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« on: January 23, 2014, 06:33:22 PM »
i'm disappointed they "evolved" the core.  the ZG makes a decent move off the break, but it doesn't seem to have the same pop in the pocket as some other equipment, or the ZG's predecessors.  I might be convinced in the future otherwise, but as of right now, I will be sticking with the Roto Grip side of Utah.   I do hope this ball works for a lot of people.   

just my opinion.
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Re: Zero....purchase
« Reply #16 on: January 24, 2014, 04:48:11 AM »
I agree with most everything you said. I think the ball will be more usable for the masses...and they are using name recognition, comment bout "punchier" comes form just seeing the video.  I should have said "slightly stronger" vs "punchier" although in the video Ball looks very clean upfront and looks like it has great recovery.


I think the Hyper Cell is a real good ball, but for the masses that are buying the latest greatest hook monster, I truly believe that most will be disappointed because they will try and use it on conditions that it just plan will not work on. The ball needs some oil or someone with some speed. I had issues with it burning up majorly at OB surface on my regular medium THS. Now when I changed surface, which most will not do, the ball was money but still strong...Thats where I think this ball(ZG) will come into play, it looks more useable for the masses. Most house bowlers like to think they are throwing the best ball on the market, not realizing that it might not match what they bowl on...
For example, I bought both HC and Asylum on the same day....the HC wasnt meant for me to throw on THS, but when I pulled it that first league night to just throw it, thats all people wanted to see, they didnt give a damn about the Asylum...they couldnt figure out why when league play started I threw the Asylum and not the HC.....In reality, the Asylum is the better ball for the masses, but the not informed bowler will never think that way. BTW, not a Hyroad fan either, I hated mine. It kept me away from Hybrids for a few years....until the Defiant Soul, now the Lights out and Asylum...all three were/are great

If I could afford it, I would have bought a Hyper, an Asylum, and an Uproar out of this last release.  They all look great, and look like they compliment each other greatly.  But in the meantime, I have a Versa-max, a Defiant pin-out, a Pursuit, a Totally Defiant, a Profit, soon a Freak and a Freak Out, and a spare ball if needed.  While I have all of those, i'm also finding even as strong as this Hyper is, it can be thrown with much less hand than normal, and it can be used through out the night, even on THS.

The Freak Out,  man was that ball special.
A real monster from the "Original Track" factory!!!

I used to throw Track.  I actually had a Freak back in the day.  It was my 2nd ball.  Bad pro shop though at the time.  Man was I not ready for a Freak.  I asked for a Messenger, and the guy told me I didn't want a messenger, and that I wanted a Freak.  I had borrowed a Messenger from my step-dad's teammate and it worked well for the game I had back then.  Oh well.  I had all kinds of old Track pieces:  Freak, Equation, Mean Machine, Hexplosion, Hextreme.  They lasted forever with little to no maintenance.  I have my two high games of 284 and 287, and my first two 700 series of 724 and 748 on the Mean Machine, and I was only a 182 average at the time.  I wonder where Track bowling would be if they hadn't been bought by EBI
Just realized that the Look and dirty Look have very similar eyes to the ones on the freaks from the old track... Maybe same guy stayed in San Antonio with Global
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