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Storm Dark Code
« on: August 13, 2021, 07:17:43 PM »
Hi there-- Here are my thoughts on the Storm Dark Code.

If you're looking for that signature clean yet forward motion that we have come to expect from the code series balls, look no further. The Dark Code clears the front as well as the Astro Physix but has a quicker but more forward response time than the Astro. This ball will be good on the medium/dry conditions if you elect to keep the surface shiny, but don't be scared to take some surface to it. I feel like the Code series balls are core heavy reactions and when you knock the shine off of the Dark Code, you'll really see that core dominate and control the pocket. I find that the shiny covers out of Storm are too over under for me. I noticed when my Dark Code began to lane shine, it had trouble seeing the lane the correct way on the Great Wall of China. Typically stronger, smoother shapes are what you need to throw massive amounts of strikes on a house pattern. The cliff is not friendly to balls that bail when they see puddle. So if your Dark Code isn't seeing the lane soon enough in your local league, take it to the shop and knock off some of that shine and you should get a more even reaction.

I have really enjoyed the versatility of this piece and I think you will too.



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Re: Storm Dark Code
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2021, 08:48:56 PM »
Storm Dark Code Ball Review
Ball Specs:
Coverstock:  ReX Pearl Reactive
Weight Block:  RAD4 Core
RG:  2.50   Diff:  0.058   Intermediate Diff:  0.020

Bowler Specs:
PAP 5 ¼ over ⅜ up
Rev Rate:  325 rpm
Speed:  15.5 mph
Layout:  30 X 4 1/2 X 30

Video Ball Review:

I have thrown all three of the previous Code releases. The Code Black was my favorite of the three. With the strong core and the Hyroad Pearl coverstock I was able to match up well with its angular down lane motion and at the time was a versatile piece in my arsenal. The Code Red was earlier and less angular off the dry than the Code Black and the Code X with its solid cover was just too slow down lane for my eyes to get comfortable with its reaction.

With the release of the Dark Code I was excited to see the RAD4 core with a newer more aggressive cover. The ReX Pearl for me has a smoother (slower) off the dry reaction than the sharp angular reaction or quicker reaction on the original Code Black. The core/ cover combination is very strong for me but the new cover is not as clean in the fronts as the Code Black which creates the slower reaction off the dry. This is also due to my speed and rev rate. I have seen other bowlers with higher rev rates roll this ball and it becomes more angular down lane.

This is a versatile piece and can be used by all types of bowlers.

Pete Dohan
Storm Amateur Staff


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Re: Storm Dark Code
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2021, 04:30:16 PM »
Storm Dark Code
Layout - 55 x 5 x 35

Really liking what I've seen out of this ball!  One of if not the cleanest big core ball we have made in a while!  My standard layout is optimal for the design intent of this ball, very clean through the front of the lane with lots of down lane continuation!  I personally found this ball best used taking the factory shine off of it, it seemed to "match up" better with 2000.  When the Proton Physix gets too early and lazy in the back its because it is burning up, that when its time to go to Dark Code!  This is one is a must have!