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Title: Equation
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
Coverstock: Goo LS Reactive
Weight Block: Tri-Core Titanium
Ball Color: Burgundy Pearl/Copper Pearl
Ball Finish: Polished
Hook Potential: 6 (Medium-High) on a scale of 1-10 Low-High
Length: 19 (Medium) on a scale of 1-30 Low-High
RG Differential: 0.053 (Medium-High Flare) on a scale of .000-.080 Low Flare-High Flare
RG Average: 2.46 (Very Low) on a scale of 2.43-2.80 Very Low-High Break Point
Reaction Shape: Strong Flip
Recommended Lane Conditions: Medium
Title: Re: Equation
Post by: Mike Meifert on July 08, 2006, 07:04:14 PM
Drilled pin 4" from pap above bridge and cg about 3" from pap.  Used it on a medium oil house pattern without a puddle in the middle.  The Equation gets easy push through the front, picks up a good midlane roll and comes pretty hard on the backend.  Compared to my Heat Blast drilled the same, it hooks about 4 more boards with much more of a flip on the back as compared to the arc of the Heat Blast.  I think this is really going to be a great ball to throw on a variety of conditions.  I also threw the Mean Machine but they were too dry to get a good read.  It was burning up too soon.
Mike Meifert
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Title: Re: Equation
Post by: Brian Eger on July 11, 2006, 12:45:15 AM
My Equation was laid out with the pin above the bridge and the cg stacked directly below.  Close to a 5 1/2 by 5 1/2 layout for me.  Tested the ball out on a couple of different house shots and had similar results - skid and then flip. My ball speed and above average revs made it a little difficult for me to control. The ball read the midlane a little to soon when I squared up with the GOO LS coverstock. When I tried to open up the lane I just didn't have enough hand to take out the (weak) 10 pin.  I decided to let one of my teammates try it out and the results were explosive.  He's got similar ball speed, but more hand.  He had half of the lane and was tearing the racks apart.  I think with a positive shift in the cg it would have allowed me to open the lane up and get it back with more power. This is going to be a strong seller for the price point and should fit in nicely for most league bowlers.
Brian Eger
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Title: Re: Equation
Post by: mpwebber on July 11, 2006, 03:49:30 AM
Equation layout: pin 5" from PAP under the bridge, no weight hole.
Comparison balls:
Heat Blast - pin 5" from PAP under the bridge, no weight hole.
Arsenal Artillery - pin 4.5" from PAP over ring finger, no weight hole.

So far I have only thrown this ball on a house pattern on synthetic lanes.

General reaction: The Equation with this layout has a very smooth overall reaction. It has very good length on oil and a strong backend reaction, but it does not quite reach my classification of a skid/flip reaction.

Comparison to my Heat Blast: The primary difference is that the Equation gives me a little stronger backend reaction and more recovery to the right. This makes sense because the coverstock is more aggressive. I had several boards of area with both balls, but I had a little more room to miss right and still get back to the pocket with the Equation. Similar misses with the Heat Blast would leave 2-pins or 2-10 splits. On the house patterns, I had to move my feet only one board left to use the Equation vs the Heat Blast.

Comparison to my Arsenal Artillery: The Arsenal Artillery has a slightly more aggressive drilling and had a little more total hook than the Equation. The overall length between these two balls was about the same, but the Arsenal Artillery was a little stronger on the backend - the artillery falls into my classification of a skid/flip reaction.

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Title: Re: Equation
Post by: gobeavers92 on July 17, 2006, 11:19:05 AM
EQUATION – 5.5 x 3 Pin high above ring finger, EX Hole on Axis and box finish.  I drilled this ball looking for something I could use when the track burns up with carry down on the back.  This ball is MUCH stronger than I anticipated.  It gets through the fronts with ease and makes a HUGE, I repeat HUGE move on the backend.  I don’t recall ever seeing a symmetrical ball make such a hard move on the back.  This will be a great ball either for the 2nd shift league or during the last few games of qualifying during a regional when the fronts burn up and we start to see more oil down lane.   This ball hits very well.  We were bowling on brand new pins and they were no match for this ball.  I am VERY impressed with this ball and it is a great addition to the Track arsenal.
Blaine Weninger
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Title: Re: Equation
Post by: RipARack on July 20, 2006, 02:44:44 PM
Pin 5" from P.A.P.(in middle finger hole), cg 4".  This is a favorite layout of mine, and I find myself drilling most of my equipment this way for use on house patterns.  

