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Title: 505A
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- Color: Black/Red/Green
- Core: “Shuttle”
- Core Type: Asymmetrical
- Coverstock: MP GEN 3 Reactive Pearl w/Performance Additive
- Finish: 2000 Abralon Polished w/Powerhouse Factory Finish
- RG: 16#-2.49, 15#-2.48, 14#-2.46
- Differential: 16#-.040, 15#-.040, 14#-.046
- Reaction: Angular at the breakpoint
- Recommened Lane Condition: Medium to Medium Light Oil
- Ball comes with a microfiber cleaning sack with instructions on its use.
- Description: The second launch in the 5 series, the 505A, was designed to be more angular at the breakpoint. If the 715A was too aggressive on the lane patterns you bowl on, then the 505A will be a great choice. Each new ball from Track will include a microfiber cleaning pouch with instructions on its use.
Title: Re: 505A
Post by: sneakydj13 on January 14, 2010, 11:13:46 PM
I do not own the ball personally but one of my students does. Once the spring league started, he only carried about a 158 average. Seven weeks down the road he is carrying a 176 average. Now before you break in and say that there is no way his average jumped that fast, this league is split into halves. summer and fall, winter and spring. Each period they re establish average and it started sometime at the beginning of december when winter was about to start. But anyways, he has not shot under 600 in 6 weeks. and not under 635 in the last 4. THAT IS NEARLY 100-200 OVER HIS SERIES EACH TIME!!! This is just a typical house shot though about 39-42ft long. He throws straight down and in with a low rev rate and about 13-14.5 mph. NOW THE SPECS.

it is layed out 4" from the PAP and 2" from the VAL and the mass bias is bout 1" from the VAL. It is a 15lb ball.

His game has improved drastically. I really believe this ball with help someone out who has a low to medium rev rate
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Title: Re: 505A
Post by: whiles on January 19, 2010, 01:49:54 AM
Just got this ball last week, Pin out 4" top weight around 3.0 oz. My PAP 5" over and 3/4" up I throw between 17.5 to 18.5 Mph with heavy revs. I typically like to play far out side on my house shot 5-8 board break point window. I Avg 224 in one house and 220 in another local house.

I had the 505A drilled up with pin high over the bridge, CG and MB kicked out in strong position.

Shot practice on the USBC Nationals Shot at my home center, 505A was a little speed sensitive on this heavier oil condition but hit good for me low game was 208, high game of 223.

Shot league on typical house shot 236 - 214 - 227 = 677  which is a good average  night for me. To be honest I did not throw the ball well but still scored decently.

I can tell you for sure this ball will not quite once it makes it move to the pocket the ball is committed and continues. I left quite a three solid 9 pins and a few solid 8's to which broke up possible long strings of strikes.  Overall, I was pleased with the move to the pocket, the hit was overpowering at times. I found this ball to be a perfect complement in my arsenal and I will post picks and more reviews as I use this ball more.

Title: Re: 505A
Post by: HOP OR DIE on January 23, 2010, 02:54:22 PM
Drilled it 5 1/2 from axis and MB 1 1/2 inch right of thumb. I wanted to use this when the pattern started to breakdown a bit and also when the 715A was too strong but still needed the same shape. It does just that, I also see that the ball is much cleaner than the 715A. So far every ball that Track has come out with this season has done exactly what it says it gonna do. What else can you ask for from a ball company.
Title: Re: 505A
Post by: Nexpro on January 28, 2010, 04:12:05 PM
In my opinion the best mid price ball of the year!!!! Very readable reaction like the 505c but gives you the angular reaction like the 715a. Very impressed with this ball, this is going to be the bench mark ball that everyone has in there bag.  I drilled my stacked and gets the ball to read a little early which is good for me having the ball speed i do, but very smooth love this ball when the lanes start breaking down.
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Title: Re: 505A
Post by: BOWLAHOLIC300 on February 01, 2010, 06:07:18 PM
Just a pot game but WOW!!! This is a very good ball. I drilled mine pin under ring and 45 degrees no whole was needed.  I shot 249 300 300 my own mouth is still wide open
I have shoot Three befor but never back to back.

Ball is OOB condition bowled  after a hight school tournamnet dry in the heads with a good amount of carrydown guys made me get off that pair but before I got off I threw 4 more in a row. .
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Title: Re: 505A
Post by: Eraserd on February 11, 2010, 06:52:39 PM
First Review so some personal info...210 avg this year and been as high as 224 for an entire season. RH tweener with medium ball speed. First Track ball I have had drilled since the Triton Elite, though this ball has me wanting to drill more of their products

Drilled this up to get a "skid-flip" type of reaction to get more length, but not lose the hit in the backend. Bowled last night on THS with OOB condition. Shot 278-231-238 for 747 series. Played a 15 to 7 line and the ball held all night until the 5th frame of the 3rd game when I left 3 straight solid 10s and made a 2 and 1 adjustment and struck out to finish the series.

