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Title: Storm Incite
Post by: KennonMcFalls300 on February 11, 2021, 08:51:45 AM
Im able to get this ball to the right early and keep my hand soft. Doing this allows the ball to work for me where with other balls I have to really shape it with my hand. One downside about this ball is that it doesnít quite get up the hill when my angles are left and in the puddle. I think this shows that this ball isnít the strongest piece we make but is still smoother than our strong symmetrical balls. High Rev players and slow speed players should be able to use this ball on heavy oil lane conditions and can probably get by with using this ball the first game of league. Speed dominant players and rev challenged players will love this ball. Its not quite as strong as our Proton Physix or Reality but it creates a faster transition off of the dry compared to the Rubicon which will help you create more entry angle and in turn, better pin carry.
Title: Re: Storm Incite
Post by: addynyr on February 17, 2021, 03:02:18 PM
The Storm Incite brings a brand new core in the Tensor Core.  The Tensor Core goes with Storm's current theme of cores that are asymmetrical but with less asymmetry than traditional asymmetrical high end balls.  The coverstock is the Hybrid R4S which was found in the original Storm Fight. This ball is very strong and needs oil.  For me it feels like it fits more in the higher end Premier Line than the Master Line as it sits currently.  This ball reminds me of a slightly weaker Omega Crux while still providing the same hybrid characteristics.  I drilled mine with a short pin layout to give me a strong ball to use on a fresh oil pattern while making sure it is not too angular in the back part of the lane.  Although this type of drilling could be tougher to use on house patterns, it will be a staple in my bag for sport patterns to conquer the most control of the pattern.  A more traditional pin up layout will give more of a skid/flip ball reaction and a pin down layout will give a more typical smoother ball reaction.  If you are looking to replace an Omega Crux or never got your hands on one, this could be a good ball for your bag.

Adam Chase
Storm Staff
Title: Storm Incite by Luke Rosdahl
Post by: Luke Rosdahl on February 18, 2021, 09:09:20 AM
The Incite features the not new but first trip stateside R4S hybrid cover and new mild asymmetric Tensor core.  We saw R4S a couple years ago on the Fight and Street Fight, and the short version is that itís a buffed or stronger version of the Phaze 3 cover.  It creates a very strong but very blendy motion on the lane, almost like a slightly quicker NRG or MicroTrax formula. The new Tensor core comes in at a 2.50 RG, .053 differential and an .013 split or intermediate differential in 15 pounds, and it reminds me a lot of cores like the Ikon in the Idols and the Orbital from the Axioms but with a bit more torque.  Very rolly but not really chuggy, strong revving and it rolls in the direction of the rotation.  The total package reminds us a lot of the Omega Crux, and with the Omega getting released right before the Covid crisis and being almost a year old now, the writing may be on the wall, and getting a quasi-replacement in the line before we have another Idol and Emerald situation is probably a good idea.  I gave it the same numbers as the Omega, 8 for hook, 4 for length, and a 4 for backend strength
Title: Storm Incite
Post by: fazzone22 on February 20, 2021, 11:42:19 AM
The Storm Incite features the all-new Tensor Core, which yields an RG of 2.50, Diff or 0.053 and PSA of 0.013, which is wrapped around the Hybrid version of R4S. I drilled mine 5 x 5 x 3.  After throwing this ball for while, I was completely impressed on how much backend shape this ball created for being a mild asymmetrical ball. I havenít found a pattern that at some point this ball wasnít looking good. I was able to throw it straighter on the fresh and then once the lanes started transitioning I kept on moving in and the ball never stopped. The Incite will fill the bridge between the bigger asymmetrical balls and the symmetrical balls because itís the best of both words. It is actually a little stronger with a similar down lane move as an Idol Synergy for me but because 3000 grit finish on the Incite, it picks up the lane about a foot sooner and handles the higher volumes a little bit better. No matter the pattern, I will always have the Incite in my bag!
Title: Re: Storm Incite
Post by: Moneymarriott300 on March 01, 2021, 03:08:08 PM
The new Storm Incite is the new hybrid asymmetrical ball. This ball is apart of the Master Line and is the first asymmetrical ball in that line. It features the Tensor Core wrapped in R4S Hybrid. This core is similar to the Rondure Core that is found in the Rubicon and the Rubicon UC2. The core was designed to be a symmetrical ball with a weight hole. This ball is very predictable and controllable. For me it reminds me of a Phaze II with a weight hole. Be sure to get yours today!
Title: Re: Storm Incite
Post by: MSUHoss300 on March 02, 2021, 12:08:04 PM
Storm Incite
Layout - 55 x 5 x 75

