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« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Combine the strong performance of the Hex with the explosiveness of our Dual Torque core technology and you have the Hex-plosion, the latest offering from Track. The Hex-plosion's Dual Torque core gives you the same flare potential as the Hex without losing the backend arc you want. Plus, the polished WOW II coverstock provides extra control on today's lane conditions. The total result is a versatile ball at an attractive, mid-range price.

Drill Patterns
Magic 8  

Hex-plosion Specs
Hook Rating 18-25  
Length 8.0  
Backend 7.0  
Core Technology Dual Torque  
Core Power 7.0  
RG 2.58  
Differential 0.047  
Determinator Spin Time N/A  
Flare Potential 5.5  
Coverstock WOW II  
Friction Rating 6.5  
Finish Polished  
Polish Magic Shine  
Reaction Shape Strong Arc  
Lane Condition Medium  



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Re: Hex-Plosion
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2004, 08:56:27 PM »
Track Hexplosion

The ball being drilled was 3” pin out with 3.00 oz top weight. Top weight and CG location were verified via scale prior to drilling.
The drilling chosen was pin 5.5” from PAP and CG 5” from PAP ; pin is above fingers 3.5 inches above grip midline.
After drilling the ball was weighed at 0.375 oz positive side weight, 0.75 positive finger weight and 0.5 oz top weight. No weight hole was used and spin time was recorded at 11.2 seconds. The cover was polished to 2000G before use.

Bowler Information:
Track diameter is 10.25”.
PAP is measured at 5.5” over and 0” up/down.
Average ball speed (foul line to head pin) is 17 mph.
Axis rotation is typically 45 degrees
Initial rev rate is typically 350 rpm

I’ll have to be honest with you here. When my Hexplosion arrived I was in no hurry to put any holes in it. It actually sat on my counter for a good three weeks before I laid it out and another week to finally drill it; then yet another week before I made the decision to give the ball a try on the lanes. There was just no interest in this ball for me. It wasn’t any one particular thing about the ball that didn’t excite me about this release. It was just a combination of things but the one that really didn’t appeal to me was the use of the WOW II coverstock with this core. I would of liked to see a non-particle harder cover wrapped around this core. I really didn’t think the color choice was very appealing also.
Well, I’m still not excited about the color choice but everything else about this ball I absolutely love. What I really wanted was a ball that I could go to tournaments with that would really clear completely burnt heads and save enough energy to carry effectively. I still am not 100% convinced (but am getting closer) this ball will accomplish this with my speed but am extremely impressed with what the Hexplosion is giving me on the league conditions (beyond stupid THS) I’m currently seeing in my area. I get excellent length as long as there is a hint of conditioner in the heads and a nice smooth break-point with plenty of power at the pins. This ball gives me a huge amount of area on these over blocked house shots. Tug in it holds and recovers strong, miss right and it rebounds off the dirt with power and control. A lot of my other equipment I need to change my release to mute the over/under reaction on a THS but this one is just awesome there. This ball surprised me with its performance.



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Re: Hex-Plosion
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2004, 10:27:24 PM »
Too much ball for the price. Multi-layout ball for dryer lanes, slower speed bowlers or players with more hand for the condition.
The cover of this gem is smooth and predictable without the loss of power.

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Re: Hex-Plosion
« Reply #3 on: October 31, 2004, 07:57:35 PM »
Ball specs: 15lb 3, Pin 3 inches, Top weight 3ounces

With success I have had with the Crash, a wanted another high flaring drilling to create a similar movement. Whilst the cover's are very different, I thought some polish might help bring the Hexplosion close to the Crash. I drilled the ball 4 x 2 which required a large balance hole 6 1/4 from my centre of grip. Finishing weight left me with 1/2 positive side, with little finger or thumb.

The ball covers the same amount of boards as the Crash and has a similar look, I guess the only real difference is that I didn't need to polish it and it was less over/under than the Crash. It's movement was strong and flippy yet controlled, allowing me to get the ball down the lane and create some good angle from inside to ensure carry.

