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Author Topic: Storm Night Road - 9/26/22  (Read 3714 times)


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Storm Night Road - 9/26/22
« on: September 26, 2022, 11:32:53 AM »
SPECS (based on 15 lbs)
RG: 2.57
Diff: 0.046
Core: Inverted Fe2
Coverstock: ReX Pearl
Fragrance: Fruit Trifle

PAP: 4" over, 0.5" up
Layout: 40 x 4.5" x 25

The latest addition to the legendary Hy-Road line is the Night Road. Those who have thrown the HyRoad--and just about anything in the line--know about the easy length the core and coverstock combination provides. This time, the ReX Pearl coverstock was used, which is also seen on the Dark Code and the Infinite Physix, at a 4K Fast finish.

The ReX Pearl cover is one of Storm's most aggressive pearl coverstocks, below the NeX Pearl cover which can be found on the Axiom Pearl. At a 4K Fast finish, what this provides is a coverstock that is stronger and smoother off the spot than the HyRoad Pearl (R2S Pearl). Compared to the original HyRoad, the Night Road actually reads earlier and stronger, owing to the 4K Fast finish and strong pearl coverstock.

The ball really stands out during transition. On the burn, the ball effortlessly clears the front part of the lane, while the cover is strong enough to provide the angle and hook needed to play those deep angles late in a league session or tournament block.

My first league night with the Night Road was a big eye-opener for what this ball can do. I started around 13 at the arrows out to 8 with the Hyped Solid and it duck-hooked and went Brooklyn--quite a bit drier than I was anticipating. After moving in with the Hyped and not getting enough angle on the back, I switched to the Night Road and targeted 18 at the arrows out to 9 at the break point. The lanes became wide open--a miss outside yielded a big-time roar back to the pocket, and the Night Road still provided enough entry angle on a miss inside to prevent a flat or even ringing 10 pin.

This is a very welcome addition to the Hy-Road line and will provide a great complement to the HyRoad Pearl if the Pearl is going too long, but want more control than the original HyRoad.

Todd Sigeti
Storm Amateur Staff