The Storm Incite felt like a lot more overall hook than I was originally expecting.  It felt super strong and early out of the box, I was using it similarly to a Proton Physix, it has a little less overall hook.  I wound up smoothing the surface up to 4000 to create more separation.  It is the most similar to a Rubicon, stronger than Phaze 2 but not as strong as Proton Physix.  Really good ball, should help you blend out the wet/dry on your league conditions!
Title: Re: Storm Incite
Post by: rcgilmore on March 03, 2021, 09:24:48 AM
Cover: R4S at 3000
RG: 2.50
PSA: 0.013
PAP: 5 Ĺ x 1 Ĺ UP
Style: Stroker, more Speed Dominate

Since switching to SPI equipment primarily Storm, I am extremely excited about the New Incite. I have been looking for a benchmark ball beside my Phaze 2 which is my got to out of the bag storm ball. I have a difficult time matching up with Asymmetrical balls. I am more of a down and in player, more speed dominant with a little lower rev rate (however recently I have worked on increasing the rev rate and lowering the ball speed) I was really surprised how this ball rolled. I drilled this OOB 60 x 3 1/4 x 45 which puts the pin above my ring finger kicked out to the right.  I left the cover OOB. The Incite is smooth and predictable with a strong backend motion reads. It is a little later than the Proton Physix but still picks up well and does not burn up on me with the lower PSA is I need a stronger pin to pap layout. The ball picks up well and has strong continuation through the pins. I have a hard time getting Asymmetrical getting through the pins without burning up and getting the right shape. I can move in with this ball and trust the ball will turn the corner. The Incite seems to be very versatile on different lane conditions as well as styles of play. The Incite can be the first ball out of the bag or when you need to switch to something with a smoother reaction that can get through the pins. Great Job Storm for another new innovative Ball!!

Title: Re: Storm Incite
Post by: Onefrombills on March 04, 2021, 03:02:14 PM
Storm Incite!
Hey everyone, Iím back with another ball review, and this time itís for the Storm Incite!. In 15 pounds this ball is wrapped in the R4S Hybrid Coverstock and comes 3000-grit Abralon with an RG of 2.50, Diff of .053, and a PSA of .013 with a wonderful Cherry Vanilla smell.
When I got this ball I really wasnít sure what it was intended for. Most of the time I have an idea of when or where I would use a ball but this one had me confused. So I put holes in it and laid it out with a 2 Ĺ  x 6 Ĺ  x 1 Ĺ. I got away from my normal layouts and came up with this one from the VLS program at the bottom of After testing I didnít hate it, but it didnít wow me. It is still in the bag as I try to show it, love. I find the slow response off the end of the pattern to be like the original Phaze, Omega Crux, or Rubicon with the length of a Hy-Road. Not bad qualities but I have other balls that fit that space. I do find that when I am throwing the new Hy-Road Max and can not get the 10 out that I can use the Incite and stay right where I was and being a touch cleaner it gets the 10 out. This is definitely a ball that for me needs friction to shine and/or will find its new home in a tournament bag when I am unsure of the surface of the lanes and know that I have a ball thatís lazy, but will still turn the corner without rolling out.
Until the next review Bowl Up A Storm!   
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