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Gravity Evolve
I was too young and inexperienced to throw a Virtual Gravity when it was first released, so naturally I was excited when Storm announced that they were bringing a modified version back! Gravity Evolve (GE) features the SPEC cover that we saw on the Crux Prime and the Pro-Motion. The strong Asym (Crux Prime) ball that we released earlier this year was too strong for the conditions that I bowl on. With this in mind, I drilled the GE weaker utilizing a taller pin position to get it to go further down the lane. I think this is the best asymmetrical ball that Storm has released since the Lock. The GE reads the front part of the lane and the mid-lane well but is not as strong as the Crux Prime. To me, the slightly weaker motion will benefit players. I threw my GE on a burnt house pattern with some carry down. On those conditions, the GE revel up in the front part of the lane and just laid in front of the head pin. This is a motion that I love. Strong asymmetrical bowling balls are supposed to rev up and control the pocket— not jackknife downlane. The GE fits between our Pro-Motion/Physix’s and the Crux Prime which will make it house pattern friendly and also friendly on medium to heavy oil conditions. Don’t be scared to drill one of these! The Gravity Evolve will take the market by Storm ;)



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Nice video! I like that you talk through the review, giving insights into the lane conditions, what you were doing with your hand, etc.
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