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Title: Dry Heat
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Dry Heat

Raise the temperature on your competition when you use the Dry Heat. The Track team has been researching the market to identify the needs of our customers. The most frequent request was for a ball that was specifically designed for drier lane conditions.. Initially we thought this could be an easy project to complete, but we soon realized that simply making a ball that hooks less is not enough. Our customers demand the control of the lane that our high performance balls provide. The oil used in bowling centers today are slicker than ever. For this reason we could not make your average high Rg low differential ball. In fact, we needed a lower Rg system to create the control necessary to tackle the newer lane oils. To create this reaction we removed the inner ball from the Heat core and cut the differential to .026. This design, wrapped in the Power Plus Solid coverstock will give the bowler extra length with a controllable arcing backend motion. Now you have the tools to compete on any condition that you encounter. Do the math:


Dry Heat Specs

Hook Rating: 24-16  
Length: 8  
Backend: 6  
Core Technology Modified Tri-Core  
Core Power: 5.5  
RG: 2.52  
Differential: 0.26  
Determinator Spin Time N/A  
Flare Potential: 3  
Coverstock: Power Plus Solid  
Friction Rating: 6  
Finish: Compound  
Polish: Delayed Reaction  
Reaction Shape: Arc  
Lane Condition: Light Oil  

Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: D McLaughlin on December 12, 2003, 04:34:27 PM
Ebonite made an attempt to fill this void with the V2 Dry, but even with the "Zero" flare core, the particle coverstock made it squirrely in my opinion.  Track, however, has nailed down a winner in covering the "dry" dilemma.  The Dry Heat clears the toast cleanly and still provides "Pop-O-Plenty" on the backends.  It is almost like having the length of near-plastic with the explosive hit of a Phenom at the pins.  

If your arsenal is basically useless at the end of game 2, dont reach for a XXL, Slate Blue Garygoyle, Hot Rod, V2 Dry or Red Pearl Hammer.....grab a Dry Heat and leave your competition wondering what 2nd place is paying out in the brackets.  WELL done Del Warren and company!
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Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: pbafire on December 17, 2003, 06:48:05 PM
OK, I don't review much of what I drill, but I must review this OUTSTANDING ball from Track after just getting mine punched up.

Ball was 15.2, 3.25 top, 3-4in pin.  Went with Track's layout #1 - 5 X 5, pin over ring finger, cg just about in center of grip (it looks kicked out a touch, but I use an offset thumb, so it's eyeballing's close enough to center grip).  I think final drilling was 1/4 side weight.

Used it after a trios league on wood lanes in a house I have been struggling at, but man was this ball the reaction I was looking for on dry to medium shots.  First few games was just trying different line/releases to see what this ball would do, the first thing that impressed me was the way it reacted to each hand positions change...very smooth, looked like the same ball....I hate it when on other balls if I stay behind in the setup it I get one look and if I start more to the side it looks like a different ball.

This ball had great continuation (arc) through the whole part of the lanes, did not over-react at all to the dry (threw my game pearl, also reviewed on this site, on this same shot today and hit the dry, good bye ball, left turn).

Now the best serious, stood 30, threw to 3rd arrow, out to about 5 at the breakpoint and it just crushed the pocket.  This ball will hook, but not over hook, now mind you I love to grip it and rip it, stand left throw right type.  It was a case of matching ball to conditions, like I said, my game pearl was left turn Clyde on this shot, and that game pearl is the only ball out of a Crunch, Deuce and ScreamR I can usually keep right at this house during fresh leagues.  Ended up throwing 7 games after that trios league used the pair and although I don't usually post scores game 7 was 300...I had the pro shop smiling watching.  Many thanks to D & D Pro Shop in Washington state!

