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Proof Hybrid
« on: February 11, 2021, 05:16:59 PM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00 has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Do you need even more proof? Track has got even more Proof in the form of a Hybrid high-performance bowling ball. This ball combines the best of the pearl and solid versions to offer a strong mid-lane reaction and down lane continuation on medium to heavy oil.

Color: Red/Black
All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown
Coverstock: Prime Response Hybrid
Core: Proof
Finish: 500, 3000 Siaair Micro Pad
RG: 2.519 (15# ball)
Differential: 0.052 (15# ball)
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium to Heavy oil
Reaction: Strong midlane and continuation
Hook Potential: High
Length: Long



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Re: Proof Hybrid
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2021, 09:40:35 PM »

Length: 42

Volume: 25

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


70 x 3 ¾  x 25 – PAP 4 ½ -> and ½^ - Speed – 15mph – Rev Rate 380
I get good clean length out of this ball and layout combination.  The red color of this ball looks great going down the lane if you like those darker colored bowling balls.  The original proof  is one of my favorite balls and this one compliments it really well.  When the original proof is too early, then this ball compliments it very well.  It goes a little further down the lane and more angularity off the spot down lane.



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Re: Proof Hybrid
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2021, 07:11:34 PM »
Proof Hybrid – Various sport and house patterns

Pin above bridge, MB between thumb and VAL Positive Axis Point 4 3/8 right 1/2 up.

The Proof Hybrid is easily one of my favorite bowling balls right now, does that mean the first ball out my bag not at all, does that mean at some point I will roll with it because I know exactly what I want to see absolutely!!!!!  The Proof Hybrid gives you shape as well as finish, the cover is versatile too.  The Proof Hybrid will let you know if you will be using it for a few shots or most of the game(s).  I don’t think the Proof Hybrid is that wow factor bowling ball it is like a role player you can always look for the Proof Hybrid to be the same each and every time.  If the Proof Hybrid sees the friction to early you see it, if the Proof Hybrid skids to much you see it.  You don’t have to do a lot of guessing once you watch the Proof Hybrid on the lane.  Using the Proof Hybrid on house and sport patterns it did the same thing for me.  I didn’t have messengers flying around however, I did have that nice continuous motion through the pins which looks like that perfect strike leaving nothing on the deck and or splitting the 8-9.  I know I know it doesn’t matter how they fall as long as they fall.  BUT it is nice to see the ball storing energy, then delivering as much as that energy as possible into the pins while it calmly sweeps the pins off the deck.
When you get a chance please check out the track recommendation tool however before doing so I will strongly suggest you go to your local pro shop and ask for assistance with getting your Rev Rate, Tilt, Axis Rotation and Ball Speed.
Ronald Davis Jr.
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