD in the thumb, no weight hole needed).

The result was a ball that really seems to struggle to make the turn and is far less aggressive overall than my Ultra Hot. I'm forced to play more down and in than I like and have serious control issues on our normal medium oil/length house shot. One plus is that when I do manage to slow it down and get it rolling, it does seem to hit fairly hard. I've played around with the cover but really can't get much more out of it. My theory is that the combination of a long drilling plus my high axis rotation puts this ball in a near endless skid. This is probably (obviously based on other reviews) a great ball in the hands of the right person, but if you fit into my profile you might want to be careful. Now the Fear Factor...WOW, that's a different story.....
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: TheRookie on December 04, 2003, 12:20:01 PM
I have looked at this site alot and here goes my first review. I have been bowling for 5 years, I'm a medium rev and medium speed bowler. I like Storm balls more than anything else I've tried, I have a Trauma ER, Hot Rod, Flash and Flame and just added a Reloaded to the list due to a new Manager at my house which brought with him a significant amount more oil with him, than what our house shot had been. I was recommended the Reloaded by my ball driller which he drilled with an aggressive drilling with a side hole ( not up on layouts yet ).

This ball works great for me, I can play anywhere on the lane. When I tug it, it don't take off on me and when I send it out wide it has enough to get back to the pocket and will usually carry. This ball hits hard and carry almost everything. My current league average is 210, my first league night with this ball I shot 710 (235,216,259). This is another great ball by Storm, Keep them coming.

Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: purduepaul on December 13, 2003, 01:54:16 AM
25 years old, medium-high speed medium revs.

This ball is amazing in oil, It has the most controlled break point of any ball I have ever owned.  This ball can fly if not given enough speed or oil but that;'s not its purpose.  The last three friday nights I have rolled 726,705,, this ball hits like a truck.  Have you ever tripped a 2 pin, I have with this ball.  If you are looking for something to fill the oil ball void in your game here it is.

"Are you only brining that to the table?, good luck you are gonna need it"
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: PerfectStorm on January 05, 2004, 10:02:20 PM
I wanted to finally add my 2cents here.  I recently redrilled my 15lb reloaded very similar to layout #6.  I have above average revs and speed.  Let me tell you how much I like this ball.  The design of a skid/snap ball in medium to heavy oil was great.  This ball has plenty of length in any drill layout and still the turn you want towards the pocket.  Mine will go 45+ feet and then make it's move.  With this ball, I can really play in deep or across a lot of boards.  But in flooded conditions I don't believe this would be a great ball for me.  I haven't played with the coverstock yet, but I will be soon.  Maybe that will change my mind, but I doubt it.  Either way, I am glad I added this ball to my arsenal..
There is never a lane condition that a PERFECTSTORM can't handle!!
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: RevLefty on January 24, 2004, 11:08:09 AM

    I am a lefty that has wuite a bit of hand and has good ball speed at 17-19mph.  That said this ball is so great i had to go get another.  Was lookinf for med heavy oil ball that had monster backend and it didnt diaapoint me.  This one is drilled as such.

                     0 0

If you havent figured out from my other post this is my favorite drilling.  I tend not to do exotic drill cause i have experimented with them and have been disastorous.  I tend to stick to about 5 different patterns.  Left this ball in out of box condition and did this ball surprise the hell out of me with the back end it brings to the table.  It likes med heavy to med  oil but get on the light side and this ball with this finish get a little uncontrolable,that when time to put it away.  It more of a down and in bal i have found doesnt like to be swung in med heavy oil it will come back but the carry power isnt there.  It hits just about as good as my inferno but i have noticed it keeps pins lower which is a good thing for me.  Haven't had any award scores with this one but the other i drilled i have but i cover that in my other review.  I am very impressed with this ball after not throwing storm for a year or so this is just the ball i needed to bring me back to them.  Great all around ball it great for med to med heavy and great down and in on heavy.  Recommend this ball for all skill levels.  Great job storm you brought me back now keep me here.
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: RevLefty on January 24, 2004, 11:19:08 AM

   Hi back again.  If didnt read othe review I am a left with good speed 17- 19mph.  That has wuite a few revs. Turn the ball quite a bit.  That said I had to drill another one of these I was so impressed with first. Drilled this one litte different for some more length and it did th trick this ball had low top weight and had a really large pin 6.5 in out.


