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Summit Review
« on: June 16, 2023, 10:00:08 AM »
Layout: 5 x 3 x 3 (45 x 5 x 45)
Surface: 4000 Abralon, 1000 Abralon

I was very excited when I heard about the Summit because I like the Phaze 2 very much.  I have found sometimes that the Phaze 2 just isn't always quite strong enough and Asymmetrical Cores tend to be too early rolling.  The Summit Covers that gap for me with ease.  Compared to the Phaze 2, the Summit is about 2 feet earlier and about 2-3 boards stronger overall.  It's overall strength makes it a little tougher to use on the typical house shot unless you get the surface right.  I would consider following my surface prep or shining this one if you have a house pattern that hooks a lot.  The cleaner surface prep for me gets it through the front part of the lane easier while still giving me that strong arc on the backend.  I was able to test this on a typical house pattern and the 41ft PWBA HOF Classic Pattern.

On the house pattern, I found that the Summit was able to blend the fresh very well and gave me better continuation than I expected.  As the lanes transitioned and I had to move further left with my feet, the Summit still continued very well.  I never gave up hitting power at all.  The one downside is that since the ball is on the smooth side, any misses in the oil had trouble going through the pins as well but still created a light mixer on most shots.  Depending on your style, the factory surface could be a little too aggressive.  If it is, I would bring surface up to 4000 or polish for better results.

On the 41ft PWBA HoF Classic Pattern, this ball started to shine more because of the higher volume of oil.  On the fresh I was able to play around 15 to 8 and see strong continuation on the backend which went through the pins very well.  All the oil volume to the outside made misses to the right a little tricky as the smoothness to the ball did not allow for ample recovery.  My misses had to be in the oil closer to the headpin a little more.  As the lanes broke down, I saw very similar reaction to the house pattern.  I saw ample continuation again and the ball got better as I played more left to right.  My line was roughly 18 to 10 and I had a lot of success in that zone which was inside the track line.  I still had hold in the middle part of the lane and since I was inside the track, I had more hook to the right giving me more margin of error.  I can see this ball for me being more ideal for tournament conditions than house just due to its smooth nature.  For those who like the phaze 2 and need just a little more strength, this Summit is that ball!

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