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Author Topic: Eraser Particle Pearl vs. Thrash  (Read 1941 times)


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Eraser Particle Pearl vs. Thrash
« on: May 25, 2003, 07:57:55 PM »
Looking to pick up one of these as a replacement for an older EMB XF.  Both balls are particle pearls (as is the XF) and of the three main particle pearl track balls (the other two being the Freak Out and the Threat) the Thrash seems more controllable, both in the midlane and the backend (by controllable I mean less flippy, not variety of drilling patterns) but I have not seen a comparison on the Thrash and the EPP.  I have not seen either of these balls thrown as the league I bowl in over the summer mostly just throws X-Factors and Addictions.  

I'm kind of a stroker/cranker, medium speed, slightly above average revs...can go anywhere with hand positions, arrows, etc.  Looking for something to replace my very controllable EMB XF (which gets down the lane and has a very smooth move to the pocket).  Basically a ball to throw when my Tour Boss Pearl gets to be too jumpy (and later the X-Factor after I replace the TBP over the summer)

Any input into this will be greatly appreciated, and please let me know if I missed anything background-wise in the informational part of this post...thanks to all.

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Re: Eraser Particle Pearl vs. Thrash
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2003, 11:31:45 AM »

Pretty good question.  I think both of these balls are fairly similar.  The Thrash is supposed to be a compliment to the Threat.  Supposed to roll up a little earlier, handle oil better, not be so jumpy.  Thrash has the same or similar weight block as the Triton Elite.  That was a great ball.

I have a couple Eraser Particle balls.  Neither one is super flippy.  They both get through the arrows pretty clean.  One picks up a roll in the middle part of the lane much quicker than the other, due to layout.  This ball continues  better also.  This ball is drilled pin over the fingers, right in my bridge, cg out a little (about 75 degrees), no hole.  This is my favorite layout right now.  I also have one that is pin over the middle finger (5 1/4" from PAP), cg out (45 degrees), and low hole.  This one is nice and long with a smooth almost lazy back end motion.  Drilled more for regional conditions where we get really clean back ends, helps me combat wet/dry.

Overall, I think you would like both balls.  Similar overall hook to each other.  I think the Eraser PP would pick up a roll a little quicker than the Thrash.  Scotch Brite could take care of that problem too.  Compared to the Threat, the Thrash is earlier.  Compared to the Eraser, the Thrash is longer.
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