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Paragon Pearl
« on: August 30, 2023, 12:45:55 PM »
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Check out the exciting upgrade to the Paragon series: the Paragon Pearl, featuring the powerful HK22! Building on the success of its predecessors, this addition brings a whole new level of performance to Track fans. The renowned I-Core 3.0 technology has already delivered exceptional results, and now with the inclusion of HK22, you can expect an even more dynamic reaction on the backend. This asymmetric ball outperforms any other in the Track line, boasting remarkable speed and responsiveness. While the Archetype was specifically designed for heavy oil conditions earlier in 2023, the Paragon Pearl serves as an excellent transitional ball when the stronger, earlier balls begin to lose their momentum. Poured in three captivating shades of green, this ball is not only a powerhouse on the lanes but also catches the eye with its irresistible performance and shelf appeal.

Color: Light Green / Jade / Forest
All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown
Core: I-Core 3.0 (Dual Density) (14#-16#)
Coverstock: QR-11 Pearl Reactive (HK22)
Finish: 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Factory Compound
RG: 2.486 (15# ball)
Diff: 0.056 (15# ball)
Reaction: Length with strong backend
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium to heavy oil



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Re: Paragon Pearl
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2023, 08:40:56 AM »
Paragon Pearl – Various House patterns

The Paragon series has been stable through the years.  This Paragon Pearl is different, the color scheme rolling on the lane is fun to watch.  The strength of recovery is fun to watch.  The disaster it creates at the pins is fun to watch too.  I have been able to use the Paragon pearl on some high-volume house patterns.  I have seen the Paragon labor a little through the volume and I have seen it cut through the volume.  That tells me the ball is trying to work with me, I can respect that.  So far, I have left the box finish on mainly because the Paragon Pearl has been consistent no matter what I am bowling on.  If the volume is a little much just change the angle a little so it’s not traveling in the volume so long.  If the volume is just right have fun and get all over it as much as you want.  I think what I like the most from the Paragon Pearl is the steady motion towards the pins it rolls like a symmetrical ball for me, could be the layout could be how I roll it.
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Re: Paragon Pearl
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2023, 11:08:26 AM »
Pin Length:  2-3
Ball Weight: 15lb
Layout: Pin Up, Kicked CG with a 1 inch shift
Rev Rate:  418
Ball Speed: 15 mph
PAP/Track: 5 9/16 over and 1/8 up

Finish: (Matte, Polish, Sanded): Box Finish
Length: 42ft
Volume: 50 UL
Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS

On a scale of 1-10 ( 1=Low, 10 = High )
Length: 7
Back End: 7
Overall Hook: 7.5
Midlane Read: 6.5
Breakpoint Shape: Clean through front part of lane with even roll and moderate/strong backend


Likes:  I haven’t drilled a Track ball in a long time.  I was very please to see the reaction this ball has with the base HK22 added to it.   It was very similar to my Black Widow 2.0 but seemed to be a little earlier and sharper change of directions.   I would imagine this ball being a first ball out of the bag during a league set.  I was able to move in across the night as the lane transitioned and still carried very well.   It looks very nice as well.  The Pearl really pops on the shelf.


To view my video ball reviews – Please go and like my youtube channel in the link below
Track Paragon Pearl - YouTube
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Re: Paragon Pearl
« Reply #3 on: November 19, 2023, 06:21:12 PM »
I am one of the biggest fans of the Paragon series, having thrown my Paragon Solid probably over 300-400+ games before it sadly finally cracked. When I think of a Paragon, I think of early, quick responding, mind reader that will hook on anything. I was more excited for the Paragon Pearl than I was for Nintendo 64 as a kid. They took my favorite solid of all time, turned it into a pearl and added HK-22 flip technology??? Take all of my money!

The Paragon Pearl has become my standard medium pearl daily driver. I've already put 100-150+ games on it this season and it is my default mid to late session ball. Pairing it with the DV8 Brutal Collision, this duo has been a cheat code for me knocking down new personal high league scores.

I consider the Paragon Pearl to be in the medium range of Pearls, hooking about 2-3 boards less than my Katana Assault on the back end. But this makes the Paragon Pearl extremely controllable and useable in virtually any situation. One of the best things abut the Paragon series has been versatility and by that I mean I can play them all over the lane. My best league score came playing the Paragon Pearl on two different lanes, with two different oil conditions, using the Paragon Pearl to go left, throwing right bouncing curveballs off the friction on one lane and throwing screamers up the gutter on the other. This ball is going to consistently come back and get around the corner from virtually everywhere on the lane. The Paragon Pearl also loves speed and will shape throwing it like a gorilla.

One of my favorite things about the Paragon Pearl is the I-Core 3.0, which is one of the best cores I have ever thrown. The I-Core 3.0 seems to wind the ball up in it's roll phase, speeding up and then corkscrewing through the pins violently resulting in sick pin action. One of the main things I look for in a ball is does it retain energy and wind up violently enough to regularly kick corners. The Paragon Pearl doesn't disappoint as it seems to flip beautifully and then retain most of it's energy exploding like a howitzer shell through the pins.

The QR-11 is one of the earliest and quickest responding covers I've ever thrown. The Paragon Solid was my go to ball for tough conditions because of it's ability to read and move on anything. The Paragon Pearl does not disappoint! With this version being extremely early and flipping in one of the most angular shapes I've seen. I'm a huge believer in the cult of HK-22, my top three balls currently all have HK-22 technology because I love that flip rapid change of direction movement. This Paragon Pearl does not disappoint, flipping like a boomerang when it sees friction and then exploding into the pocket. But the Paragon Pearl is more useable than the solid because the Solid could get quite wild and unmanageable in breakdown and on shorter conditions. But the Paragon Pearl is so controllable with such a manageable backend. I've spent entire blocks and eight-ten game stretches with this ball in my hands because why put it down if I keep smashing the pocket with it over and over?

The Paragon Pearl also holds better in oil than anything I think I've ever played with. I have had quite a few misfires on a house pattern that still struck even missing at the arrows by 4-5 boards, because the Paragon Pearl just beautifully sits and holds in oil. This is one of the most impressive and helpful things about this ball. With how much flip boom there is with this ball. It holds unlike anything keeping you from a world of nasty up the nose splits and giving you a few lucky breaks a session.

Using the Paragon Pearl as a daily driver, I noticed the cover seemed to pick up a lot of dirt and crap in the early life of this ball. But doesn't seem to pick up anything now during cleaning. Also I feel the ball may have worn down a bit as it was absolutely mind bending out of box. But still an amazing daily driver I'm shooting big scores with 100-150 games in.

Like a Zen on steroids or Baby Exotic that's more controllable.

Paired with a Brutal Collision and a Purple Hammer, this is the best three ball bag I've ever had.


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Re: Paragon Pearl
« Reply #4 on: December 31, 2023, 04:59:36 PM »

Length:  Various

Volume:  Various

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):  House and Sport


Paragon Pearl:  The Paragon Pearl is the newest addition to the Paradox/Paragon dynasty. The HK22 base in the Pearl has made this a staple in my bag. Cleaner than my Paragon Hybrid and more angular on the back ends. This ball has allowed me to keep moving left with the patterns without fear. This ball is possibly the best option in the Paragon family for league bowlers looking to test the limits of backend power while keeping the predictability of the Paragon line.