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Author Topic: For Sale - Track Balls - New & NIB Different Weights  (Read 5383 times)


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For Sale - Track Balls - New & NIB Different Weights
« on: August 13, 2021, 12:10:35 PM »
MadMax here,
Hi, its been awhile, many years and probably over a decade.
A few old timers may remember me from around 20 years ago.
I'll be posting some balls for sale on just about every board so
if your interested in anything then drop me a message with the
ball and your zip code, thanks MadMax.

15lb Proof Hybrid
14lb Strata
15lb Proof Pearl
14lb Tactix Hybrid
15lb Killer Project - Rare
15lb Project - Rare
15lb Tactix Hybrid
15lb Latitude Solid
14lb Latitude Solid
15lb Tempo Pearl - 2nd
14lb Tempo Pearl - 2nd
15lb Precision - 2 balls available
15lb 812T - 2 balls available - Overseas Release
15lb 912T
15lb Slash
14lb Tundra Solid
15lb Tundra Solid - 3 balls available
16lb Tundra Solid
16lb Kinetic Amethyst
16lb Ultra Heat - New On The List
16lb Tour SIC
16lb Tour X Solid
16lb Legion Pearl
16lb 706 C/A
15lb 300A
14lb 706T
16lb Heat
14lb Spare Plus Blk/Orn/White Pearl
16lb Cyborg Pearl
15lb Paradox V
16lb Paradox V
16lb Heat Xtreme