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Equipment Upgrade
« on: May 05, 2021, 11:43:34 AM »
Long time loyalist using primarily RG and Storm equipment.  Winter season is winding down and prepping changes in the bag for summer and upcoming fall season.  Currently in the bag is the original Storm Physix,  RG HALO Pearl and RG Hustle Ink.

Looking to replace the RG Halo Pearl, retaining the other two.   Pretty set on picking up the RG Rubicon UC2 and looking for something below the Physix.  Some recommendations suggested the Parallax Effect which appears to be condition specific and does not appear to roll nice on my primary lanes.  Also being considered is 900's ZEN but open to suggestions, looking to stay in the STORM family.

Does anyone see much overlap between the Zen and Rubicon UC2, most #'s are similar if not same.  Outside of core (sym. vs. assym) they seem pretty close.  Thoughts are the RG would be good for later games while ZEN might be a little more aggressive.  Seeing my PRO this weekend, hoping to have this sorted out beforehand.

Any suggestions are welcome.