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« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00
- Color: Blue/Silver/Red
- Core: Catback
- Core Type: Asymmetrical
- Coverstock: Reactive
- Finish: 4000 Abralon Polished
- RG: 16#-2.56, 15#-2.52, 14#-2.53
- Differential: 16#-.046, 15#-.052, 14#-.045
- Reaction: Long and Angular
- Recommened Lane Condition: Medium Heavy to Heavy Oil
- Description: This revolutionary 7 series, the 715A, was designed to open up the angle into the pocket. On today’s typical house shots, being able to creat more entry angle is the key to mastering the big scores. Each new ball from Track will now include a microfiber cleaning pouch with instructions on its use. We feel this will be a great addition to help our customers maintain their performance products.



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Re: 715A
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2009, 04:30:16 AM »
This ball makes me want to bowl. I cant believe how good this ball is. I drilled the pin 4 in off my pap and the mass about 1 1/2 right of my thumb. It gets angular from all points on the lane. I can play in and out with just some changes in my hand position. Buy it, steal it, or marry it but whatever you do put it in your bag.


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Re: 715A
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2009, 03:44:54 PM »
This is a good ball I can play almost anywhere on the lane its got a lot of backend
Are you on the right track


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Re: 715A
« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2009, 04:44:00 PM »
I have 3 of them drilled. The one thing for me I found was to take the factory finish polish off with 2000 abralon and the re-polish it with factory finish. The factory uses high pressure machines to polish the balls and the polish gets real hard and your reaction can be inconsistant.

My PAP is 5" over and 1/4" up. Rev Rate 375, 45° axis rotation, 17° axis tilt. ball speed off my hand approx. 18.5 mph

Ball# 1: Drilled with a 5 1/2" pin to PAP, Drill Angle is 60°, VAL Angle is 70°. The pin is below the middle finger and the surface is curretly at 2000 Abralon. Ball reads the mids very well and makes a very strong defined move to the pocket. I use this ball a lot to start out with.

Ball # 2: Drilled with a 5 " pin to PAP, Drill Angle is 60°, VAL Angle is 40°. The pin is above the ring finger and the surface is curretly at 2000 Abralon with factory finish polish. This ball is very good when the lanes open up and I can get in and wheel it.

Ball # 3 Drilled with a 6 1/2" pin to PAP, Drill Angle is 75°, VAL Angle is 45°. The pin is above and left of the middle finger and the surface is curretly at 2000 Abralon with extender polish. This ball is good when the lanes are getting torched. It is very clean through the fronts and makes a some what snappy but controlled move at the back of the lane.

Rick Guined

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Re: 715A
« Reply #4 on: September 05, 2009, 05:23:16 PM »
Nice and clean through the heads(not at much as the 505) with an excellent recovery. You want backend? This ball can definitly go sideways if you want.  
I only have one 715A drilled as of now so I'll post the second one later. When I first drilled my 715 up I left it box finish and it ended up being a little longer than I expected so knocking down the surface to 2000 abralon and polished it back up which made a huge difference. I drilled it the same as my second 505c(see my 505 review for layout) so that I could have similar length as my 505 but more recovery and it does exactly that!!! Even sanded down to 2000 abralon it still flips much more than you would expect for a sanded cover.  So far this ball is my benchmark because it makes it easy to tell if I need to go longer(505c) or earlier (930T)

Dave Roberts Jr
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Re: 715A
« Reply #5 on: September 16, 2009, 06:25:01 PM »
Very pleased with this one.
first 10 games with this ball at box finish and It reminds me of my paradign, but more angular finish on the backend. This ball works well, when my Black/W Sting is too strong for the lanes.

