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Tropical Storm
« on: March 21, 2007, 09:05:14 AM »
Just got one for my wife to replace her Tornado. WOW, she is very pleased with the ball so far.  Much more aggressive than the Tornado and hits much harder.  I'm scared to see what she is gonna do to me once she figures this ball out.  Our house is generally med-heavy oil. On a lane that we had for several games today previous to the new ball she was getting a ton of hook and going brooklyn at times, so she made some adjustments.  They were getting ready for league and putting fresh oil down for the afternoon and we played our last game on a fresh lane.  This ball works very well on the fresh heavy house pattern, but she had to throw it more down and in and re-adjust to her normal stance to get it to work.  Overall, very very pleased.  She can't wait to get back to the house tomorrow

Lansing Michigan

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