This ball made a smooth read through the mid lane and when it hit the dry it turned up and hit the pocket real hard. For this being a "mid-priced" ball, I was very impressed with everything the ball said it was going to do. Can't wait to drill up the 505C and see what the differences are

Title: Re: 505A
Post by: John D Davis on February 21, 2010, 01:26:48 AM
The 505A may be one of the best THS balls I have ever had my hands on. It has such a violent backend reactions and its one of those balls that you can just get in and wheel when needed. I have 2 505A'2 drilled. One is Rico, and the other is pin below the fingers. Rico layout needed a hole but the other one didnt.

   When the lanes are fresh and the backends are clean, the Rico 505A performs like no other! The other one is just a little to strong on the backened for alot of conditions. It works well if you have some carry down, but on fresh, (NO WAY)... The strength of these balls can be overlooked thinking that the numbers are lower, but both my 505A's are close in strength to my 715A. If the condition isnt there to match it then you will beat yourself to death and leave stuff you cant imagine. Overall these balls are flipping AMAZING, bottom line. There are two balls that have been amazing in my hands in the past year or two, and that is the 505A and the 920A. For the price also, you wont beat it anywhere! Two words........ "BUY IT" John
Title: Re: 505A
Post by: buckeyebailz on March 12, 2010, 05:17:33 PM
I had mine drilled off a modified #1 layout for extended length and controlled backend. The pin is still on the midline but below fingers instead of above. With this layout i was looking for a nice smooth controllable backend. What i got was just that. I bowl on a 41 ft ths on synthetic lanes. I was having alot of trouble with over under with all my other balls so my driller and i decided to try this out. I got the ball in the middle of practice for league so i got lined up before we started. I went 215,223,257. I never had to move all night. The ball had a nice banana shaped hook instead of a hockey stick shape like all the rest of my balls. I know this ball was intended for a more angular motion but i won it in a raffle so i wanted to try something different. The ball is definitely an attention getter going down the lane with the color combination. Very good ball for the price.
Title: Re: 505A
Post by: Bulbous on March 21, 2010, 07:30:58 PM
I just put four new balls in my bag, the 505a was the first ball that I used on league night. My first game using what I call the " Christmas Ball " I shot 241 playing down and in on fresh oil. This ball cleared the heads with ease and made a hard move at aprox 45-50 feet. I have an average ball speed of 16.5 and this ball was drilled 4x3 with the pin under and just outside my ring finger. As my second game started lanes started to transition and this ball really came to life.

I did not score very well my second game because I needed to work on my thumb hole a bit, I am using Grip-Loc interchangeable oval thumb grips and the bevel was a little to sharp. With that said, I was able to get the ball off my hand the rest of the evening and was very pleased with what I saw.

Second game was able to move in and swing this ball a bit, ended with only 187. The last game when the lanes really burned up, I tried to chase it inside a really swing it with not much success ball hooks alot in the dry. With a few frames to go in the third game, I moved way outside and played up first arrow HELLO, I should have been out there after the first game. This ball was amazing outside and really crunched the pocket.

I was really impressed with this ball the first time out, it was great for me in fresh oil, hooked a ton off the friction and was able to play multiple lines with it. I finished my set with only 591, but don't let that score fool you one bit. This is a great ball for the price and look forward to many great games like my first game with it.
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Title: Re: 505A
Post by: whiles on April 07, 2010, 06:30:39 PM
This is my second review of the 505A. I have thrown this ball a bunch since January 2010 and scored really well with this ball.

High game of 299
High Set of 742 (Season high for me)

Now after changing my bowling style drastically to get a more relaxed and repeatable swing with less effort, I find this ball to be a bit less of the Beast Hooker. This is due mainly to my propensity now to flick the ball off my hand rather than hit up through the ball.

I still find this to be one of the hardest hitting balls that also will not quit hooking once it reaches that point of the lane. With my new style this is the ball I turn to when I need to play up the boards or play on conditions like Cheetah or Broadway.

I can still play inside with this ball on house shot but now with a more relaxed swing I find the ball to be more speed sensitive especially when I bang to hard on the ball.

To Date this is still my favorite Track Ball since returning to the company after 15 years of not throwing there equipment.

Title: Re: 505A
Post by: Bulbous on April 26, 2010, 04:59:39 PM
This is my second review of this ball, and all I can say is WOW !!!!!!

I recently went to state tournament with the following balls
505A - Mission - Cell pearl and an old Angular one.

