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Author Topic: Electrify BSY Ball Review  (Read 1852 times)


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Electrify BSY Ball Review
« on: September 13, 2023, 11:41:49 PM »
        The new Electrify BSY is my favorite Electrify to date! I drilled it up the same time I drilled a Duo and to say I loved what I saw out of it would be an understatement. Even though it has the Reactor coverstock which is also featured on Tropical Surge the Electrify BSY is far from a Tropical. I actually have it as a perfect step down from my Duo. It is very similar in the way it wants to motion. It will give you easy length on medium to light oil patterns but it has no problem turning the corner when it needs too. I have used mine a ton in a local center of mine that has an immense amount of early friction in the first five feet of the lane so most balls have trouble getting through the pins but because the BSY gets through that spot so cleanly it saves all of its energy for the pins and carries like none other! If you want the same shape as a Duo but with a little less strength then look no further than the Electrify BSY!