The Equation is probably the strongest backending ball I've had since the Cuda/C Pearl back in the day.  Like everyone says here, easy length, easy revs in the mids and eye popping backend.  Using this ball on a fresh medium house pattern, it was almost too strong on the backend.  I left lots of 9s.  My Mean Machine burned up too quickly and the Equation was getting down the lane easily.  I had my best look with the Machine, it was much smoother at the breakpoint than the Equation.  I'm revamping the arsenal so I can't compare it to anything but the Machine and the Mean Machine.

Overall, this ball will be great when I need to get deep, when the track starts to go and there is a little carrydown.  I can see it working very well then.
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Title: Re: Equation
Post by: BuddiesProShopcom - Bill on July 27, 2006, 08:16:56 PM
I drilled this ball up with a 4 inch by 4 inch layout from my PAP (Positive Axis Point) with no weight hole needed.

I tested this ball on a freshly oiled house show with a puddle in the middle. I was able to play a variety of positions on the lane without a problem with the Equation. This bowling ball cornered well when using an outside break point. When I moved the breakpoint inside, keeping it in the oil longer, the reaction was much more controlled. Next to my Heat Blast, the Equation has more length and backend.

I will update as more test goes on.

If you have any questions, please email me at

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Title: Re: Equation
Post by: tenpinspro on August 03, 2006, 05:26:05 AM
Pap – 5 over 3/4 up, rotation 55 degrees, speed 14-15, weight 14lbs
Layout - 4 1/4 x 3 with the pin 3 inches above mid line
Weight hole 11/16, 2 1/4 deep on pap

Video -

Testing conditions: synthetics 32ft buffed to 42, light hang outside 5

Readability and Hook: The ball is very clean thru the fronts with plenty of finish on the backend.

In the out of box finish, this ball clears with ease on med to med light oil.   After it picks up in the mids, it offers a very nice strong backend reaction with great hitting power.  

Control: Even with its stronger backend reaction by design, the hook is very controllable and predictable.  

Hit: The hit is very good.  It also keeps pins low and carries well and has been a very good go to ball on most house shots.  Typically where some reactives can be jumpy  at the breakpoint, the Equation offers great control.  

Overall: Very nice ball. Just a tad shy of oil handling capability compared to our Machine. It has quickly become one of my favorites due to my slower ball speed.  Another great addition to your arsenal from Track.

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Title: Re: Equation
Post by: Berries on August 05, 2006, 12:39:23 AM
Drilled 4 1/2 X 5 Pin above mid line 2 3/4
Ball speed medium with average rev rate.
Tested on Regional Pattern #1 and House Conditions

This ball is as strong on the backend as advertised.  However it is not uncontrollable.  The Equation gets easy push through the front part of the lane and strong backend on both patterns tested.  This ball for me is for medium to medium to dry conditions.  I would not recommend this ball long patterns or very dry conditions as the Equation might wiggle a little for real long patterns and be too much for the short patterns.  This ball is a little stronger than the Heat Blast.  Overall if you need a ball with good push through the fronts and strong backend this is the ball for you.

Dave Beres
Track Regional Staff
Title: Re: Equation
Post by: RDS on August 06, 2006, 04:08:44 AM
15lbs drilled 4-1/2 X 3-1/2 "Med flare med skid & dramtic reaction at the breakpoint!" What an understatement!     39'Freshly oiled house pattern on wood lanes. Canby trios tournament. On the 15 throwing out over the 5 down and in. I toss the first one as the guy next to me throwing the Big One is stepping up. The Equation slips though the oil like a hot butter knife and all of a sudden wham 45 degree charge for the pocket!! The fat lady screams! He says "what ball was that?!" as he returns after his 6,7-10 split. I say casually "oh that's Track's new Equation" Inside I'm wondering if I just broke some pins. The big one made it to the fourth frame and the third split before it got put away, the Equation made it three games with minor adjustments before the Heat Blast took over. 212, 234, 219. they should have been even better games but my mind and my arm couldn't agree on whether the flaming t spare ball should hook or not!   ::  One things for sure the Equation is going to be a big hit this year! ::happy::
Title: Re: Equation
Post by: SteveAustin2808 on August 12, 2006, 05:05:00 PM

Time for a very well detailed review on Track's latest Skid/Snap piece, the Equation!

Weight: 15#
Pin: 3"
Top Weight: 3 oz.

I punched up the Equation with a 4 1/2" Pin Above the Ring Finger, the CG is stable and no weight hole was necessary.