                        0 0


  This is a little variation of my favorite drilling with added length. Polished this to marble state.  Dont know what polish just threw in polisher for 2 min and ours is great.  This ball with it polished gets 3/4 down lane and makes gigantic move on back on med light to light oil but dont get me wrong it not a dirt ball.  It will go left or right depending on you hand when it hits dirt.  It need a little bit of oil but goes quite a bit longer than the other that i left in box condition.  I have had two 300's in last 2 weeks and two 800's not bad for only having this ball three weeks havent shot one series under 700 when this ball comes out, been quite a purchase for me.  These balls are very versatile for the many shots just have to ajust cover. and it very easy adjust it.  Give this ball a perfect 10 out of 10.  Another great ball storm you keeping me here.
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: rlamanna on March 21, 2004, 03:53:01 AM
Weight: 15 lbs.
Top Weight: 2.64 ounces
Pin Placement: 4.5-5
Drilled: Layout #4
No inserts

This is my first ball by Storm. It's a definite no for dry conditions. Last night, I bowled on lanes with little oil; it was dead. This ball doesn't hit as hard as I had hoped. I'm leaving a lot of 5, 8, and 10 pins. I've bowled a 200 and a 220 with it (20 games). Even when the lanes are nicely oiled I'm still having problems with it. I guesss I expected more out of it.
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: KrimzonX on April 11, 2004, 04:59:34 PM
I had this ball drilled just standard; come to think of it, the pro-shop never even offered me a choice, oh well, this christmas present did me well through the high school season.  Averaged 199, with some horrifyingly bad weeks that occured through no fault of the ball.  I thought this ball was going to have a very strong skid-snap reaction, but I've never been able to make it do that.  It just has a strong arc, with strong back end.  It's not bad, shots put down the middle by accident will cost you, I get a 10 pin half the time if I do that.  I don't really regret choosing this ball, but I'm not very satisfied. Lately it feels like crap in my hand, like the thumb is too big, yet it sticks.  I'm going to redrill it like my Circle Hero and get a switch grip thumb, it might produce some 700s then, I'm still looking for a first from that ball.   ...
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: Jason Fitzgerald on April 11, 2004, 08:42:12 PM
I'm only 13 years of age, and have just started to bowl with Track. I throw a 90 degrees angle, and about 10-12 revs, throwing about 14 mph.

I got this ball because I needed a ball that would hook on heavy oil. When I first got the ball, I loved it. I have won 2 tournaments with it, and would never give it up. The only problem is, I have only had it for about 5 months (since Christmas) and the ball is already dead. Im thinking of getting it resurfaced. I recommend this ball if you are looking for a good hook ball.
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: Fluffy on May 13, 2004, 02:48:13 AM
Got this ball through the colliagete pricing discounts that storm offers for college bowlers.  Originially wanted an original x-factor by my coach screwed up on the order so i just kept this one.  Drilled with the pin in the Middle finger and static in the palm.  Was hoping to get length and control, much like i would have had with an original x-factor.  Well its not exactly what i wanted but this is one great ball.  10 games into it i shot a 300 in practice, cashed in a touranment after switching to this ball in qualifying ( i was way out of making the cut) and shot over 750 3 times in a span of a month.  What this ball gives me is a solid roll and midlane read, as it revs up hard in the dry but doesnt "bounce" out of the dry it more rolls out of it.  It is very hard to find a ball that gets down the lane and still gives you a controlled break point.  The carry is typical of what you get with most particle pearls. The ball doesnt drive too hard but actually gives me enough deflection so i dont leave those stone 9's (right handed).  Very good ball, probabley my first one out of my bag.
"yes i throw it like a girl, but i throw like a girl exactly the same every time"
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: Drillmn300 on May 19, 2004, 12:27:34 AM
This has to be my favorite all time Storm Ball, I have drilled up at least 5 of them and all with a 5x5 layout and someone tries it and buys it before I can even get any great numbers with it. This ball has the perfect amount of particle than any other ball on the market, if your reading this and make balls find out how they did it and make a fortune. There is nothing worse than bowling and finding the pair of lanes your on just don't play the same, get this ball out and due to the right amount of particle they will play identical or close to it. This ball doesn't push real easy and is better for conditions that require you to square up with the lane but if you run across this, and you will, then you better have one of these to bring out the numbers. I know I have at least 2 300's and an 822 with this ball when others were having a bad night, when every adjustment I try just doesn't seem to get me the carry I am looking for I break this one out and just run away with it.

Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: Barbados on July 14, 2004, 01:15:58 PM
This ball has to be one of the best balls I have ever thrown. I am a med-high speed bowler medium revs and I am known as a stroker. This ball has handled any lane condition I have put it on and handled it accordingly. On carrydown this ball will finish no matter what. On a sport shot it will move as much as a Killer Instinct Sanded. This ball has to be one of the greatest balls in the world right now. I just finished getting it and i havent shot below 225 with it. This is just a very versatile ball that everyone should have in their arsenal.
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: tonygee on September 14, 2004, 03:27:50 PM
1.5 inch pin
2.8 TW
got it on Ebay from ball celler I asked for a different pin and top weight but "You Can't Always Get What You WA--ANT" <singing this phrase while writing it>

So I improvise I drilled it 45 degrees way low with CG just above the thumb with shallow fingers and thumb to try to keep as much top as possible.

With this drill, it's place is special like a place kicker or Waterboy...not always in need but good to have.  

The core makes this ball, the corners snap out faster than "Flash, Fla--ash Master of the Universe"...uhh sorry, but "I got the music in me, I got the music in me, I got the mu-sic in meeeeeee yeaaaah"...heh heh heh...corny so I smacked myself

This ball hits like a truck or a bus or a hippo or like diarhea if you throw it and scream like Monica Seles but if you act like a porn star and pinch or squeeze this ball, it'll leave you corner stiffies <corner pins, GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER! ... NoNoNo don't blame me, I just sayz it like i seez it>.

Hmmm and the smell, just like mom's Shrimp Fly Lice <don't have a cow fellow asians>...WHAAA, she adds apples and cinnamon...IS THAT SO WROOOONG <mimicing Harvey Fierstein>
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: Los300 on September 28, 2004, 10:54:56 PM
I picked up a Re-Loaded last week and have had some good results with it so far. The ball picks up strong in the midlane with a sharp, arcing backend reaction with strong hitting power. I would say that it is a perfect compliment to my Triple Xtreme in the fact that when the Xtreme is a little too much on the backend you can pull this one out and smooth out your reaction. Overall another outstanding release from Storm. Pick one up before they are all gone.
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: morrison22 on December 05, 2004, 12:36:49 PM
This ball is the greatest, goes long and snaps back at the last second. this ball pounds the rack it hits like a truck.
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: dizzyfugu on December 07, 2004, 02:49:23 AM
Ebay struck again and left me with another used ball . I couldn't resist... I got my 15 lbs. X-Factor RE-Loaded in a very good condition for less than EUR 60,- incl. shipping, which is currently about $ 75,-, plus plugging and drilling. I was looking for a strong particle pearl ball for more oil than my Eraser Particle Pearl could handle, and, being very content with the EPP and a Trauma in my arsenal, I gave the RE-Loaded from Storm a try.

When I received the ball it was polished. The surface felt very strong, tacky, awe-inspriring! I was afraid of the ball's strength and my potential to control it, and I did not want it to burn out halfway down the lane. With this in mind, I kept it polished after drilling to fine-tune the ball's reaction to local conditions later.

