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Storm Super Nova Review
« on: September 27, 2022, 11:12:32 AM »
Layout: 30 x 4.5 x 30
Surface:  Box Surface

The Super Nova brings back the Ignition Core from the original Nova with the NEX Solid Coverstock from the Proton Physix.  The first thing I can say about this ball is STRONG!  This ball definitely needs a good amount of oil to be most successful.  Normally, these type of balls are not in my current arsenal because of my high rev rate and will not be for regular league play.  The Super Nova was essentially too early and overall too strong to get the best reaction through the pins.  It actually forced me to be so far left with my feet, that its carry percentage decreased.  If I wanted to use this consistently for league play, I would actually use polish on the surface to promote more length and a slightly more angular backend for better overall ball reaction. 

Although, this is not the best ball for my style for league play, it comes in handy a lot in tournaments where there is generally significant more oil volume and generally longer lengths. I have used the original Nova a lot in tournaments to blend out harder oil patterns and to create straighter angles.  The Super Nova will be no different here but allow me to move further left on the lane where the original Nova did not allow me to.  The added strength of the coverstock allows me to move into the heavier volumes of oil without losing its backend reaction.  Comparative to the Proton Physix, I saw earlier and stronger overall motion.  Where the Proton Physix did not hook as much, the Super Nova continued through the pin deck well.  I will continue to use the Super Nova primarily in tournament play, especially on longer and heavier oil patterns.

Adam Chase
Storm Staff