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Track Proof Hybrid
« on: December 23, 2020, 01:40:22 PM »
Another ball that was a bit lost due to the temporary center closures was the Track Proof. It gave bowlers amazing performance at the Upper Mid price point. Itís still available and thatís a great thing! The Proof Pearl was introduced on 9/3/2020 to bowlers with slightly slower speeds or bowl on medium to medium heavy volumes. The Proof Hybrid brings the best of both worlds and may become the new favorite among Track Bowling enthusiasts. The core is the same coming in at the RG 2.519, Diff. .052 and Asym. Diff. .020 for the 15lb weight. In the lighter weights the core is adjusted to give bowlers who use these weights the same performance as the heavier weight. All balls also come with Dynamicore, too.The Prime Response Hybrid coverstock is finished at 500, 300 Siaair Micro Pad and the color combo is Red and Black.
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