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Author Topic: Don't sleep on the blue Paradox!  (Read 1092 times)

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Don't sleep on the blue Paradox!
« on: December 22, 2017, 06:07:52 PM »
Wow! I was always curious about this ball after my Frat brother threw some majorly high games on us while pot bowling. He had the blue Paradox and I loved the way his ball carried.

Anyway, bought a used one and re-drilled to my specifications. And like, "WOW!" This ball is the bees knees! It is amazingly strong; revs up in the mids and on the backend; absolutely no quit; carries the world!

I am very much impressed. It's especially good on a fresh shot and will let you know when to put it away, as you start leaving an assortment of single pins.

As such, it definitely needs oil, which is interesting because this is a hybrid pearl! With my drilling I've been able to use it both on medium and light oil, but never for all three games.

I will be getting a Black as well. I don't see any other ball with a motion like this on the backend.

Alrighty now! Used it three times consecutively on medium oil: 715, 678, 670. Not bad for a ball that should be on medium heavy!
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