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Title: About the Code Red Special Edition...
Post by: Ric Clint on May 05, 2003, 10:08:56 AM
Anyone know what the RG and RG Differential was for the 15lb Code Red SE? What kind of ball is it as far as Length, midlane, backend, lane condition, shape of hook, etc...


Title: Re: About the Code Red Special Edition...
Post by: RandyO on May 06, 2003, 02:35:33 AM
RG=2.55 Diff=0.030
BTM Rating:
RG=4.2 Diff=4.8 Torque=3  Length=6.5 (Similiar to Sledge, Icon, Spirit(16#))
Backend=10  Hook=18

BJI Ratings=
Cover Aggress=74 Cover Vers=80  Core Vers=70  Hook=70

Coverstock is "Power Plus reactive with Gold mica".

Here's what BJI said in their review:
TRACK: Critical Mass Code Red Special Edition
There seems to be a lot of "new" stuff that uses old cores with tweaked covers. Some of these releases are so-so and some are really strong. Put the Code Red S/E in the latter category, a very big-hooking ball in comparison to the old version. It uses the original Code Red modified two-piece core with the Powertech Ceramic core, which is a quick-revving, easy-to-roll core that was pretty smooth with the original cover. The base of this core is a large ball with a super dense flip-block on top, a medium density control block on the bottom and the Powertech ceramic inner core in the core center. This medium Rg core has medium/low differential for moderate flare potential; 14-16 pound weights can be drilled in any two-piece manner. Now before you think, "Ugh! A low flare ball," read on!
The new cover - Track's Powerplus with gold mica - puts this one in the big hook category. This reactive urethane formula is a juiced-up version of the aggressive cover used on the Triton Elite. The new set of tires allows the S/E to cover a bunch of boards, and gives players all of the hook they could want. The Cherry Red cover with gold-filled logos and box sheen (looks like 1000-grit wet sand) modifies easily to match release strength. This core/cover combo delivers a quick revving, heavy mid-lane roll with a very aggressive backend. A strong release can get this one to turn the corner quickly, but the ball's forté is its big, smooth overall hook and hit.
With a pair of S/Es, we label-drilled the right-side ball with pin at leverage and box finish. On a fresh condition, we could move into the puddle in the middle and play a small loop or bump the outside drier boards and let the ball do the work. The core delivered rev and roll; the cover gave a predictable, consistent hook. Box finish was too much for the pups, so we applied a medium polish for the rev players. The left-side ball was drilled with the pin 5 inches from PAP for more control. Box finish gave great play up the boards or inside out; the polish yielded additional length and a sharper hook. The major comment from all users regardless of surface was how much and how smoothly the ball hooked. This is not a skid/snap ball, but it covers boards and hits with about any ball on the market.

I like mine - it's a pin-in ball drilled over the label. Factory grit but polished. Good predictable "go-to" ball when the shot dries up or gets squirrely. Similar to a Pulse in boards covered but more even arc movement. I've hear stories of them having a cracking out problem, but no problems with mine so for (but I have less than 30 games on it).
BTM magazine did a review and rated about as high as any ball that they've ever rated. They loved it.
Title: Re: About the Code Red Special Edition...
Post by: Ric Clint on May 07, 2003, 01:25:22 PM
Thanks for the reply, RandyO!