Another great Job by Track!!  I has been using Roto for a while because i didn't need another Track HOOK monster with the morepeus cores / covers, but man this ball is Great!!
Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: striker985 on December 18, 2003, 03:46:48 AM
Just drilled this ball with a 5 1/2 x 4 1/2 drill and I must have the super hook heat. This ball out hooks my unleashed by a ton. I was playing 22 to 15 with the unleashed and 35 to 15 with the dry heat. The unleashed is drilled with the pin 5 inches from my pap & mass bias 5 inches away also. I still love my dry heat.
I have bowled 10 games with the dry heat and it mite be the best ball I have ever bowled with. There is no quit in this ball it goes 40 feet and just arcs to the hole with an explosion. I ordered a case more of them that is how much I love this ball.
I am glad that not everyone can one cause it is the weapon everyone needs in there  
bag. Just kidding about being glad.

length 10/10
back end 10/10
hit 10/10

Having this in your hand     PRICELESS
Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: Dbum on December 18, 2003, 12:15:22 PM
Well I'm going to keep this short and simple. DRY HEAT is the wrong name for this ball. This ball goes long but it covers more boards then my triple threat. This ball is certainly not for Dry lanes and if you do get it for that, Put a ver weak drill in it..LIKE NEGATIVE..

Now ..other then the ball covering a ton of boards it rolls real nice and smooth and finishes very well..its a good ball, But more for medium condition..
Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: rb27 on December 22, 2003, 01:04:10 AM
I will echo the reviews below.  Dry Heat will cover some boards!
Mine is drilled 4 1/2 x 3 with a balance hole below mid line and
on vertical axis line.
Surface is 1500, no polish.  The first time out, on a chopped
up league pattern, it played anywhere on the lane.
Inside, all oil ...... small arc ... strike!
In the track .... outside ... larger arc .. strike!
First impression ...... WOW!
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Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: TWOHAND834 on December 23, 2003, 12:04:30 AM
I have my Dry Heat drilled up the same way as my Crunch.  The pin is above the fingers and the cg is kicked outside ever so slightly.  The Dry Heat has the same motion as my Crunch, but just a couple feet farther down the lane.  Both balls have a polished finish to them.  As far as covering boards, any ball can cover boards when the backends are burnt, but it is when the backends are squirty when you can tell the capabilities of a ball.  The Crunch definitely is better when the oil is carried down.  The Dry Heat tends to squirt a little.  other than that, this ball is awesome.  Good length and hard hitting for a "simple ball".  Now, I am just waiting on a pearl version of this ball.  Anyone heard if that is coming out?
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Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: xurusaibobx on December 30, 2003, 05:08:21 AM
i got to say this is one nice ball..i mostly use buzzsaws but when i was in vegas this pass week for thE Jr tourns. i was looking to pick up a ball, looked around found a pretty cheap place where i could get some discount on some real good stuff, and the guy there was a track staff member and pointed me to the new dry heat...first i was looking at the sharp blade or sonic X but he told me this would have a new snaping back i went with it.. um dont know how he drilled it but it was fast ...felt real nice since i never got my ball drill in vegas. it felt the same..and he didnt look at my fingers, just the ball..the pin is above the fingers, cg out alittle i believe, i threw this ball at sams town..where it was kinda dry. it had a nice backend to it..i like it...most of my lane 1 stuff dont have snappy backend ..good job TraCK!
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Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: SPEEDYR on December 31, 2003, 09:56:28 PM
Hey all... hope everyone is having a good holiday season. Well to the important stuff.. The Dry Heat is probably the best dry lanes ball a power player with alot of hand could ask for. drilled this ball pin under ring cg out a little for 1/4 ounce side left it box finish and got exactly what i was looking for a ball that won't jump when it hits the toast. gets down the lane turns over and keeps going. very impressive from track.... again a good ball.
Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: tankantc on January 12, 2004, 11:54:03 PM
As posted by many earlier this ball does hook.  However, on a condition where I have struggled greatly this year (Dry Heads, Flying Back Ends), I was able to move inside and get the major skid out of this ball with a good flip and decent carry.  Where most of my equipment hit the heads, slightly skidded and half the time rolled out, this ball keeps on coming.

All in all another great ball from Track.

I give it a 9.5 out of 10.  (Haven't thrown an honor score yet to give it a 10)
Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: REVOLUTIONS PS on January 27, 2004, 03:46:16 PM
This ball is unique in that itís a ball that is intended for dry lanes that isnít a three piece design.  Initially, the reviews of this ball stated that it was too reactive.  We disagree.  
   The tester was a right handed bowler who averages 17mph and has between 18 and 21 revolutions.  

