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The Proof Hybrid
« on: January 20, 2021, 09:39:42 AM »
The Track Proof line has been one of the best asymmetrical ball lines Iíve seen for some time. With the solid Proof being released first. Which gives you that start to finish hook throughout the lane that doesnít stop, even when leaving the pin deck. Then the Proof Pearl which gave us the length we needed to push through the fronts and deliver a powerful motion to the pocket. Both balls were and have been great. However, the next ball to throw in among these beasts was the Proof Hybrid.

For me the Proof was too much ball for around here in Rockford. But would be a great fit for when I saw a heavier pattern. It suited that just perfectly. Then the Proof Pearl was a tad too much length. But an easy fix with a 2000/3000 pad to knock the shine off the ball. For me, the pearl was a great ball to go to once the lanes started to open up more. Basically when I have to move left and catch more head oil. Thatís where this new release, the Track Proof Hybrid, really stands out. I feel like the Hybrid version will be more useful for many and will combo well with the other two.

For me, there is about a 5 board difference between each ball. Proof Solid being the best hook of the three. Then a step down in motion is the Proof Hybrid and then the Proof Pearl finishes off with good length. If you havenít tried any of the Proof line so far. I would highly recommend the Proof Hybrid. Great fit for a majority of players and styles.

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Andrew Jensen
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