Don't let the look and price fool you, this ball pakcs a punch and is awesome on medium to dry conditions. With a good solid core and medium flare potential, the tweeners and crankers should have a field day with this one. I've placed this ball into my "High Flare catergory" which means it gets a run on carry down and shots where I need to swing the ball from deep inside.

A very pleasant surprise with this ball and a suitable replacement to my Crash but with more control. Think of it as a Crash with control, a hit for sure!

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Re: Hex-Plosion
« Reply #4 on: December 31, 2004, 06:11:08 AM »
Ball: Pin below ring finger, CG in palm center. Surface has a healthy coat of Delayed Reaction.

Lane Conditions: various

Reaction: LONG and strong. At the breakpoint it is not overwhelming, it is smooth, but when it gets to dry boards it will hook pretty well. If I were to have thrown this ball and not know it was particle I would have bet my life it was reactive.......I would have lost

HOOK: The HEXplosion does not cover a ton of boards. Most of the time I end up using it when everything else is just moving too soon. When the lanes send me to this ball I am still able to square up and play straight with it. If the backends are spotty I have to play a line that will get me around any of the carrydown. 6.5

Control: This ball ignores the heads and mids, almost totally. It seems to start reading the lane at about 40-45ft then makes it move. When it moves it is just below a SNAP, but just above an ARC. 9.0

HIT: It may not cover a ton of boards, when you use the HEXplosion on the condition it is meant to be used on it hits the pins pretty hard. Let it find some dry and it will HIT HARD...but not over hit, leaving those nasty 1 pin leaves in the backrow. 8.0

Readability: For my liking this ball needs friction too much in order to read the lanes with. In Track's line there are just too many other options that I would pick to read a pattern with. 6.0

OVERALL: This ball is the Dry Heat with a slight bit more control on the backends. In the past I have had a power groove, and I see the HEXplosion as a ball in that category but with more POP at the pindeck.

8.0-----Dry lane ball!!!!!! I know we can all use a ball for dry lanes at some point or another.
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Re: Hex-Plosion
« Reply #5 on: January 28, 2005, 06:25:57 AM »
Ball: Track Hex-Plosion

Specs: 15 lbs

Well first of all this is not the prettiest ball you will find on a Pro-Shop shelf, actually it looks pretty bad so if "image-is-everything" look for something else.

There is great potential in this ball despite the lack of looks. For a beginner like myself the ball offers excellent control and I can approach the lane with confidence everytime. To be honest the ball performed very well the first time I tried it out, however the next time was more of a challenge, probably due to to poorer lane conditions. For a versatile player like myself the ball is a good all-around pick with much power hitting the pins. I also have no problems hitting the corners with good speed and angle if there happen to be pins standing and the ball reads the lanes very well. When it comes to hook-potential the ball is not superb but with the right touch the ball can come up with a little extra in the end.

Overall I´m quite happy about the ball but make no mistake, there are plenty of better choices on the shop shelves.


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Re: Hex-Plosion
« Reply #6 on: September 29, 2005, 02:41:23 AM »
Track Hex-Plosion
Weight: 15#
Top Weight: 3.5 oz

5 1/2" Pin Above the Bridge. CG stable in the mid-grip. No weight hole required.