The Dry Heat is a ball that (in our opinion) is a step down from anything currently in the Track line.  What makes the ball truly unique is that when it encounters dry boards, it does not jump hard.  Rather, it stays on line longer and makes a gentler move without sacrificing carry.
   We drilled only one test ball, a 16lb with the pin under the fingers, 6Ē from the pap.  The cg was placed at ľ negative; there was no extra hole and no shell preparation.  

   We tested the ball for one week in practice and league play every time the lanes were dry enough to consider using either a Columbia Scout/R or a Storm Hit.  The Dry Heat was stronger than either of the two balls mentioned but not so strong that it could be grouped with the rest of the Track line.  

   We used the Dry Heat on fresh back ends with no carry down.  We found it to be less effective on the fresh front end oil.  It tended to go too long and wouldnít carry on good shots.  Once we bowled several games from the track area with balls such as the Shock Trauma and Silver Streak.  Once the track broke down and we were into the third arrow, we went back to the Dry Heat and it was perfect.  We were able to play a swing shot right through the dried up part of the track.  We played a slight belly just inside second arrow; it ignored the drying fronts, began to make its move a bit earlier than you would like but it held the line and carried strike after strike.  The other feature that we liked about this ball was that it doesnít seem to break down the lanes very quickly at all.  This ball reminded us of some of the tour edition balls that we have thrown, although primarily those were Brunswick models but nevertheless, the characteristics were very similar.  The balls go longer, are less sensitive to the dry lanes and do not break down the lanes as quickly as regular models.  

   The Dry heat is an excellent choice for any bowler, Track fans or not who need a choice for broken down league conditions or tournament conditions.  The cautions for this one would be; if you are a slower bowler who struggles with dry lanes, this ball will not be a better alternative than a three piece ball for you.  We would also remind you to drill the ball for what it is intended for, avoid leverage pins and other strong drillings.

   If you have any questions regarding this or any other of our reviews, e-mail us at:
Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: louie on February 10, 2004, 10:32:53 PM
What you have here is a ball that gets through the heads and then over reacts on the backend. I haven't been this disappointed in a ball in 3 years. This ball is too strong for many mediums and you can forget about dry. The only condition I could see me using this ball on would be dry heads and wet backends. Unfortunately, that is the opposite of what I usually see.

I'm sorry for the lack of detail, but this ball just has me disgusted.

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Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: Stampy on February 29, 2004, 11:57:53 AM
I just got this ball drilled up and I am happy as can be with it. My First two games were 229 and 246 with no practice with it at all ! It is drilled very mellow with the pin under the middle finger and the CG kicked out just a bit.The ball is turned on about a 60 degree angle and this ball has a very smooth arc after getting through the heads and mid lane clean. But it definately blows down pins like the big powerful hooking balls ! It had been a while since I had been impressed with a Track ball, but this is just what I needed for burnt heads and flying back ends ! Great Job Track and to Steve Ford who did the layout on it !(Simply Genious)I do believe the drilling is the ultimate key to this weapon, and keep it polished up as it does track up very quickly
Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: breezyjr on March 02, 2004, 08:23:16 AM
I was very uphappy with this ball.
I picked it up because we bowling third shift and the lanes break down after the first game.  Thought it would be absolutely perfect, but it wasn't.
I found on our broken down lanes it hooks nearly as much as any of my other balls.  It is drilled strong, don't know exact drilling specs.
The first time I threw this ball on broken down lanes, I expected a subdued reaction.  What I got instead was a ball that hooked across the head pin.

I think this ball would be perfect for the bowler who plays up the outside.  I don't think it is for someone who swings it out, and expects a sharp turn into the pocket.  I found playing an inside line, standing about 20 swinging it out to about 10, the ball would make a turn into the pocket but peter out before finishing.

Overall, just not happy with it.

