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Virtual Energy Blackout Review
« on: September 29, 2023, 01:17:06 PM »
Layout: 40 x 5 x 35
Surface: Reacta Gloss

The original Shape Lock HD core is brought back from the original Virtual Energy using the REX Pearl Coverstock and finished with Reacta Gloss.  This is a asymmetrical pearl shape that has been missing in the line for a little bit of time.  The Core allows this ball to read the midlane strong and the coverstock gives that length and angle that Storm is known for.  I got to try this ball on a typical house pattern and the 40ft PBA Don Johnson Pattern.

My typical house pattern is 44ft with medium volume.  I tend to use an Infinite Physix with Reacta Shine as my go to ball on the fresh.  The Virtual Energy Blackout gives me a slighty cleaner front with a much more angular backend.  The two balls give me a 1-2 punch as the Infinite Physix is overall smoother and is much more forward rolling at the breakend.  The VEB allows me to move further left with my feet and open the lane up much more due to its outstanding backend motion.  I prefer the ball to be my first transtion ball due to my higher rev rate style but it can certainly be used for the fresh if your ball speed is soft and you like to open the lanes up on the oil.  The continuation of the VEB is what makes this ball special.  I get a really strong continuous yet angular motion which is the type of ball motion I prefer to see.

On the 40ft Don Johnson Pattern, I saw a lot of continuation very similarly to the house pattern.  Like the house pattern, the VEB for me prefers a little bit of breakdown and transition to be most successful.  Compared to a DNA, I saw cleaner through the front and midlane and stronger backend.  When the DNA got too slow down lane, I was able to jump right to the VEB and open the lanes up really well.  The higher responsive cover gave me a strong left to right motion that the DNA could not give.  Due to the polished finish of the VEB, it was hard to use on the fresh due to the high amount of oil volume.  Since the core is so strong on this ball, you can add surface to the coverstock and use it more when the lanes are fresh.  I do feel like the DNA or Summit would be a better utilized ball for the fresh compared to the VEB.

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