Lane 1 Wood 43ft top hat pattern outside 6 boards dry with plenty of oil in the middle. Ave219 6games

Lane 2 Syn. 40ft Xmas tree pattern outside 5boards a bit of a no go area. Ave.214 4games

I will try the surface at 2000 + B/magic polish and update this review

 0 pin
             o b/hole
       0 cg
oo fingers

o thumb

sorry to ever looks at this, but it's my first review. I rely on the ball driller Lee of LPSA I say what I'm looking for in the ball and he comes up with the goods


Surface at 2000ab with light B/magic polish on most medium oil patterns - med/dry 37-43ft the ball carries really well with a very even but late arcing finish. target depending on length of oil anywhere between 10-22 board & breakpoint 7-12
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Re: 715A
« Reply #6 on: November 03, 2009, 09:55:04 PM »
I carry 2 715A's in my bag. The first on is drilled 4" off my pap with the mass bias 2" to the right of the thumb and the pin below the middle finger.  I took the finish to 2000 abralon and left it dull.  This ball reads the mid lane extremely well and is smooth off the break point.  Greater opener.
My second 715A is drilled 5 1/2" off my pap with the mass bias 1 1/2" right of the thumb with the pin above the ring finger.  The ball flies through the heads with great length and incredible recovery off the break point great for when the lanes are transitioning.


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Re: 715A
« Reply #7 on: November 10, 2009, 04:39:47 PM »
First off I am a righty with 17-18 mph and aroung 450 rpms. This ball came in with a short pin not preferred by me but hey its an x-out with a slightly shifted cg. Drilled it pin above bridge which lined the cg at about 1oclock touching my ring finger and placed the mb below my thumb about at the 4oclock position. Lanes I am bowling on are old school wood that havnt been redone in about 5 years and heads are shot. Oil is with a century 100 machine thinking flat pattern sent down twice to about 37 feet. Now hearing that to top things off he strips the lanes once per week and me with my 188 is house high. About me I used to bowl in other houses and was around the two teens, but keeps a nice tourney average.
Now the good stuff The ball is better than expected, It clears the heads nicely and picksup huge on the backend(even though we really dont have backend we have carrydown from the other 5-6 nights. This ball shocked me on how well it handled carrydown. Compared to my venom I would say 5-6 stronger and seems like it dosnt skate when the rest of my equipment does. IMO great release from track definate medium oil ball. Just got my 505c today hoping for a nice complement to the 715. Great job track love the direction you are taking things. Also kind of a P.S on both balls called track and they gave me drilling instructions and askes for a follow up. Well thanks for listening hope my review helps a few others.


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Re: 715A
« Reply #8 on: January 03, 2010, 12:40:38 PM »
I'm well over 100 games with this ball, bowling in two leagues and carrying 220 in both. Ma house has wood lanes, oil goes about 40 feet down. Pins over ring finger sanded to 2k grit w/ magic polish. This thing gets down the lane and hits hard. VERY versatile ball, one of the best balls I've ever used.
Yum yum good ballz.


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Re: 715A
« Reply #9 on: January 19, 2010, 02:11:59 AM »
I am a 17.5 - 18.5 MPH bowler with a heavy revs PAP 5" over 3/4" up. I tend to play a bit deeper than most players and swing out pretty far, my breakpoint is usually between 5 - 8 boards.

Drilled leverage with the MB kicked in towards my thumb. Pin out 4 inches with 3.0 oz top to start. Balance hole drilled in the P3 location according to Mo Pinel's gradient line balance hole guide.

This Ball makes a move at mid lane and then continues strongly to the pocket from there. I play much deeper and swing further out with this ball on typical house shot. Stand 30 breakpoint at 6-8 boards.

This ball has good hit to it, very strong continuation. I shot on the USBC Nationals shot with this ball but found for my game this ball made too early a move with my full hand in the ball. I will need to tweak and practice with this ball a bit more because I think it could be great for team event when the shot is real slick.

On Typical House shot at my house I found this ball to be a bit to much on a fairly short house condition. Will try later in the week at my other center that has a less aggressive synthetic surface and typically plays a bit more "oily"

I did shoot 259 with this ball in practice on house shot so it does hit but there were two or three brooklyn strikes in that game.  For me this ball needs oil for my game with heavy revs.


John D Davis

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Re: 715A
« Reply #10 on: February 21, 2010, 12:44:39 AM »
The 715A is one of the most angular balls I have ever seen when it is in its box finish! I had mine drilled with the pin below the fingers. The CG was kicked a few inches and I placed a low weight hole for static weights.