Good luck to those of you who like it.
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Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: Envoy on April 04, 2004, 03:31:23 PM
I bought the Dry Heat specifically to use on league conditions, when the lanes begin to break down.  I was looking for a ball that I could go to when my first ball starts to move too much and I either donít want to keep moving inside, or my carry suffers when I do move inside.  If I start out in game one playing in the track area, say down the 8 board, or 10 to 5, and I end up moving 20 to 5, or 25 to 5 as the lane breaks down in game 2 or 3, I can go to the Dry Heat and move right back to my original line.

The Dry Heat is definitely NOT a mellow ball, especially when used on lanes that are breaking down or on drier patterns.  But it does give me excellent length, letting me either square up again and move back outside to or to swing the ball with excellent recovery when the heads start drying up.  

After getting a few games under my belt with this ball I'm finding out that there is no such thing as a mellow reactive ball.  The Dry Heat can definitely cover a lot of boards and a very sharp backend reaction when there is a lot of friction down the lane.  The upside to this statement is that as long as there is still a little bit of oil in the heads, the Dry Heat gets to my breakpoint very cleanly.  

Bowling well with the Dry Heat has been all about controlling my breakpoint and reading my reaction off of the breakpoint.  The amount of oil in the heads determines how fast the Dry Heat revs up and that determines how much it moves coming out of my breakpoint.  
     On fresh lanes, with plenty of oil up front, the Dry Heat doesn't seem to have a lot of area.  A good shot will produce good results, but if I miss my release a little at the bottom of my swing the Dry Heat can shoot through my breakpoint, coming in light or missing the pocket.  Fresh lanes are not what I bought the Dry Heat for so this is definitely not a problem.

On drier lanes, or after a game or two in leagues, when the head oil is not quite so plentiful, the Dry Heat can be a monster.  The coverstock still gets the ball down the lane and friction from the lanes makes for a sharp, strong backend reaction.

So far with this ball, it's been a feast or famine.  I've used this ball maybe 6 times, always in the 2nd or 3rd game of a league set.  The first 3 or 4 times I used this ball, it reacted exactly as I had intended it to when I pulled it out of the bag in the 3rd game.  My first ball started moving off of my breakpoint way too aggressively.  I pulled out the Dry Heat, moved back near my original line I used in the 1st game and the Dry Heat was awesome, a sharp defined breakpoint and a continuous roll through the pocket.  My carry was excellent.

In my last couple of outings, the lanes were noticeable stronger to start game one.  It seemed like there was less oil in the heads.  I wasn't able to start out playing as straight I had in the previous weeks.  Now I had to start out swinging the ball right from game 1 where I had been able to play straighter down the lane between the 5 and 10 board.  On these conditions, when my first ball (Columbia Hyde) started to move too aggressively I pulled out the Dry Heat as I had been doing the last month.  With less oil in the heads the Dry Heat breakpoint was even sharper and stronger, and it took me a few frames to settle in on a line.

In this case I think it was just a tougher lane condition to deal with and not any problem with the Dry Heat.  My problem with this lane condition is also due to the fact I'm still getting used to this ball.  With some games under my belt I think I can use this stronger reaction to my advantage.

My overall opinion of the Dry Heat is that it's exactly what I was looking for.  A weaker ball to use on drier lanes and in leagues when the shot starts to break down.  So far it's been a winner.  This is definitely a a condition specific ball and it's hardly ever going to be the first ball out of my bag.  But so far it's been a go-to ball in the 3rd game when I can't keep my Columbia Hyde on the right side of the headpin.  The sharper breakpoint on these conditions took a little getting used to but the Dry Heat carries well when you get it to the pocket.  Carry has been a big plus with this ball, it's been excellent.  
Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: Jason Fitzgerald on April 11, 2004, 04:50:21 PM
I'm only 13 years of age, and have just started to bowl with Track. I throw a 90 degrees angle, and about 10-12 revs, throwing about 14 mph.