The old saying "curiosity killed the cat" fits this ball real well. I was expecting it to feel the gap in my arsenal between my X-Ception and Desert Heat. I'm not doubting what it has to offer because every bowler is different; however, this ball just does not fit my style. When I first threw it, I got the over/under reaction big time. I have never had a ball blow all of its energy this much in the heads and finish completely lame on the back end. I have never left so many buckets until I drilled the Hex-plosion. I have more confidence in my Desert Heat turning the corner consistently. Any Track ball that has the WOW2 coverstock has NOT worked well for me. I'm sure others have seen success, but it has been very unsuccessful in my case. This piece does not give me the reaction I was hoping for.
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Re: Hex-Plosion
« Reply #7 on: October 16, 2005, 02:20:55 AM »
Track Hex-Plosion
Weight: 15#
Top Weight: 3.5 oz

Layout: Pin above bridge, CG stable in midgrip
Surface: OOB
Lane Condition tried on: Saturday afternoon shot, THS with some carrydown from the youth leagues

I got this ball from Michael(SteveAustin2808) b/c he flat out didn't like it...never fit his style. I decided to give this ball a test session on one of the tougher houses in town. To my surprise, they have changed the shot from the last time I was there to a higher scoring THS, with less oil from 10 to the gutter than they usually put out(usually its OB outside 10)

I played from 19-12 for the first 4 games of the practice session, with the ball making a nice strong arc to the pocket. This ball has some serious pop to it, and the pins were dancing all over the deck. By no means was this a weak ball, and that surprised me. As the lanes dried up, I moved a few boards left to stay with the oil. It was a consistent reaction, not a snap or a flip, but a controllable one which is important to me in a ball.

One thing I noticed as well as the lanes were drying up was the fact that since this a particle ball, it burns up a lot. The last game I bowled, I left a lot of solid 10s and weak 10s b/c this ball kept burning up the last 15 feet. The reaction was still smooth, but the hit was getting weaker due to the lanes getting dryer.

I shot every game above 160(my avg. is 174), with some 200+ games tossed in(nothing above 210-219 area). This ball showed to me that it deserves a place in my bag.


This is my first pin above layout, so I am very well pleased with the results of it, considering I usually have the pin under the ring or pin kicked to the right of the ring(aggressive drillings). Tamer reaction was need from this ball, and I got what I was looking for and then some. This ball makes an excellent medium oil ball, and is a great performer on a THS. It reacts well, but only when there is some oil present. The HexPlosion doesn't need much, no more than medium, but just enough to get some traction to get to the pocket. Otherwise, it will burn up BIG time and hit like a marshmallow.

You have to know when to put this ball away and go to something reactive or weaker. It is release and speed sensitive for me, and its versatility is limited. It is very condition specific, and is not something you can use all night. You will have to bring another ball with you, unless you want to leave a lot of 10s after about games 3, 4, or 5(if you bowl tourneys and such).


On dry: 5/10. Too many weak hits, and burning up caused this ball to be flat out not effective on this condition.
On medium: 10/10. This is where the HexPlosion makes the grade. It performs like a champ, hitting with some pop and very nice arc to the pocket. This ball was made for this condition, as Track said it would be.
On heavy: 3/10. You have to play really direct to get this ball to work. Being a Particle Pearl, it requires a lesser volume of oil and more dry to work properly. It will wiggle more than react good....

Compared to my other Track stuff:

Phenom Unleashed: The Unleashed hooks 5 boards more than the HexPlosion with a better flip on the backend. The Unleashed's sharper angle and it ability to handle a heavier shot makes the HexPlosion a big step down from the Unleashed.

Heat Remake: The HexPlosion has a smoother arc compared to the Heat's flip on the back. The Heat has more backend, and save its energy for it. When the Hex starts hitting weak, this is when I would pull out the Heat. It hooks 2 boards less on the front part of the lane, and 2 boards more on the back part. Basically, these two balls are apples and oranges: 2 different reactions for 2 different shots.

Grade: A (The ball does what it is supposed to do, and does the job very well, great job by Track! I am starting to like Track's equipment with each piece I try....keep up the great work guys!! )
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Re: Hex-Plosion
« Reply #8 on: March 31, 2006, 08:24:23 PM »
This is a very smooth ball!  I drilled it with the pin over the fingers and cg just below it.  Kept the box surface on it and smooth is all I have to say.  It did not carry well when I moved left at all, when I could play straight it rolled well.  All in all this ball did not impress me much.  

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