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Title: Up-Rising
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
# Core: "Mega Tron"
# Core Type: Asymmetrical
# Color: Black All colors and appearance do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
# RG: 2.48
# Differential: 0.056
# Intermediate Diff: 0.032 0.030
# Veneer: "HP Gen 2" - Solid Reactive
# Surface: 4000 Abralon Polished
# Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy To Medium
Title: Re: Up-Rising
Post by: joshs on July 10, 2008, 12:29:17 PM
layout: 50 degree x 3 3/8 x 60 degree
surface: box
this put the pin under my ring finger and the mb at about a 25 degree angle from my grip center and about 2 1/2 in. from my thumb

right handed
pap: 3 7/8 right, 1/2 up
rev rate: high

This ball goes longer and finishes stronger than the rising.  I'm about 4 boards left with my feet compared to the rising with a similar layout.  Due to my rev rate this won't see a lot of action on the house shots in the cities I bowl.  But it does provide an awsome look on patterns with a heavier concentration of oil because of its read of the midlane.  
Bowlers who are looking for a ball with strong backend continuation and good push through the front, take a look at this new release from Track.  

Title: Re: Up-Rising
Post by: Wilbert on July 10, 2008, 02:31:42 PM

I sanded the ball to 600 to test it on oil.  On the house shot described below, I went in to 15 and then into 20 not getting the ball out to the dry.  Just before the end of the pattern the ball started to pick up roll and had a nice arc at the end.  Carry was not a problem.  Throwing the ball out to the dry the ball had enough continuation to still carry.  Did not flatten out.  More testing is need to determine if this ball will replace the overseas Brunswick  I am using for oil.

Pick up this ball at the Vegas event.  Thanks to Track for hosting the event.  Here are my INITIAL impressions.

Out of the box, this is a good ball for medium to medium/heavy conditions.  This ball revs quickly off the hand.  The surface helps gets the ball down the lane and prevent rollout.  Some Brunswick balls that rev this early would rollout for me, but the Uprising has good continuation.  The ball revs harder than most other balls.  (This is, if you normally get 10 revs before hitting the pins, this ball will give you a couple more revs due to the design of the ball.)  Hit is good.    

Me:  Slower speed, but rev rate matches speed.  If I throw faster, I become speed dominate.  Stroker.  PAP 5 across ½ up.

Lane Condition:  House shot, medium heavy.  Oil build up starts at about 8 board. Get the ball out early and it tends to hang and I leave a bucket or 2/10.  (Oil on front of the lane on the 6/7 board.)  4/5 board the ball rolls early.

Ball: 15lb Starting top 2oz. Pin 5” from PAP with 1” in buffer from VAL.  MB at 45 degrees.  About ¾ side and ½ finger.  No balance hole. Box surface.  

Going up the 8/9 the ball revs quickly and give me a nice solid arc in to the pocket for a flush it.  Standing at the same place and getting the ball out to 6/7 early the ball gives an even arc for a blow 5 strike.   Normally this would leave me a bucket with other medium equipment.  Throwing harder and going with a slight angle towards the pocket on the 4/5 the ball still revs quickly and make a slight move at the end.  Throwing the ball extra slow and swinging the 11/12 out to almost 5 the ball give a rainbow arc back to the pocket.   With other medium equipment and regular speed, I would be going down 6/7 or 5/6.

Need to try the ball dull and on oil.  Maybe a good oiler.  Not a skid/flip ball for me even with the box surface and drill pattern.  The ball revs too quickly for that.  This ball has potential for my tournament arsenal.  Too early to tell.

Not a Track diehard so I don’t buy into everything that Track put out.  However, I will give the ball a honest tryout.
Title: Re: Up-Rising
Post by: Bowlers Source on July 16, 2008, 06:17:10 PM
15 lbs.
Suggested drilling #3.
See Profile for specs.

This ball is cleaner than The Rising through the front. The Up Rising reads the mid lane very well and is strong on the backend. Ball reaction is hard charging on the backend. Provides more length and more backend than The Rising. The carry from this ball is unreal. It opens up the pocket shot after shot. A must have piece for bowlers this season.
Damon Brown
Track Regional Staff
Title: Re: Up-Rising
Post by: Percision Shot Making on July 27, 2008, 08:40:35 PM
I've talked to some bowler's who like me thought that the original Rising was smooth, and they really enjoyed it.. But i'm hear to tell you a lil about the UP Rising, this ball is ridiculously smooth through the heads and just simply stores all it's energy for the back, and when this ball hits i can guarantee there i haven't came across a ball that hits like this one before ( track really has a gem with this one...)

I actually drilled my with the recommended layout with the pin in the palm to give me a compliment off of the original Rising and when i say one, two punch i mean it you have to get both if you don't you just simply don't know what your missing...

Howard Ball Jr.
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Title: Re: Up-Rising
Post by: Strokewiththelefthand on August 02, 2008, 09:41:00 AM
Let me start by saying I'm a huge fan of the recent releases by track. My dude Paul is on staff with them and there stuff rolls tremendous in his hands. I watched him throw his and was wowwed by the reaction so I decided to by my first track ball in almost 6 yrs.