   After putting 20 or so games on it, it has really toned down on me... Im not going to say that it is such a bad thing or that it has seen ball death, but it definitly rolls alot sooner and alot smoother now. Right now I have my 715A at 1K Abralon with Lane Masters Factory Finish. At this surface, it compliments my 715C like you wouldnt believe. When I need something thats a tad stronger downlane or perhaps just a little overall hook than I get from my 505A's then I pull this thing out. If I drill another one of these, I would go with a pin up layout that way I can play some deep inside angles with it. Overall, this ball is almost as versitile as the 715C and will fit alot of styles along with conditions. I would give this ball a solid 9, but mainly because I have seen less and less backend in such a short period of time. Track is making great stuff. Dont hesitate to check em out. John

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Re: 715A
« Reply #11 on: March 22, 2010, 01:27:59 PM »
Another lefty trade-in. I wanted to try this ball. I wanted it to face up at the pocket and not over-react. I wanted to reduce some of the angularity. (I like rolly-balls). I plugged this ball and drilled it 5X3X3. Pin over ring, MB 1 inch left of VAL. I then put a weight hole on my axis taking the ball to 1/2 negative side. Went out to the lanes on a fresh THS shot and was very dissapointed. The ball was rolling out too soon and when I tucked deeper into the oil I left 5 pins. (surface was 2ooo dull) I brought the surface up to 4000 and added black magic. On the fresh shot it was somewhat better but very touchy. I threw the ball into the bag for further testing. Next night I brought it out after carry-down was interupting my fun. I through the ball up 7 and it pounded the pocket throwing all ten into the pit. All that the ball needed was carrydown to retain its pop. I was amazed at the difference. This ball has basically become the Go to ball when all else fails. But if it comes out to soon it time to pick spares. Very interesting two ball combo: 930T/715A.
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Re: 715A
« Reply #12 on: April 07, 2010, 06:17:27 PM »
This is my second review posted with this ball - now that I have made a drastic change to my game as far as relaxing my hand, grip and swing I am not hitting up on the ball as much as before. Shot 11 in a row with the 715A at USBC Nationals in Reno this year (Between Games 2 and 3 of Team Event! Verapapa Style!) Would have shot 299!

Should have used this ball for Team Event right from the start. Shot 177 my first team game trying to play outside with my 505A, moved inside with 715A and shot next 11 strikes to finish second game at even 200 and first five of the third game 237.

With my new release style the 715A has been my go to ball as with me not "hitting Up" on the ball I get a much smoother release and stronger more predictable backend reaction from this ball.

Have shot multiple 278's and 279's with this ball so I am getting close to an honor score with this ball. Highest set is a 732 with this ball which had 203 game to start that night.

I find this ball to play the track area nicely on my house shot, and reacts very favorably to dry boards and has so much recovery room as long as you don't overkill the reaction with speed.

Bowlers Map has me at 18 MPH avg. Speed and around 450 Rev rate.

I look forward  to throwing this ball more and giving another report in the future.


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Re: 715A
« Reply #13 on: March 04, 2011, 06:21:27 PM »




Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):  THS



Likes:  Length and reaction off dry

Dislikes: None, right now

 I believe I got this ball used after a good experience with the Track Uprising.  The ball is drilled with the pin under the ring finger, wtih the CG and mb in line and straight down.  I am pretty much a stroker wtih average ball speed.


When I first got the ball, I only used it when the shot broke down on league night when I could swing it as far as I wanted and it would come back.  Still got great length in these conditions and the ball hit extremely hard with great carry.


Lately, I have been observing some carrydown on league night and have struggled to carry with some of my duller stuff.  Last week at league, I decided to use the 715A out of the shoot and see what happened.  The ball worked great!  I was able to start outside and stay there to get the angle I needed to the pocket to carry.  When the carrydown came, I moved just a shade right and stayed firm with the speed with great results.  Once the lanes burned up at the end, I was still able to move in and swing it.


Some things I have read about this one suggest that it may be a little squirty or orveragressive on the back end.  My theory is that the pin under version I have may serve to tame that down a little.  I would be interested in what others think about that.


I have been churning through balls lately, but this one may be in my bag for a while.





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