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Author Topic: Secret Agent impressions!  (Read 664 times)

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Secret Agent impressions!
« on: October 01, 2007, 03:13:47 AM »
Got this ball hoping it would work as a Special Agent that I could use on less oil.  I actually got to test this out on Saturday where the Special was burning up (I have it set up at 1000 Abralon) and this Secret at 4000 was tearing it up.  

That said, I know if you sanded this Secret down it would be a fine choice for the heavy stuff as well.  Since I already have the Special, I am going to keep these in separate roles.

The ball has a nice smooth motion and has that amazing carry that I get out of the Special.  I think this will become my main league ball now since I play on a pretty oily/blended league shot.  This ball really moves and drives through for me!  One BS 8 pin and the rest of the mistakes were tugs (have to learn to trust this ball).

For the PBA conditions, I can't wait to test this out through the coming weeks.  I have already had the most success on the PBA conditions with the Special and this one is going to be a longer, yet still smooth, version of that.  With these two and the polished Mystic, I am probably going to have a consistent 3 that I will always be bringing for these PBA patterns.  Strong yet smooth.

Can't say enough about this ball...  So far 100% satisfied.  I love the way these Agents roll.