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The Road Review
« on: April 08, 2024, 03:02:19 PM »
Layout: 4 1/2 x 3 x 2
Surface: Reacta Gloss

The new Road brings back the Inverted FE Core found in the original Hyroad series and amped it up utilizing the AI Core Technology which reduced the RG to 2.55 and put the differential to .045 which is actually .01 below the Hyroad.  There is also a new coverstock on this one which is the REX Hybrid which is considerably stronger than the previous R2S Hybrid coverstock.  The difference in core and cover technology makes the road a little earlier on the lane and has more flare potential due to the stronger coverstock.  I was able to test this on my typical 44ft house pattern and a 42ft 30ml sport pattern.  Here is what I found:

I was pleasantly surprised to see how much the Road actually read the midlane in comparison to the original Hyroad.  Normally, I would only be able to use a Hyroad on broken down conditions if I was even able to get to use a ball with that high of an RG level.  The Road got down the lane very easily with its polished finish as expected but it read the body of the pattern considerably sooner creating a nice shape in the back part of the lane.  I was able to use the ball on the fresh even with my higher speed style which is a rarity for me.  My only caveat is that due to its higher RG rating, it still had a very sensitive reaction to the friction and oil where if I got the ball to the dry quicker or in the oil more than usual, it would over hook or under hook.  I had to be very careful to still roll the ball pretty forward to get the reaction I was looking for.  This for me even though it worked pretty well on the fresh, would be a more transition ball for me due to my style.  I think also for most people, it would be harder to use on the fresh just because of its cleaner and more responsive reaction.  If you bowl on a drier house pattern, I think this has great potential for the fresh.  If you bowl on a house condition similar to mine, it would be better as a transition ball than a fresh ball.  However, removing the polish and adding more surface to the coverstock can get the ball to read the lane sooner and make it more predictable. 

On the 42ft 30ml Sport Pattern, I saw a lot of the same characteristics.  However, this time I did alter the surface to a 1000 grit abralon finish because of the higher oil volume.  I found the same sensitive ball reaction as on the house pattern.  Usually on patterns, we need to control the lanes more with lower RG bowling balls and with the Road being a higher RG, it was certainly harder to control on the fresh.  At the 1000 finish, it was still clean through the front but read the body of the pattern much stronger and giving me a really good left to right look.  Straighter angles gave me trouble keeping the ball on line.  Once I moved into about 25 with my feet and got the ball out to about 8 at the breakpoint, I had a pretty solid ball reaction and didn't find any issues with the ball going through the pins properly.
 For higher oil volume patterns, I definitely recommend taking the surface down so it is earlier and smoother overall.  It can be a really good transition ball for medium oil conditions and medium length house patterns at its box surface.

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