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World Wide Release Date is 7/12/11 
Color: Purple/Blue/White All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown
Core: Packman 
Veneer: MP GEN 4C Reactive Pearl 
Core Type: Asymmetrical 
Surface: 800 Abranet, 1000 Abralon, 2000 Abralon, 4000 Abralon – Polished 
- A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal 
Reaction: Continuous Control 
RG: 2.50 
Diff: .055 
- Recommended Lane Condition: Medium-Dry Oil 
Ball comes with a microfiber cleaning sack with instructions on its use.
- Description: Track has designed the all new 503C is to be an improved version of the original 505C. What can you expect from the new 5 Series C ball? It has more length and an even more controllable ball motion at the breakpoint. From tournament bowlers to the average league player, this ball will undoubtedly be the first ball out of the bag. This beautiful Purple/ Blue/White Pearl ball in its out of the box 4000 sanded and Factory Finish polished state is designed for medium to dry lanes. Are looking to use it in a larger volume of oil? No problem, just adjust the surface to a 2000 scuffed surface. You will then gain five more boards of hook for the average player; some may see even more. You will notice with the new Packman core the RG and differential have been raised by a significant amount. This will allow the ball to get further down the lane, but have more strength off the back of the pattern for better entry angle and pin carry. The all-new Gen 4C pearl coverstock is also stronger than the Gen 3 used on the 505C. The surface has not been adjusted between the two balls. What we have created is a ball that utilizes a stronger core and cover combination, but keeping the ultimate amount of control for higher scoring on the most challenging lane conditions. Each new ball from Track will include a microfiber cleaning pouch with instructions on its use. We feel this is a great addition in order to help our customers maintain their performance products.


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Re: 503C
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Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS



Likes: I like how easy the ball gets through the front part of the lane. This ball has earlier stronger move than the 505C. I plan on tweaking cover to weaken the move for THS, and will sand to 2000 for longer and heavier volume sport patterns. Hoping to make this ball first out of the bag on harder conditions.







David McGowan

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Re: 503C
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Length:42ft THS Wood    41ft THS Brunswick Syn.  Kegels Mid of the Road



Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):



Likes:On kegels middle of the road pattern I used my 503c with a lengh and a controlled backend drilling and it does exactly whats is supposed to it doest over react on the dry and is very predictable roll and hit to the pocket. On the 41 ft pattern THS I used an aggressive drilling  4X 4 with it being more like an angular ball on the backend. On the 42ft wood THS both of the above balls being way to strong for me decided to try neg pinning one still being to strong put a weight hole in it and tammed it down more and it works great.It still gets down the lane with ease and has a very even roll to the backend without losing any hitting power.

Dislikes: None






Rich Mueller
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