Ball specs:
15 lbs 5 oz
1 1/2 oz top weight
About a 4 in pin from pap with a lefty cg offset

Double thumb
60x4x30 with x hole 1 7/8 from the thumb

Lane conditions:
43 ft high volume with out of bounds from gutter to 5

Let's bowl:
I wanted something that would read and peel harder on heavily oiled lanes and to try the double thumb layout. My initial read was that the ball reads the mids really well but in all that oil the ball gave me ovr/und. Polished this ball would idea for a wet/dry. It gets through the first 35 ft with ease, reads the midlane, then peels. But with that condition the ball was just too squirty. We took it down to 2000 and it was like night and day. The ball made the condition look easy, reading the mids so much better and giving me the hook I needed on tighter conditions.

The uprising is a versitale ball. OOB the ball can be a monster on almost any pattern except the two extremes (dry/oil). 2000 makes the ball a heavy oil titan, like a rising but about 5-7 ft later and more pop on the back.  The carry is tremendous! One of the strongest and best hitting balls on the market. I'm a huge roto fan but the uprising is well worth a try. Money well invested.
Formally LeftyHawse, Jim Jones.
I''m man enough to admit I stroke with the left hand and it feels good.

Mullans pro shop Richmond, Va.

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Title: Re: Up-Rising
Post by: Use2begood on September 04, 2008, 10:29:07 AM
I am happy to see that Paul Fig is getting Track back on the map.  The thing I like most about his ideas is that they are different and he is not afraid to use them.  The only thing that hasn't changed (and I love this too) is that Track is not afraid to use BLACK.

Ball specs:
15 lbs 4 oz
2-1/4 oz TW
3" pin

Pin 4-1/2" from PAP
MB - 3" from midline

Lane conditions:
League-41' semi blend not a top hat.

Out of the box surface, I found exactly what I was looking for.  The best way to describe the reaction I had was that it cleared the front like a pearl, reads the midlane like a solid and continued to the backend with a controlled snap through the pins.  I was involved in bowling ball construction and reaction and I would always laugh when someone would ask for a ball that hooked early and snapped in the back.  Well, I am not saying the Up-Rising does this but it never squirted in the midlane, which let me stay aggressive, and the backend  was always there, very impressive.

Pro shops should love this ball as far as layouts are concerned, very simple and straight forward.  The one thing I did notice that was also a plus is the flare and bowtie of this ball.  All flare rings where pretty tight (maybe 1/4" apart) which helped control the bowtie in one specific place (I do not see this very often with the specs of this ball and being a power player).

I am very excited that I have added this ball to my arsenal.  It's not very often where I develop confidence in a ball as quick as I did with this one.  I hope there are a lot of people who will give this ball a chance, I really think the Up-Rising could very well be one of the TOP if not the TOP ball of the year.  Congrat's to Paul and Track for a for sure winner!
Opinions welcomed, as long as you listen to mine.
Title: Re: Up-Rising
Post by: bass on September 10, 2008, 11:37:27 PM
I recently punched out an Up-Rising.
Drilled it with a label leverage layout.
Tried this ball on a 38ft house shot.
Ball rolled pretty good but didn't have any WOW factor to it.
So I took it back into the pro shop to tweak its surface.
1st I tried 2000 abralon pad then polish.
Still no WOW.
It didn't seem to pick up in the midlane very well.
So I took it home and used my own spinner.
Put it to 1200 wetsanded then hit it with polish.
Now this ball reads the midlane perfect.
This has given this ball the reaction I've been looking for.

The ball doesn't want to quit no matter how deep I am or how much I send it out.
Not your typical bowler.
Title: Re: Up-Rising
Post by: RCKYURWLD on October 30, 2008, 10:22:25 PM
Went with the # 1 Drilling and left the finish OOB.

I love this ball! For me it is a straighter more of a down the boards play. As advertised, it clears the fronts well and has a strong continuation into the hole. The reaction to the hole is a smooth, yet hard roll that will not get you into trouble and the pin carry is very good. On some shots with the box finish, you can overthrow the breakpoint if you don't watch your speed. On the other hand, when the shot breaks down quick, you obviously need to adjust along with it, but most importantly, know when to put it away and go with something less agressive.

All in all..  This ball is a must have

Readability 10
Hit 10
Carry 10

I love it


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See profile for arsenal. Links to PICs and Descriptions are posted. I have a few Pics posted of each ball.



Proud Member of the Track Legion

See profile for arsenal. Links to PICs and Descriptions are posted. I have a few Pics posted of each ball.

