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"Fun Night"
« on: April 07, 2005, 04:57:07 AM »
OK, our Tuesday league finished up this past week. This league is like 55 yrs old and they have a tradition of a fun night while the teams that won quarters are rolling off.

I basically take these kind of nights as fun, so I fell in line with many of the bowlers that decided to try the towel strike that was done on television earlier in the PBA season.

I struggled heavily (I only tried this the last 4 frames of the third game). Then the last few shots I tried hooked too much. SO---I loaded the Heat in the towel, threw it and got a strike.

Just a mention of some of the fun times bowlers can have. I also amazed many of the bowlers that were on my pair by bowling left handed for the first 6 frames of the game without an open and a turkey at one point. *L* Funny how great bowlers can be with eachother when the competition end of the league is done.

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