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Author Topic: Storm Sync review by staff member Dwyane Da Moude  (Read 1383 times)


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Storm Sync review by staff member Dwyane Da Moude
« on: April 01, 2013, 08:36:13 AM »
Storm Sync


4” x 4” x 3”  (pin ended up inside the ring finger)
4-1/2” -> ½” ^


A. Center A- 38’ house pattern*, USBC Nationals patterns both (team and singles and doubles) also Abbey Road, Middle Road and Sunset Strip patterns from Kegel.  Kegel Kustodian Lane Walker, AMF HPL lane surface and used the new Kegel Ice lane conditioner.

B. Center B- both 36’ and 39’ house patterns, newest generation Brunswick Anvil Lane surface (less than 1 year on install) Kegel ION machine, type of oil unknown.

C. Center C- 8 lane wood house with typical wood pattern, large volume in heads and middle, but showed a distinct out of bounds if sent right too early.  Characteristics of liking to be play up the boards’ aroung 12-13 board or major move to 25 on approach and launching out to 13-15 area at arrows. Silver Bullet lane machine, oil unknown.

Surfaces preps: Factory finish
For reference I throw high track, 15.75 mph, 350+ rpms, using Turbo Lifts and a Switch Grip thumb insert and I am right handed.  My span is 4-1/8” middle finger, 1/4” ring finger with laterals being ¼ left, 5/8” right with ¼” reverse on both fingers, Switch Grip thumb at 0 pitch in any direct on thumb.  I use a 45 degree oval at a width of .090.


This has become my new favorite nugget in my arsenal!  The motion and recovery of the Sync are amazing.  If you like a strong, arching ball look no further.  When I first started throwing my Lucid, I thought there was no way Storm could top the reaction and look I got with it.
Then I drilled up my Sync and honestly, it takes the lanes to start to burn before I am forced to put it away.  This ball really adapts to your game.  It is like it feels when you tug it and lays off till the pocket.  It senses that you have missed right and kicks in overdrive to help recover from the outside. 
This ball looked good on wood, on HPL and Anvil.  It allowed me to play deeper on the Nationals team and singles patterns.  It loves house shots with volume in the heads, it doesn’t mind transitions either.

I was a huge fan of the Virtual Gravity, and then the Virtual Gravity Nano, well the Sync is even better!

Oil is needed, don’t think you are going to pull your Sync out (at least not without the proper surface and drilling adjustments) and play the 9:30pm league after two shifts, but I can safely say this ball is a must have for anyone looking for a go to ball.


This is quite possibly the next ball of the year candidate!  Who doesn’t want a ball that appears to be self-learning, versatile, with a strong motion, ease through the head oil but most importantly shows great continuation through the pins!  I strongly suggest Sync in your bag for Nationals this year; it could be the best call of the trip!

Please remember, no matter what ball you purchase next, seek an IBPSIA certified professional to help you make your choice and evolve your game to the next level!