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« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
The Avenger features Track's "Multiple Density 4-Piece Design" with
Track's state of the art "ProTraction Plus" cover stock. The Avenger, with a
hook rating of 19 is not only clean through the heads, but is the strongest
of any ProTraction ball on the back end.

The specifications are: Ball Construction: Multiple-Density Four-Piece;
Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy Oil (Dull finish), Medium to Heavy Oil
(Sheen Finish), Light to Medium Oil (Polished finish); Back End Rating: 10
(on Track's scale of 1-10); Hook Rating: 19 (On Track's Ball Reaction
Chart); Flare Potential: High; Core Design: Dual Flip Block Technology;
Radius of Gyration: 2.56; Differential: .065; Cover stock: ProTraction Plus;
Color: Violent Purple with yellow logo fill; Finish: Compound; Pin
Placement: 0-5 inches; Hardness: 76-78; Available weights: 14-16 lbs.
Multiple Density Four Piece Design, 12-13 lbs. High Performance Core 2
Technology, 10-11 lbs. Traditional Pancake Core.



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Re: Avenger
« Reply #16 on: December 11, 2001, 02:40:15 PM »
Pin 3" out
TW 2 3/4 oz.

Drilled 5 X 4 1/2, pin over the ring finger
Box finish

I was looking for a particle with length and bit of pop.  After reading some reviews (and seeing these pop up on eBay) I gave the Avenger a shot.

Since I've dropped to 15, I've kind of changed my philosophy on layouts.  Tournament conditions in this area are medium but longer patterns, so you've got to have equipment with some energy left to turn the corner.  I felt comfortable with my medium to dry equipment (I still need a tame dry), but I had nothing for the slick stuff.  

From what I'd read and seen out of the Avenger, I felt like it would be a nice step up from my Erase-It....I was right.  With the box finish, the Avenger clears the heads well, but it's hard to hold all that core back for long.  When the flare kicks in, you definitely know it.  This ball is big in a big way, when it turns the corner, you know it.

Warmed up with the Erase-It swinging 15 to 5 (34 foot Top Hat...screaming backends) with a nice even move.  I then picked up the Avenger and played the same line and got a little more length, but a TON more hook.  The Avenger faced up at about 40 feet and hooked out hard...seems that a house shot was a bit much for this ball.

I then took the Avenger to a house with a bit more even look (36 feet, buffed to 40).  Here, the Erase-It performed well going through 10 out to 5.  I pulled out the Avenger and finally got to see what this ball was all about.  Given my prior experience, I moved in to around 15 looking to get the ball to 5 late...the Avenger responded.  With the longer pattern, the Avenger scooted through the heads and began a strong continuous move at the midlane.  Surprisingly, it got stronger down the lane making a big move the last 15 feet.

This ball reminds me a lot of the Classic Rock.  I wonder if that's got anything to do with having the same coverstock and similar core?  Anyway, the Avenger is an excellent particle ball who don't like the particle look.  The Avenger has the hook potential of most any ball out there, but has a more resin type reaction.  I would love to see what this ball could do with a 600 grit sand, but I like this one just the way it is.

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Re: Avenger
« Reply #17 on: January 10, 2002, 12:53:59 AM »
This is my first high performance ball so I don't have a ton of experience
in the vast variety of balls out there. But this ball is a "PIMP". I've been still getting used to the finger tip throw after throwing a 14 lb. AMF Reactor with conventional grip for about a year. Three monthes ago I purchased my Avenger 16 pounder with a finger tip drill. It's been a learning process but I'm finally getting the hang of it. Just tonight after a ton of practice and many league games I've figured out this ball. During practice I shot a 246,245,232,230 and a 215. Maybe not impressive to some but my previous high was 243.I typically stand at 25 and throw to 5 and this ball flies into the pocket like a rocket, It seems to like the rev,s with a medium speed I throw mine at about 16 m.p.h with med-high rev's. THe ball let's me know if I'm throwing to fast by not hokking enough so I try to keep speed around 16 and throw with as much rev. as I can get without savrificing any form or accuracy.

The only draw back I seem to have is this ball is damn picky, If I don't throw it just right this ball will let me know. It does not give you any room for error.  
Give it a 9/10


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Re: Avenger
« Reply #18 on: January 23, 2003, 10:14:39 AM »
I've thrown the Avenger a few times and realized that this ball is a real early roller. I would have thought that the ball would have gotten down the lane a little farther seeing as it is drilled over the label but it doesn't. This ball is a great piece of equipment for the power guys that naturally get the ball down the lane with strong backend but it doesn't fit my type of game which is more of a stroker type in which I need the ball to help with the backend reaction. I am not saying that the Avenger is a bad ball because its not. Its just not good for me personally.