I got this ball because I saw many people bowling well with it. I asked a guy about the ball, he said it was a versatile ball. When I got the ball, I noticed it worked well on Medium-Heavy lanes. If I have Dry lanes, I move to 35-40, get it down about 40 feet, and out to about the 5 board, and it MOVES! If the outside of the lanes went out, I played 20 to about 15, and the oil carried it down, and at the last second, breaks into the pocket. When this ball hits, much nothing stands up. Lately, I have been bowling at least a 210 average, when I am normally a 160-170 average bowler. After 5 days, I bowled a 279 with it, my highest game yet, with a 701 series. I HIGHLY recommend this ball for any lane conditions.

Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: Postel on May 07, 2004, 04:47:41 PM
I layed this one out with pin under ring finger and cg next to midline right off the center line.

I only use this ball in the third game because that's the only time it acts so sweet.  In fact to prove that, I shot my first sanctioned 300 with that ball in the third game.

Ball gets down the lane with ease and still has enough energy to plow over pins.
That is all,

Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: Ernie McCracken on May 07, 2004, 11:22:12 PM
Okay, I've had this thing for a little while now.  It's drilled with the pin above the middle finger, the cg directly below the ring finger and no weight hole.  This drilling makes the ball go long and flip a little bit.  I can play straight up on fresh oil or swing it a touch when the lanes start to dry out.  I actually used this on a 47' sport condition with great success.  I was suprised that this ball worked better than my Unleashed on the sport shot.  The Dry Heat is worth having in the bag for sure.  Thanks to Rick Leong for the drilling suggestion!
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Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: Jason Fitzgerald on August 09, 2004, 07:44:15 PM
I have now turned 14 and now throwing 17-19 revs with 15 mph. I have a 190 average and am a big Track fan.

This ball has gone away a bit. It wont carry the ten pin, no matter what line I play. The only way I could get it to carry was by trying to find a dry spot from 15 to 5, then it would a bit of a chance.
Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: Jason Fitzgerald on September 22, 2004, 09:53:31 PM
Okay, just to tell everybody, I hate this ball now. It will hook as hard as it can sometimes, then throw it and it wont hook a board. I rarely throw this ball, and recommend it when it is new.
Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: Bsuproshopscom on February 23, 2005, 03:04:09 PM
Hi, This is my first review since becoming a Track Staffer. I live on the east coast. I bowl in a center where the heads are burnt. Before i drilled this ball read the reviews and talk to the east coast sales rep about how strong this ball was. And wow they were right. I drill mine with the pin in the negative quarant under my finger the cg kicked out about 1 inch from my thumb. I throw the ball Hard but with a decent amount of revs probably 300-350. And i could either play up the bopards or get in and hook it when they really start hooking love this ball. Cant wait to see what's next in this line.
Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: SteveAustin2808 on July 16, 2005, 05:19:56 PM
Track Dry Heat
Weight: 15#
Pin: 3'
Top Weight: N/A

Got this through a trade on here from user KMAN300. Excellent trader, would recommend him anytime to trade with.

I was in need of a dry lane ball, my luck being they introduced the Desert Heat when I got this one used. Had it re-plugged and re-drilled. Had it polished up to 1500 max! The ball doesn't move, which is what I wanted. I used this ball for about two to three weeks on the driest of conditions and it shined. Not a true dry lane ball, because I ended up getting a Desert Heat anyway. Will post review when they put the Desert Heat thread on here, but back to this one. I really liked it. I threw it on a 31 foot flat shot and used it for the whole six game block we bowled on it in my PBA/Sport League on Tuesday nights. I out averaged the whole field with this ball. As I said earlier, the Desert Heat replaced this one, but the time that I did have it I was very satisfied with it!
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Title: Re: Dry Heat
Post by: BowlingBallSale on December 04, 2010, 10:48:25 PM
Yes, I am going to review this ball.

I know, it's been almost 6 years since the last person reviewed this gem, but I figured why not?

Drilled arc, nothing fancy. Coverstock is 2000 with a coat of XXX on it for the length I love from this ball.

Fresh plays up the boards typical bounce to the outside and hold to the inside. After some transition, the ball goes away and does not come out for another 6-8 games. Once the heads are dead, and the mids are fried, my friend comes back out to play. Deep inside I do not lose any carry power this is still a great ball.

If you find one sitting around somewhere, this is classic Track reaction from earlier this decade- probably one of my favorite line of bowling balls ever.
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