First Impressions:
I have never seen a ball get so much length and have so much pop on the backend like the Equation has. It reads the mid lane very well and is NOT squirty or jumpy at all. I can definitely see me pulling this one out first for league nights. I have been told by several observers that this ball fits my game and style very well! (See Profile for more information)


Equation vs. Solution Power Plus EX

The Equation hooks earlier in the mid lane than the EX. While these two have backend reaction qualities, the Equation out backends the EX by a moderate margin. When the Equation becomes too much ball, I can reach for the EX and use it as a step down. The Equation handles oil better, this is due (of course!) to the coverstock being alot more aggressive.

Equation vs. Heat Blast

If you need a skid/snap ball in your arsenal, hands down the Equation should win your bid; however, if you are seeking an smooth arc on the backend, then I would suggest the Heat Blast. The only difference is the Heat Blast has a weight hole but is much smoother with its overall reaction. So, if you are giving these two a thought, just remember: Skid/Snap - Think Equation! Smooth Arc - Think Heat Blast!

The Equation is the best Skid/Snap ball I have threw in a long time. It has length, predictability, and tons of pop on the backend! Solve the EQUATION to your game today!
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Title: Re: Equation
Post by: C-G ProShop-Carl on August 14, 2006, 10:12:38 PM
Pin 4 1/2 from PAP inside of my ring finger...CG kicked out 1 inch to the right and weighthole on VAL 2 inches below my PAP. I left the Factory Finish on the ball.

I have tried the Equation on wood, synthetics and combination of guardian and wood.

Heavy Oil- The Equation is not a heavy oil ball. With its OOB surface it will skate and skate on a longer pattern.

Med Oil- The Equation is best suited for medium oil. It clears the heads well and makes a turn as soon as it encounters friction down the lane.

Light Oil- I believe you could get it to fit in the lighter side of mediums...but it is too strong for most bowlers to be used on light oil patterns.

I am going to rate this ball on the higher end...but realize that most of its hook comes down the lane. I cannot recall even 1 shot I have thrown with this ball that it rolled too soon.
8 out of 10

OOB this ball does not have control characteristics.....I think if it had a bit more surface that it would be extremely readable and rather smooth.

Expected Reaction:
Placing the pin in the ring finger usually makes a ball very readable with good roll early yet maintain a strong backend reaction. What I ended up getting was a ball that has amazing backend.

I can use this ball to read a pattern very well......for a polished skid/flip ball. Even though it gets great length you can follow the reaction very well throughout the pattern.

Clears the heads easily. I have not hit carrydown yet that the Equation cannot handle. The way the Equation clears the deck is mind blowing.

Avoid the extremes....longer patterns and dried out patterns. Even though the Equation seemingly has length built will require head oil to aid it getting down the lane.

In Track's current line up the Equation fits PERFECTLY between the Artillery and the Heat Blast.

I have tried to come up with some comments on the Equation to help people get an idea of what type of ball it really is. I have said it is a mixture of the Xception and the Freakazoid.....another good comparison would be the Crash...................ALTHOUGH it is not as sensative to oil at the Crash was. The Xception was one of if not the strongest hitting ball I have seen....the Equation hits even harder!
This ball is special guys. GET ONE! It is without question the sleeper ball of this coming season!

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Title: Re: Equation
Post by: vilecanards on August 19, 2006, 02:28:21 AM
update: have received and thrown Equation and Mean Machine in a side-by-side test after work(closing the lanes). One lane was day-old oil that hadn't been bowled on, adjacent lane had received much traffic, therefore a good bit of carry-down. Both balls drilled aggressively... MM drilled mildly speed dominant, and equation with drill pattern#6, latest breakpoint. Ball reactions were almost identical except that, of course the EQ went about 2-3 feet further before making it's move to the pocket. The lateness of the move makes the EQ hook APPEAR to be more boards than MM, though they are actually about the same... for me(high-speed, avg. revs, high-tracker) it was 10-12 boards. This was about what I expected from MM, but I NEVER figured on getting that much movement from a pearl/polished ball! Now I just need to figure out which one to use for game1, game2, and game3. Knowing when to switch is going to be tough, since I've been having BIG first games(220-269), mediocre 2nd games(190ish), switch balls for 3rd game and back in the low 200's. League night we have virgin oil/backends so either ball would work... but WHICH ONE should be the 2nd out of the bag? Thanks for any advice/suggestions!
Title: Re: Equation
Post by: Noy on August 23, 2006, 11:40:48 AM
It didnt take me long to see that this ball has serious potential. I brought an Action Max and the Equation in last night to punch up. After about 3 hours in the shop, it was time to bowl. Luckily, the front desk held the fresh pair of lanes that I had opened up for myself 3 hours before hand.