About me:
Style = Stroker/mild Tweener, right-handed
Speed = 13,5-14,5 mph
PAP = 5" & 7/8"^
Axis tilt = 18,7°
Revs = 250-300 RPM at release
For more details, check out my profile, please.

The 3 3/4" pin-out ball was drilled with the Pin at 4 1/2" from PAP, CG & RAD in parallel to the ball track. Pin ended up 1" at 1:00 from ring finger hole, RAD located at ~90° from PAP, at 16:00 from thumb hole. CG ended up in the palm area on midlane, but kicked out about 1" from midlane towards PAP. Thumb & oval silicone finger inserts, no X-hole necessary.


* = Pin
# = CG
m = mass bias/RAD mark

Ball picture:

Well, the polish... Not a good idea. On my first games on my dry house with a 30-35' pattern the RE-Loaded only covered 2-4 boards, it behaved much like a polyester ball - although it still felt tacky and I wiped it after each frame. I never expected THIS from a particle ball! I had to fight hard for a 100 game: no control, so so carry, ugh

Lesson to learn: NEVER polish an X-Factor RE-Loaded.
Or, at least, do not keep it in this condition!

After my first shock and disappointment I took off the glaze with a white pad, wet-sanded the ball gently to about 1.000 grit, matching box condition. Suddenly the ball came alive, just like having made a kind of conjuration ceremony or voodoo rite! Now this ball rocks and shows power.

First game back on the short 30' track was a sudden 182 (I average currently ~165), followed by several games in the same region. Lots of control! Ball goes smoothly through the heads and starts a gentle but strong move in the midlane, just like expected from a particle pearl ball with a low RG core. Yeah!

I had to stand on board 25 or 26 with my right shoe tip at 2nd set of dots, laid the ball down at 18/19 at the foul line and played over target board 12 when playing slow (15mph) and with much hand, breaking at 5-7 after 35', or stand on 23-24 and target at 14 while raising speed and playing it straighter. Another line that worked fine when the original runs dry or the head area loses oil is standing 29-31 and play over 3rd arrow. Consistently found the pocket, even weak hits resulted in good carry!

On a 40' sport pattern with slick Brunswick synth cover (NOTHING really works there, except for people with revs like a formula 1 engine). The result was less hook than on 30', but this had to be expected. Stood at 20 at first, playing over 12 again, which increased to 24 in the end when the lane ran dry. Breakpoint stayed at 35' down the lane, less snappy than on the former 30' pattern. Control was also not as good. I tried several releases with no consistent results but I blame this on the diffcult lane in general.

On another occasion in the same house I found out that the RE-Loaded works very well on broken-down (sport) lanes, where it can deploy its particle coverstock to full potential: The 40' pattern collapsed after 12+ games, out of a sudden, and the backend ran dry in some areas in the middle and in front of the 6 pin.
Balls like my Raging Red Fuze or TPC Player were hard to control, almost always hitting either too high when playing outside or Brooklyn when I changed my target to the left. Nothing to lose, my last ditch was my RE-Loaded I had brought with me. Well, the RE-Loaded turned out to be a GOOD remedy. An outside line semms to be the best option to handle the ball with my drilling: stood at 21st board and played over the 2nd arrow. The ball would not hook much overall, but it consistently found the pocket and made some good games on this spotty hell, great carry and much saved energy for the pins.

Finally, on a heavy 42' crown pattern with brand new System 300 synthetics, the RE-Loaded worked fine, too: It went down the lane, and as soon as it got something dry to hold on it turned into the pocket. But not with a skid/snap reaction, rather with a sudden, arcing turn. I stood at 21 1/2, aiming at 12-13, and made consistent high results. It was the ball choice of that day to be competitive - which was very surprising for me.


After surface adjustments and my experiences on several lanes and oil patterns I rate this ball generally high, although I am not sure where it finally fits.

