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Storm Night Road Review
« on: September 27, 2022, 09:46:55 AM »
Layout - 4.5 x 70
Surface - 4k Fast

The new Night Road brings back the Inverted Fe2 core found in the previous Hyroads but with the REX coverstock.  What I like about this night road comparative to the hyroad pearl is how much stronger it reads in the midlane due to the stronger REX cover.  With my higher ball speed, I was not able to use the hyroad pearl as much as I wanted to due to the ball not slowing down enough for higher volumes of oil.  The night road allows me to have a larger footprint on the lane while still giving me that traditional angular motion that the hyroad pearl is known for. 

My pin down layout at the 4k fast finish for me still gives me a pretty angular backend while allowing the ball to be more continuous overall.  For me personally, this is the type of reaction I really love to see. For some of my customers in the pro shop, I brought the surface back to 1500 polished to keep that consistent from previous balls.  Bringing the surface back to the old finishing process gives that polished and more angular look for drier lanes and a late game tournament ball.    A pin up layout will give that long and angular motion that is accustom to the hyroad line throughout the years.

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Storm Night Road Review
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2022, 11:24:10 PM »
The Storm Night Road features the ReX cover, the Inverted Fe2 core, and comes with the 4-k fast surface. The ReX cover on the Night Road was recently on the Infinite Physix and I was hoping this ball would be a step down when the Infinite is hooking too much. The NR, for me, was a smooth shape and reminded me of the Infinite. I needed some friction for the NR to shine and still give a smooth controlled shape. This ball will be used later in a tournament block or when there is a lot of friction on the lanes and you need something to get down the lane. It is a ball or two down from the Infinite with a similar shape and will be a go to when I am looking for that kind of shape when the lanes break down. Another home run in the Road series!

Tobias Myers