We decided to drill it 4x2 with a weight hole to bring the ball back to legal. Throwing over a surprisingly oily THS, this ball had no problem wanting to come back. Obviously it didnt cover as many boards as my Max did, but I can tell that it will do exactly what I want it to do...cover boards when the shot starts to really break down, or when there's a medium to medium/light oil down on the lanes. Throwing up the 1 arrow, this ball would still come back strong and hit brooklyn side, forcing me to move in more than I had expected to with the ball, but thats okay. While it doesnt hit as hard as the Max, it does hit a ton. Even when I missed the pocket, the pin action on this thing was crazy..I would hit the 4 and 7 pins only to find the 1 and 3 pin left standing after all the pin action was done. I will bowl more with it today and hopefully find a proper line to bowl as I was using the Max for 2/3 of the time last night...still gotta work out these thumb holes =)

As for my first Track Ball, I'd have to say, if PA is using this stuff on the tour this season, TJ and Barnes better watch out!
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Title: Re: Equation
Post by: korkey299 on October 08, 2006, 12:03:17 PM
I just had this ball drilled up by my boss/former pro bowler adam apo, you might have seen him bowl against walter ray williams Jr. at i think the 94 hilton something or other, anyhoo. this was a ball he recomended me to get because it was a great ball, and until now all my balls have been hand me downs but i've had success with them, so i said order me one. he just gave me the ball today all drilled up with the leverage format that came with the ball, and i have to say i LOVE THIS BALL. i've bowled 12 games with it today already, i can keep my hand up the back and it'll still break HARD at the end and will blow the pins away, you can get the ball inside your target and it will still finish hard taking out the 1o pin. i have to say if you want a ball that goes long but still hits like a ton of bricks, this is the ball for you AWESOME BALL!!
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Title: Re: Equation
Post by: Trackbowlr on November 01, 2006, 01:31:10 PM
EQUATION – 5 x 5 Pin above the bridge and box finish.

I drilled this ball looking for something I could use on league night when the track burns up....the ball does exactly what I wanted.  The Equation gets through the heads very easily, turns the corner and hits great.  I think this ball would work just fine on oil but is better when the track is burned up.  Awesome ball from Track.  

Dan Paul
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Title: Re: Equation
Post by: APheLion on February 27, 2007, 11:08:35 AM
alrite after putting a good load of games on my Equation, i think its time to make a review.

bowler: tweener, ball speed about 20km/h (by the speed meter incorporated on the lanes), tracking low currently with pap 3 to the right and 1 up. This ball is 16lbs, was drilled by ASB-Joe, he didnt know my specs and had it with pin 1-2 inches above the finger holes and cg in middle of span, with a little xhole to make it legal. The Equation is OOB, gave it a hot bath and it was too much, put some brunswick factory polish (high gloss polish) so the reaction didnt change at all.

my house and my league: i would say med-heavy THS, dry outside 8, gold pins. Synthetic lanes and approach newly installed last november.

On my league, straighter is better, even thought no many people can play deeper than me i dont go deep unless i just cant find the shot.

The Equation is my ball to read the lanes, im very comfortable with the reaction. In my case the ball doesnt overreact on fresh oil, its possible after 2-3 games where i have to change lanes and get a big surprise on my first 2 shots on both lanes, adjustment and no overreaction.

I play the lanes in a easy way, 10 to 8, with the intention of keepin it in the oil with a VERY smooth and forward roll into the pocket. Playing this line sometimes will bring quite a few solid 10s or solid 7s on high flush pocket shots. But again, i preffer to sparing 7s or 10s rather than being all over the place.

so to make it simple:

Fresh Oil THS, med to heavy, with dry outside 8: my Equation will skid 40 feet and make a very smooth and forward roll to the pocket. Missing outside wont make it come back, missing inside is still ok.

Messed up overnight open bowling: i can move in and i still have the predictable and the smoothness with forward roll allowing me not to give away the pocket.

Forgiveness: currently in my arsenal, the Equation is the ball that give me the most room for error, compared to other stronger balls such as Recharge, TA (morich), RSX, pro Navy, all those react too much off the dry and tend to be jumpy, asking for a bigger distance from the breakpoint to the pocket, which means less room for error.

Hooking potential: My Equation is far away from being a hooking monster, the predictability and smoothness is the strength and what im lookin for when i take it out of the bag.