I give it only an overall 7 from 10, not more. Honestly, I'd shun from recommending this one. It is, with a matte finish, a solid ball, but nothing outstanding. Nothing that will be remembered in 2 or 3 years time. I expected more of it, and I suppose that you need 300+ RPM to make it work effectively?

Lane utility for tested ball (pattern length vs. oil volume):

|S M L
|h e o
|o d n
|r . g
|0 0 +| Light volume
|0 X +| Medium volume
|+ X 0| Heavy volume

X = Best suited with effective control & carry
+ = Fairly suited (works, somehow, but lacks control)
0 = Unsuited (ineffective, either slips or burns up)

The chart concept is borrowed from Storm's 2003 catalogue. Surface prep and drillings may change the results, it is just personal experience with my style

It seems to fill only a special role in my arsenal for late games or medium oil, but that quite effectively. On heavy oil/fresh patterns it does not beat my TPC Player or Fuze Eliminator (pls. see my review there for reference), my first balls out of the bag for this occasion. The RE-Loaded is only a fall-back option for me.

Furthermore I found out that it really need frequent surface maintenance. To have some grip on oily/fresh conditions, I need to refresh the 1.000 grit sanding more often than on any other ball I own. As soon as it starts to shine up through playing and oil suction I have to re-do it, probably twice as often as other equipment (even from Storm with particles!). Not very smart design, I think.

Despite my personal mixed results, the X-Factor RE-Loaded offers good control on medium oil and/or spotty backends. I was and am able to play it successfully with almost the same line wherever I tried it, for a long period.
This seems to be its best positive asset? Nothing convincing, but not negative at all. Besides, the RE-Loaded is a hard hitter with satifactory pin carry. It produces that typical low Storm particle ball thumping noise upon impact and keeps pins the very low.

For somebody who can make use of it, the RE-Loaded should be a good tournament choice when you change lanes and need consistency of ball reaction. The pearl coverstock gives good length, the particles soft control. It is a kind of joker - fits everywhere, but does not win the game

The Fear Factor for a benchmark and being its (also unlucky) successor in the Storm Master line, has definitively more traction in oil - a comparison of both balls with similar drill patterns on the sport shot showed this clearly. But it tends to burn up much faster. You will be able to keep the RE-Loaded in the game for much, much longer.

Maybe it is the time of the year, but the sweet apple-cinnamon fragrance of the RE-Loaded, especially in warm surroundings, makes my mouth water. With this ball, anytime is Christmas time

DizzyFugu --- Reporting from Germany

"All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream..." - Edgar Allen Poe
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Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: MajorHook on February 20, 2005, 01:38:33 AM
I got this ball hoping to get a good heavy oil ball. I got what a wanted. This ball has great length and strong backend reaction. On fresh oil patterns this ball is extremely predictable and it will plow the pins over. When the oil breaks down, i have to put this ball away. On anything other than heavy oil patterns this ball will become very unpredictable. This ball is usually a 1 game ball for me. I recommend this ball to anybody who needs a heavy oil ball with great backend reaction. It also has a great color and great smell (cinnamon apple).

Lane condition: HEAVY OIL
Lanes: all wood

Rating   (scale 1-10)
Backend 10
Length 8
Versatility 5
Recovery 9
Pin action 9
Overall rating 8

Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: jayleno on May 06, 2005, 01:06:21 PM
lets just get straight to the point shall we, this is simply the greatest ball i've ever thrown!

Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: cid16 on July 31, 2005, 08:51:26 PM
pin over ring finger
cg located below ring finger (pin in 2-3)

i got this ball in order to bowl in fresh lines,
at mid oil pattern, cause its small pin-cg..
but surprisely, this particle ball even with
this layout, hooks like a monster..
and get revs like a strong layout ball!
gains medium deep, and makes a real violent turn to the pin
deck.... i sanded at 1500 and polished with magic shine..
to go further... but still hooking like monster...
what makes uncontrollable for dry lines...
i will try balance hole near axis.

is incredible how a very low pin ball and a weak drilling
draws that kind of hook.!!
great ball but i have to make some adjustments to score

smells like a real cinnamon apple pie!!!!


