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Phaze III
PHAZE FREAKING THREE. I could literally stop there. The Phaze II (P2) is arguably the best tournament ball on the market today. If you’re a tournament player and throw Storm equipment, it is highly likely you have a Phase II in the bag. The Phaze III (P3) looks great with the Green/Purple/Black color combo and it smells like grape. I have a fair amount of axis tilt/rotation, so I am always more cautious when drilling them. I used a stronger layout on my P3 (45 x 4.5 x 60) just to ensure it wouldn’t hockey stick downlane. Boy was I impressed. For me this is exactly as described: A cleaner P2 with more pop downlane. I could stand in the same spot and throw both balls and they both strike. There is a clear difference though. The P2 reads the midlane harder and in my experience went light mixer strike. Standing in the same place with the P3, it cleared the lane probably 2 more feet and was more responsive off the friction to go dead flush. So what does this actually mean? This means that the P2 is a great piece for the beginning of league night or the beginning of a tournament block. The P3 will come into play when the P2 becomes lazy on the backend and starts to leave the weak corners. Going from the P2 to the P3 won’t be a guessing game though, you can stand in the same spot with the P3 as you did the P2. Lastly, this ball does a good job of bridging the gap between our pearl balls. There is now a nice car progression from AstroPhysix-Phaze III-Emerald. Our line has never looked better!!



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Phaze 3
60x5 3/4x60

This layout puts the pin in my middle finger, which lowers the diff. I wanted to make this ball a little more controlable
This ball is hook in a box. clean upfront and saves all of the energy it has for downlane.
Ive been waiting for this exact ball i always feel i need a cleaner phaze 2 and here it is exactly what we have been waiting for.
Lower revrate players and higher rev rate players can get very good use out of this ball for different reasons.
high rev guys can be far left and not lose angle. and low rev guys can get the extra angle they need.

Thank you for reading!