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Astro PhysiX review
« on: August 13, 2019, 01:48:26 PM »
Since I didn't see the Astro PhysiX available in the review section, I will leave this hear for now.

Storm Astro PhysiX

Cover: R2S Pearl Reactive

Core: Atomic

The Astro PhysiX was a much anticipated release for me. I matched up very well with the PhysiX on heavier oil and was hoping to get another Atomic Core ball that I could use more often on a heavier house shot.

The newest addition to the Premiere line, the Astro PhysiX will remind many Storm fans of the Code Black. Personally I see this as a stronger version of the Code Black shape. The Astro gets down the lane with ease and finished with a nice pop off the friction. When I need more length than my PhysiX will get, this will be a logical ball move.