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Review: Gravity Shift
« on: January 14, 2008, 03:27:52 PM »
[Storm Gravity Shift]

Original Box Specs:
[15# 2oz, Top 2.82oz, Pin 3-3.5", MB/CG In Line]

Coverstock/Weight Block:
Reactive Pearl, Assymetrical


Bowler Data:
Right Handed, High Ball Speed, High Rev Rate (Speed 18-19mph at pins),
PAP 4 3/4 over by 1/4 down, Span 4 7/16 x 4 1/2

Layout Selected:
4 1/2" Pin to PAP, 4" MB to PAP, 2" Pin Buffer

Look Created With Layout:
Bowler was looking to create a definately length and STRONG angular motion
from the breakpoint with this piece.  We selected a medium/high flaring
layout, a strong pin buffer to promote a strong move on the backend and a
STRONG MB placement to also promote strong motion at the breakpoint.

Lane Condition:
THS with some slight OOB from 5 to the ditch

Overall Experience After Approx 10-15 Full Games:
We have found that this ball is in a word ANGULAR.  For everyone who
likes to watch a strong motion off the breakpoint, this ball is your
match!   A generous amount of length with the pearl cover.   Compared
to the Original Shift [Definately more length and more angularity].
Compared to Attitude Shift [Way more length and angularity].  My first
impression was that it reminded me of the original X Factor.  Slower ball
speeds may find the backend may become a bit much once the lanes begin
transitioning/breaking down.


Thanks again to everyone at Storm for another excellent product and for
the evaluation ball.  As always if you have any questions about this product
or if you are interested in purchasing it please feel free to PM us here
on Ball Reviews or to email us at or to call us at

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