Reading the lanes: With couple of shots on different lines i can read the lanes very well, thats why this is the first ball i pull out for my league.

personal opinion: i first thought that this ball was going to be a monster, that was the reason i bought it. After seein the crappy reaction i was getting i totally left it in the closet for a good 2-3 months. In those 2-3 months my knowledge about the game has increased sigfinicantly and i decided to give this ball another chance. I have not looked back yet, my other balls are way stronger but not better. Unless i find a sport condition or extreme carry down, Equation is my best choice.

i hope i was clear enough and helped u to understand how this ball reacts for me, if any questions pm me
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Title: Re: Equation
Post by: freak761 on September 29, 2007, 09:44:05 PM
I call the Equation Track's ultimate THS ball. This is the ball that I seem to throw the most, because the conditions usually call for it. Drilled Leverage, the #2 drill from the drill sheet, 3 3/8 X 4 1/2. No X-Hole needed. Every member of the Track Legion should have this ball. No need to elaborate on this ball too much, it is exactly as Track advertised. Medium to Light Oil ball, terrific backend and very forgiving if you miss your target. Great ball!
Title: Re: Equation
Post by: Mentatmaster on October 22, 2007, 02:40:55 PM
Love this ball! Am an older recreational bowler (56) and the only ball I have ever owned is an old Columbia Crown Jewel plastic ball (at least 25 yrs. old). Decided it was time to move to a reactive resin coverstock and got the 16 lb. Track Equation from Bowlers Paradise for $39.99 and had Skip Wilson drill it up for me. I don't know the specifics of the drilling pattern, just that the pin is located above the bridge of my middle fingers with the CG slightly right of palm center and a fingertip grip.

I took the Equation to the lanes to see if the ball would react the way I hoped it would and let me tell you I was simply amazed at how easily the ball hooked and zeroed in on the 1-3 pocket. I was rolling the ball between the 2nd and 3rd arrows, out to where the 1st arrow would be at half-way down the lane and this ball would turn straight for the pocket. Even if I missed my target between the 2nd and 3rd arrows a little bit, the ball didn't seem to care. It would break more if I was wide, and break less if I was inside. Absolutely awesome!

With my old Crown Jewel I average about 170 to 175. My first 5 games with the Equation: 186, 182, 191, 215, 214. I can't wait to get out to the lanes again. I would highly recommend this ball to anyone wanting to move up from a plastic ball to a reactive resin coverstock type of ball.

Update: 11/20/07 - I have now bowled 34 games with this ball. My average is now 197.6 for these 34 games with a high game of 248 and a high 3-game series of 719. This is a great ball!
Title: Re: Equation
Post by: Sue shaw on June 23, 2008, 05:09:28 PM
It is time I did a review on this ball.  I am a 58-year-old female, 5’5, and 115 pounds and throw a 15-pound Equation.  I purchased this ball last year and did not particularly like the reaction as it was hooking way more than I was comfortable, however I decided to give this ball another try for the summer league and I am glad I did.  I put the ball in the ball cleaner to take off a little of the hook, which took off about 5 boards allowing me to at least stand on the middle dot and shoot for the 8th to the 10th board.  The ball is amazing, it demolishes the pins and is extremely forgiving.  If I slightly miss and play in the oil it still takes out the rack.  Today I shot 707 series with a high game of 248.  Last week I shot a 773 with a high game of 290.  My highest league average has only been 186 using my Triple x (now retired), so this ball is quite amazing and I would recommend it to anyone!
Title: Re: Equation
Post by: rotofan775 on May 15, 2010, 05:35:34 AM
Well I drilled this as a test ball when a good friend of mine who runs a shop started teaching me how to drill my own gear. I put a very peculiar drill in the ball, some might even say unorthodox. But when I need this ball in a pinch, its there. It is laid out 5x4x3, which lands the pin in the mf. Cg at a 45* angle and about 1-1 1/2 away from pin. This ball rolls amazing on drier broken down shots, better than my slingshot which I use for sahara desert dry conditions. But this equation is a great ball! It does have a tendency to jump if my speed or location are off, but otherwise its very smooth and readable down lane, and very predictable rolling it up the boards!
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Title: Re: Equation
Post by: zimbob on December 04, 2010, 10:46:05 PM
I have been wanting to leave a review for this ball for quite some time now.  This is by far the most versatile ball that I have ever owned.  I recently bowled a tournament where the qualifying was on five different lane conditions:  US Open, Tournament of Champions (39 ft), Chameleon, Shark, and Cheetah.  I was able to use this ball on all five patterns with success.  Granted the reaction was not the greatest on Shark, but hey its a polished 4000 abralon ball.  I was able to make the cut on some of the most demanding lane conditions there are with just this one ball.  I just wish I had another one that was undrilled.  This ball is also very good for your typical league shot too.  There just isn't much this ball can't handle.  If you are listening Track, thanks for this great product and hopefully we will see something like this come around again.