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« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00
- Color: Blue/Gold
- Core: “Shuttle”
- Core Type: Asymmetrical
- Coverstock: “MP Gen 3” – Reactive PEARL
- Finish: 4000 Abralon Polished
- RG: 16#-2.49, 15#-2.48, 14#-2.46
- Differential: 16#-.040, 15#-.040, 14#-.046
- Reaction: Long and Controllable
- Recommened Lane Condition: Medium to Light Oil / Sport Shots
- Description: This all new 5 series, the 505C, was designed to own the breakpoint for those challenging times when controlling your breakpoint down the lane is the key to success. Each new ball from Track will now include a microfiber cleaning pouch with instructions on its use. We feel this will be a great addition to help our customers maintain their performance products.



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Re: 505C
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2009, 02:46:27 AM »
I just punched one up yesterday and thrown it for about 4-5 games, so this is more of a first impression rather than a true review. It's a 5" X 4" drilling w/ a small but deep weight hole( to enhance length) 1" above PAP. The length is amazing with a pronounced move off of the dry boards. In the oob condidtion it glides through the heads easily with a mild read in the mids, and a flippy yet predictable backend motion. I wasn't given much forgiveness with changes in hand positions, but I might attribute that more to the bowler rather than the ball. My next move will see how versatile the cover is! I will keep you guys posted


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Re: 505C
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2009, 11:27:37 PM »
Layout of 505C:


Bowler's Spec:
5 1/4" PAP
15-16 mph
Medium rev rate
Right Handed

At first I didn't understand what "505C" meant and after Track explained it I was like, "That's a still a funny name." Well, don't let the name fool you at all this is one awesome ball. I kept it OOB with the polished and first time I tried it on THS 40ft I was in awe in the ball motion. I needed something in my arsenal for medium oil with a smoother backend and playing it first down and in from the 12 board gave me that reaction. Very smooth with a profound reaction on the backend. On fresh shots it's too long unless you up the revs or slow the ball speed. But after a few games and burning up some of the oil with my NVD, the 505C comes to life, literally. Played my normal line at 15 board to about the 7-5 board at breakpoint and still the same reaction but with even better pin action. On fresh shots it's too long unless you up the revs or slow the ball speed. But after a few games and burning up some of the oil with my NVD, the 505C comes to life, literally.

Most recently, I tried it playing at about the 18-20 board to the 7 board at breakpoint on broken down 38ft pattern and got the best consistent and predictable reaction playing this line. It seemed to get better and better once I kept moving left and the ball motion is unlike anything I've seen from Track in quite awhile. It's almost the same length as my Power Machine (maybe a bit earlier) and the room for error was far better than any ball I've had. Overall, I think this ball is stronger than I expected because of how well it revs up.

How do I rate this ball: 10/10
Quite possibly the best medium oil I've had since the RXS300 and SR300, maybe even better. Even after 25 games the ball simply amazes me every time I throw it. Gotta thank Track for thinking outside the box on this one. The 505C will definitely be the one I'm taking to league every night.  


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Re: 505C
« Reply #3 on: September 05, 2009, 05:17:32 PM »
When Track says "control" they mean it.

505c #1
My first 505 I left at box surface drilled pin 4-1/2"(under ring) mb 3-1/2"(on val) with a 4" pin buffer. This ball gives me amazing length even when the heads seem gone with everything else. Even polished it rolls very predictable and doesn't really skid/flip.

505c #2
My second 505 I took the polish off with 500 abralon and then went straight to 4000 abralon. Pin is 5-1/2" from pap(above bridge) mb at 4"(strong) with a 3-1/4" pin buffer. With this layout and surface this ball can easily be my benchmark. It gives me a nice consistent midlane reaction and makes it easy to read any condition. A very nice true consistent arc.

Now obviously not every ball is good for every condition.  The one thing about the 505c is that the out of box finish can cause the ball to be a little "squirty" on longer patterns.  This can be easily fixed by taking the ball down to a lower grit and polishing it back up or finishing it with the abralon and leaving it without polish like I did with my second 505c.  Surface makes a huge difference on this ball.
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Re: 505C
« Reply #4 on: November 03, 2009, 10:08:54 PM »
If you need CONTROL we have the ball for you. Everyone needs this ball in there bag.  I have my 505C drilled 4" off pap, mass bias 4" right of thumb.  The ball was a little erratic for me with the factory finish, so I took it down to 1000 Abralon. This ball is a winner from any angle with optimum carry.


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Re: 505C
« Reply #5 on: November 21, 2009, 01:47:16 PM »
Here is a mini reiew on the 505C. Ball is drilled pin just to the right of the ring and the mb is 2 inched to the right of the thumb and used oob condition. This ball is amazing. I have a 715 with pin more above bridge and mb tucked right under my thumb. The 505 sets up earlier and has a nice smooth but strong predictable move. I like the way that it handles carrydown a bit better than my 715 cause of the earlier movement. Overall I would say the two balls cover about the same amount of boards and hitting power is about the same. Great 1-2 combo lanes dry up a bit in fronts and then 715 gives anough push to get past it. Plus the ball won me 270 bucks first night out with it. keepup the good work track and I have no problem to keep purchasing them. Well thanks for reading hope it has some useful info.

John D Davis

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Re: 505C
« Reply #6 on: February 21, 2010, 01:42:28 AM »
The 505C balls are meant to use on some of the lighter conditions. I feel that these balls can perform on just about all THS shots... I have two 505C's, one being drilled kinda strange with the pin above the middle finger. The CG is kicked with the MB at 2 o'clock 3" from thumb. I have placed a high hole on this ball to smooth the backend down considerably. The other 505C is drilled label with the pin above the fingers.

   The Label drilled one is alot stronger than the kicked one... When the lanes are fresh or when I have to use more direct lines then I will use the one this is kicked. On all of the THS's I run into, I usually use the label drilled 505C and kill them from all angles. It is somewhat versatile, but doesn't like oil. If pulled inside into the THS puddle then dont expect it to recover. I have the Pin above middle layout at 4K Abralon and the other one is 4K Abralon + Polish. When I need to make a move, sometimes its just to switch balls, which makes for a nice adjustment. I would rate these balls a solid 9.5, because 90% of all bowlers are going to find great use of these balls on alot of medium to dry conditions. If you are like me, you see more dry than oily these days. Guess the price of oil is killing the centers. great ball track... John


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Re: 505C
« Reply #7 on: August 14, 2010, 10:34:39 PM »
#1 pin above ring, mb 1" left, 2000 abralon
#2 pin above middle, mb 1" right, 4000 abralon

#1 allows me to play nice and squared up in the friction and just rolls smooth down the lane with a nice arc to the pocket with no over under. Also plays really well on fresh because it is very controlled when it encounters friction.

#2 allows me to play a little inside of #1 and have a later harder arc. Also allows me to play further right in friction and make it a little further down lane. All in all a great ball!
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Re: 505C
« Reply #8 on: October 08, 2010, 05:48:58 PM »
I've had this for about a half-season altogether, and must say it may be the most versatile ball I've ever had.

At first, I left it at 4000/polished, and for my THS, it squirted a little too much. Took the polish off, and it's incredible. I stay with this ball all night long. I can play it straight up 10 or inside from 15-5 or 20-8 and it still comes back.

I don't think you could find a better ball, great price notwithstanding, for a THS league bowler.


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Re: 505C
« Reply #9 on: January 17, 2011, 06:16:31 PM »




Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): ths



Likes:takes surface  very well..this ball is great on a light medium ths. ball is drilled pin over bridge. ball has easy length and a controlled pop on the back..

Dislikes: allergic to carry down..... cant find one nib