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Author Topic: Track Heat (WWRD 11/19/2021)  (Read 2001 times)

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Track Heat (WWRD 11/19/2021)
« on: November 16, 2021, 01:07:50 PM »
The Heat is back and so is the Modified Tri-Core! This time itís wrapped in the DR-7 solid coverstock to handle medium volumes and give a lane reading reaction for Track Bowling at a mid-price level. Thereís an alternate core in weights 12 & 13, but with strong core numbers. Plus, itís built with DynamiCore for durability. The color is Ultra Violet, so you will get noticed on the lanes.

This one will be cleaner than an Ebonite GB4, but is a great versatile ball for medium to medium-heavy volumes. If you are looking for a new lane reader, this is one everyone should look at.
Juan Fonseca
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