I was thinking on my drive to the tournament, start with the weaker stuff and see what kind of look you get. So the 505A was the first ball out of the bag and the only ball out of the bag for the weekend.

I shot singles and doubles back to back,went 776,695 to be tied for first in singles and my partner really struggled in doubles, so nothing to speak of there.

Came back Sunday morning for team event and went only 626 for a total of 2097 for all events. I will most likely get my entry money back and be able to put some cash in my pocket.

James A Fitzpatrick / Coach Jim
USBC Bronze certified Instructor.
Title: Re: 505A
Post by: Los300 on May 01, 2010, 03:58:28 PM
I drilled my 505A this week and have thrown approximately 20 games over the last 3 days with it and am very impressed. I was looking for something that would save energy and continue through the pocket with some force and hitting power and have not been disappointed. This is my first Track ball in the new era and believe that it will not be my last. I drilled the ball label and left it in out of box condition to get a feel for how it was meant to look going down the lane. The ball has exceptional length, just how I wanted, and has an unbelievable pop on the backend leading to outstanding hit and carry. I have found that I really need to hit the dry boards farther down the lane or it may go a bit too long and bring buckets into the equation. Getting the ball to the dry too early will make it go left in a hurry and leave some interesting designs. In comparison to my Columbia Bedlam, my last skid/flip ball, the 505A picks up slightly earlier but has as much, maybe more, flip on the back. I would suggest this ball either on medium volume fresh patterns or with early carry down. When the lanes become too tight on the back you can either square up with the 505A or go to something a bit more aggressive and stay in your current zone. I believe Track has really come up with a real skid/flip but versatile ball that will help anyone looking for that little extra energy in the back part of the lane. Highly recommended.
Title: Re: 505A
Post by: utopia6 on May 11, 2010, 12:08:48 AM
The Kinetic line was very successful for me, and the Kinetic Pearl has been my benchmark ball.  Although, I was having some problems in the first game due to the backends being to clean.  The Kinetic being pearl was a bit over/under until the mids broke and the oil carried down.  I bought the 505A and took the cover stock to 500 with a touch of rough buff over.  Being right handed, I had it drilled with the pin over the middle finger for length.  The weak drill, and dull/strong cover allowed for more roll in the mids, with enough length to get to the backends with a smooth breakpoint.  Along with my 715C drilled RICO, this three ball arsenal is great.  I thought the number series was dumb, but the performance has made me a continued believer.  My wife has the 715A and is also impressed with the reaction to compliment her Kinetic Pearl as well.
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Post by: aagreatmatt on January 17, 2011, 08:05:01 AM




Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):



Likes: ball rolled way better then expected I am a track freak, but figured it would be a tad week, and it was pretty damn strong. it was pretty close to my 715C, so we punched a balance hole in it, and it was no longer like my 715      

Dislikes: After the balance hole.. it still rolled well, just a little to jumpy with the added finger weight I could get to the pocket, but left a few more 9pins then I really wanted.






Title: Re: 505A
Post by: russ55 on January 19, 2011, 06:24:26 PM




Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):




  I started bowling again after about a ten year layoff from leagues. In Sept.I started with my Old blue Hammer carried a 168 ave. I bought a Track 505a in Nov it took me about one mo. to get used to it . I have been bowling an 185 ave over the past 6 weeks with my Track 505A  . Last week I had 18 strikes. I still have not hit 600 series. and that  bring me to my dislike. Dislikes: As with the old hammer both balls leave the 7 pin. I am lefted and I thro the ball about 14-15 mph over the 5-8 board. Med REV. I am 5ft.0in. 150lbs  and I am 55yrs, old. I belive the Track is a good fit for me.     I will buy a ball for my spares ,  




Title: Re: 505A
Post by: NYYTony on January 25, 2011, 11:13:20 AM




Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS



Likes:Ball makes a nice break off of dry boards.

Dislikes: Ball tends to slide if there is too much oil.

I typically bowl on AMF synthetic lanes, my ball speed is generally between 15.5 and 16 mph and my current average in 179.







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Title: Re: 505A
Post by: StefanieN on March 24, 2011, 11:24:40 AM
The 505A has been a great addition to my arsenal. 


Please see the picture with how mine is drilled. This ball provides a stronger overall arcing motion for me but saves enough energy to still hit hard.


I have not had any issues carrying with this ball as I know I can rely on it to finish through the pins.


Currently I have the surface right around 4000 with some shine on top of it. I may explore the option of taking some of the shine down to see how that affects my reacton but as it stands I know exactly what it does.


Definitely a great asset to anyone's arsenal that is looking for a ball they can rely on to have a smooth overall arcing motion.






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