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Marvel-S Review
« on: July 23, 2013, 05:12:16 PM »

I am here to introduce Stormís FIRST symmetrical core bowling ball inside of the NRG cover.  This ball is very strong in the mid-lane and has a controllable and continuous hook.  The low RG core helps it read the mids hard. The NRG cover helps it tackle heavier oil. And the core being symmetrical gives it a strong continuation.

Rev dominant players will enjoy a heavy oil ball that actually hooks! This ball will not burn up too quickly, even for slower ball speeds.

Speed dominant players will enjoy another option to match up. When the strong asymmetrical cores hit flat, this ball will roll through the pins.

I drilled mine 70 x 6 x 70 and added polish. Mine was super clean through the front and slightly angular down lane.  I love the way this ball faces up to the pocket. When they get burnt, Iíll put the ball away.