Title: Re: Up-Rising
Post by: Trackbowlr on November 12, 2008, 02:01:48 PM
Up Rising – Modified #1 drilling - Pin below ring finger.
I removed the factory polish and went to 1000 abralon to replace my Rising as the first ball out of the bag on fresh house shot.  The ball gets through the heads nicely and is 4 boards stronger off the break point than the Rising.  The carry is great but it needs to be put away when the track burns up.  Another great ball from Track.
Dan Paul
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Dan Paul
Track Amateur Staff Member
Title: Re: Up-Rising
Post by: Hold That on May 13, 2009, 07:28:36 PM
This is the best ball Ive ever owned until the Uprising SE , came out. It hits very hard and carries long. I am a lefty with a 207 average. I bowled a 288 and a 700 series out the box. This ball is very forgiving and when I find a spot it destroy the rack. My SE is even harder hitting. I almost dont beleive this ball. I have the virtual gravity and 2D and love the uprising the most. I highly recommend this ball .
Title: Re: Up-Rising
Post by: Powermachine- on June 09, 2009, 10:18:21 PM
wee got a new up rising for 60 shipped off ebay
i am a tweener lefty about 325-350 rpm about 16.5-17.5 mph ball speed
got this ball to help open the lanes up a bit
specs are as is:2 5/8 pin
                4 oz top weight
                15 lbs 3 oz

So after talking to Bob my pro shop operator first ball i have gotten drilled up a bit we decided to go with a basic layout Pin next to the ring which is 4 1/2 nch pap for me mb just below and to the left of my thumb.
First thoughts:holy cow this ball carries, i didnt know what to expect so i threw it 14 out to 7 dead flush, then got my feet and hand position accordingly ball carries good, easy to hand positions, and revs a ton and very forgiving when entering the pocket so for my first 2 games i went 280 246 not too bad after my summer woes. Will do further after league sunday.
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Title: Re: Up-Rising
Post by: Hold That on June 17, 2009, 12:20:49 AM
I pulled`my UPRISING SE back out after toying with the playmaker and VG for a week. This balls carry is fantastic. Im a lefty bowler  , 200+ ave , 16 - 17 mph and play the 2nd arrow @ different houses and seem to make the same aggressive shot. it hits hard ,no 7 pins and i highly reccommend it .
Title: Re: Up-Rising
Post by: oldguy0621 on July 03, 2009, 12:04:17 AM
So glad I did not wait for new balls to come out. Got my Up-Rising late spring this year. I did not have much of a chance to test it out. Just some practice. The lanes where I bowl in the summer in an early PM league are always dry and I use my go to ball for dry lanes. This Wednesday I started out with that go to ball which I have been doing real well with this summer, this day it just did not have any snap at the break point. Just slid into the pocket. Game one 20 pins below average. I pulled out  the Up-Rising thinking it would help getting through what I felt was carry down from league bowling the night before. WOW did it work. I wound up 97 pins over average for the three games that day.It did great with making it through the carry down and hit like a truck.  Ball is drilled pin over my ring finger and I am left handed. I did dull up the surface just a tad.
Thanks "Track" for a great ball, thanks to my pro shop guys at  Bowlers Corner in Fresno CA. for a great job on drilling this ball for me. It was the first one they drilled for me.  Yeah Baby! Come on fall league and the oiled lanes. I am ready!
Title: Re: Up-Rising
Post by: mrmuckie on January 04, 2010, 12:10:10 PM
Absolutely Great Ball

I have had this ball for over a year now and have had my highest triple with it (791 split in the 8th of third game after front seven and struck out for 265)  I drilled with recommended pin down drilling.  Glides through the heads sharp off the breakpoint shatters pins.  Sends messengers all over the place.  Only thing not good in is heavy oil shots.
Title: Re: Up-Rising
Post by: wbltim on May 05, 2010, 12:34:51 AM
New favorite ball?  Might be.

Picked up one used and had it drilled out with the pin above the fingers.  I was looking for a solid reactive with some snap at the back end since the pearls I have are a little squirrely sometimes.

It took a while for me to get used to the breakpoint on this thing since it snaps so hard at the end.  I do not turn the ball a lot, but when I get a hand full of it (for me), the thing is devastating.  Bowled a tournament last night and had to bag the first ball I was using halfway through the first game as I could not get out of it.  Picked up the Uprising and started pounding them.  Finished my last three games with 220, 247, 254.  Carried damn near everything, even in a house known for a lot of ten pins.

I like it a lot and can't wait to really use it on the house shot next season.

Title: Re: Up-Rising
Post by: pbaexp12 on August 02, 2010, 08:19:53 PM
talking about long and extremely strong.  This is the ball for that.  This ball definately fits into the skid snap catagory.  On any house shot this ball is very hard to beat, fresh or broken down.  I have had some great games and high 700 sets with my uprising!!
I have high revs and speed and even I can through this ball down the gutter or move in and throw the entire lane.  the heads are so easy to clear with this ball it's like the ball is sleeping  the when the backend arrives the ball wakes up and just goes crazy.  Hits very hard and still comes back if you liss some on the release.  
My only problem with the uprising is when I find a shot that's like a river.  oil is not a friend to the uprising.  It'll just go way too long down lane before anything happens.  I haven't messed with the cover on mine at all to see if it could handle the oil I just like the box finish so much on other shots that I haven't tried it.  
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