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Storm Fate
« on: November 09, 2022, 07:41:46 PM »
Ball Specs:

Storm Fate

Cover stock ReX Pearl

Weight Block F-8

Color Sapphire pearl

Finish Reacta Gloss

Layout 40x3x60 or 3x4.5x2.5

Bowler Specs:

Right Hand. PAP 5 3/8 Over 1 down

Rev Rate 400/2 Handed

Speed at release 16.5


The Storm Fate is the newest Signature line ball in the Storm line up. Storm partnered with Jason Belmonte to create a pearl ball that will get down lane and make the turn the further left you get. For me this ball reminds me of a night road on steroids. This new core has a similar strength to the Velocity core. This ball is a very smooth move off the spot and allows me to throw the ball right. Comparing this ball to the Phaze V, it is going to pick up earlier and have a more gradual move on the backend. This ball is going to be a step up from the Night Road. The Phaze V will be a little sharper on the backend but can't go wrong with it either. Get yours Nov 18th at your local Storm VIP pro shop.

Alex Thomes

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Re: Storm Fate
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2022, 12:04:43 PM »
The latest Storm and Jason Belmonte collaboration in the Signature line is the Storm Fate. The fate uses a brand new F-8 core and the proven REX Pearl cover. This new F-8 core gives me a lot of Phaze/Velocity vibes with its medium RG and high diff values. Combine that with the unique feature of the REX Pearl cover and you have a very versatile ball that should appeal to bowlers of all styles regardless of rev rate.

What really makes the Fate stand out for me is the cover. The REX is proven for being able to handle oil without being too early. Much like in the Dark Code and Infitinite Physix, The Fate does not hesitate in oil down lane the way that pearl balls with weaker covers do.

I went with a weaker layout than I typically use on pearl balls of a 5x3x2.5. The shape I see for me is a stronger and smoother Phaze 5. I say “for me” in this review because I feel like the Fate is one of those balls that can look different depending on how you throw it. It could be the most angular ball in the bag for speed dominant players and could also be a rev dominant players go to ball on the fresh when they need to ball to blend a pattern. I see the shape and versatility of the F-8 core being able to appeal to a wide range of players.