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Help on deuce
« on: May 12, 2003, 02:49:35 AM »
Alrighty everyone.  I just got a deuce and i haven't drilled it yet mainly because im not sure how to drill it.  i already have a track mutant and i use that thing for my heavy oil ball (works great).  and i got the deuce for free for participating in a little pro am thing in town.  so now im debating.  The mutant is drilled to go a little long and then hook.  mainly is drilled for maximum hook possible out of the ball.  im not real sure what to do with the deuce.  since its a reactive solid it will automatically go longer than the mutant but ive heard they will still hook about the same.  so i was wondering that if i drilled it up to go as long as possible and then to snap would it work to be a good ball to kinda replace my trauma but be a little stronger?

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Burak Natal

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Re: Help on deuce
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2003, 04:42:28 AM »
imjouster, I replied the same to your post on Track board Sorry I saw this later..

Different drillers have different approaches when drilling an arsenal. I generally prefer to drill all my balls more or less the same, unless I want a specific reaction for a specific lane condition. For instance 4X4 or 4-1/2X4-1/2 appears to work best for my game and I apply this to all ball in my arsenal. This gives me a good cover for variety of conditions. Please keep in mind that drilling effects the ball's reaction around 15-20% where coverstock affects 70%. If you can not afford 7-8 balls arsenal, it is always easier to tweak coverstock for your needs rather than plugging and redrilling..

If you don't come across very specific lane conditions very often (like toasted dry, heavy carry down, fried heads, screaming backends with a shorter pattern etc..), I recommend you to drill Deuce more or less the same with your Mutant. They have different specs so they will definitely look different. I don't think it will be squirty with your release but if it will act like that, you can easily scuff it with a green scotch brite later. Too early, you can put some polish, too snapy, than you can sand it to 2000 grit etc..

I don't think Deuce will be a good replacement for your Trauma. You will have to polish it highly whatever the drilling you do..

Hope this helps.

Burak Natal

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