"Knowledge is Power".
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: BirwinJR on March 11, 2007, 01:01:21 AM
One word turd
Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: JessN16 on May 31, 2008, 01:21:49 AM
The balls:
*Ball A -- 14.3 pounds, 4.5-inch pin, 3 oz. top weight
*Ball B -- 15.2 pounds, 4-inch pin, 3.34 oz. top weight

The drills:
*Ball A -- 14 pounds, pin above and left of middle (almost in the track), CG in the palm, MB in the thumb-positive quadrant inside the VAL, no weight hole, works out to a 6.25 x 4 x 4 drill for me. Finish is box.
*Ball B -- 15 pounds, pin above and right of ring, CG in the palm, MB in the thumb-positive quadrant inside the VAL, no weight hole, works out to a 3.5 x 4 x 4 drill for me. Finish is 4000 Abralon plus polish.

Me: PAP 4 over 3/8 up, tweener revs, good speed, good circumference coverage


I've had every ball in the X-Factor line, even the overseas balls, except the Vertigo and Trifecta. This has been the only X-Factor to have given me problems.

I've owned two of them and the first one I had was the 14-pounder listed above. The ball came drilled for a lefthander, a "control drill" where the pin was above and left of the previous owner's ring finger and the MB was track side. I plugged the holes to change pitches but redrilled everything back the same. That left me with a pin on my track side but the MB in a strong position.

I wanted to use this ball for late in a shift, or for playing tough patterns. The problem was the drill was TOO mild. The ball had no problems carrying on full hits, but I couldn't get it there enough. I also had a problem with it clipping the thumb hole unless I applied maximum tilt.

The second ball was drilled to mimic my original X-Factor, which I loved dearly and still use. However, in box condition, the ball had a problem picking up, and then got squirty on the backs at the first sign of carrydown -- a surprise given this is a particle pearl.

After fiddling with the cover for a year, I finally made a big move and took it up to 4000 Abralon and polished it with Storm's Moon Shine. The result -- in addition to being able to comb your hair in the reflection from the surface -- is that the ball woke up. Unbelievably, control got better even with the high shine. The ball was now able to play up the boards and in the middle earlier in the shift.

Had I not done that, I would likely have labeled this ball a turd. It's definitely the most finicky of the X-Factor series and it's not a control piece. It's kind of like having a race car as a daily driver -- good performance, but you're going to be busy keeping it running.

Here's the breakdown:

Positives: Could play extreme outside angles, good carry.
Negatives: Drill handicapped it, touchy surface issues, didn't do what Storm advertised.
Summary: A narrow, condition-specific piece that ended up being given away to someone else.

Positives: Can play all over the place, carries well, offers a much different look than the original X-Factor despite similar surface prep.
Negatives: Surface is touchy and the wrong prep will wreck performance, doesn't behave like a typical particle pearl, isn't useful for anything over medium volume.
Summary: A great piece for mediums to medium-lights and can play deep into a shift, but not an oiler or even close to one.

Title: Re: X-Factor Reloaded
Post by: keithsweat on June 03, 2008, 02:45:51 PM
JessN16, I have not used my Reloaded since my Germany days.  I got back to the states in '06.  I too am an advid Storm fan (wouldn't know it now by my current arsenal) but got into Storm balls when I joined a German Bowling Club.  We travelled to different houses and the equipment I had did not work on their heavy oil patterns.  So I started with the Deuce X-Factor, then the Reloaded, then the Vertigo and ended with the Triple Extreme (which I ended up selling).  I would take this ball with me during my travels and found it hard to control.  I would send it out between 5 and 2 board and it would snap back to the pocket.  I was a down and in bowler then (still somewhat today but can adjust a lot better now) and it would scare the crap out of me.  My teammates loved it but I told them that I did not mean to do that.  So I would put it back in the bag and go back to the Deuce.  I am curious to see what it would do on the lanes here.  Will have to try it and let you know.

Pesky 10 pin!!!