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Author Topic: Not what I expected-a story of excelent customer service  (Read 860 times)


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Not what I expected-a story of excelent customer service
« on: November 08, 2007, 05:08:31 AM »
A while ago, I bought a StormPro 3 ball roller.  For the most part, it has help up great.  That changed over the summer as I bowled in a league where the entrance that we found ourselves always using had a small flight of stair with a useless ramp that was more trouble to use given the small area, than it was worth.  Since the end of that league, the end caps that hold the wheel on the axle came loose and I eventually ended up loosing one, along with one of the ball bearing insert that also keep the wheel rolling straight.  We thought we got it fixed to a point when we took a small stack of washers and epoxied them to the axle.  That was until, the other cap came off and there wasn't enough material to do the same on the other end.  I eventually lost an insert on the other side as well.  I had to use that bag since none of my totes had enough room for shoes at the time. Since then, we tried using a threaded rod, cut it to size and threw on some lock washers and nuts.  That'll work in a pinch, but now the wheel won't stay on straight and have problems rolling, if they roll at all.

That whole time I had been looking with little success for replacement parts.  My brother, who ordered the bag for me from a local distributor, wasn't able to find the parts through them, and I wasn't able to online.  I decided before asking here, I'd contact Storm through email.  I was given an 800 number and told to ask for Bob.  I called and talked to Bob and told him the whole story.  He tells me he's going to send out a new axle, wheels, and end caps and doesn't ask for anything else.

Keep in mind, I have never filled out any warranty information, and even if I had, I would expect it to have expired by now.  I liked Storm as a company before, but now I'm immensely impressed.
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Re: Not what I expected-a story of excelent customer service
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2007, 03:14:48 PM »
hey myrddin97

I had a 4 ball rolling thunder bag and had trbl with a broken handle.  called storm and they sent me a whole ne handle assembly for the price of shipping $8.   I received it in 2 days. was exactly what I needed.  I've never had another problem with the bag.  Every piece of equipment in my bag is storm except for my shoes.  I don't even look at another company when it comes to my bowling gear.  the equipment from storm followed by their customer service has been top notch in my book.  They truly are the bowlers company!