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Author Topic: Track Sensor Solid (WWRD 10/19/2023)  (Read 3203 times)

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Track Sensor Solid (WWRD 10/19/2023)
« on: October 02, 2023, 02:21:03 PM »
Track Sensor Solid  @15 lbs  2.490  .034 DynamiCore
WWRD 10/19/2023   12-16 lbs       Alternate cores 12-13 lbs
Core- Regulator      Coverstock- MR-6 Solid
Benchmark is a word that is seen a lot in the industry. By definition, it means a ball that reads the given pattern and is usually one you can stay with or adjust from. The lower diff core of the Sensor Solid will give you predictability when the Kinetic Cobalt is too much down lane and you need more traction than the latest Sensor (Pearl) gives. This ball offers a consistent motion from front to back with control. In essence, it is what one looks for in a benchmark.
Box Surface- 500/2000 Siaair      Color- Orange/Scarlet/Burgundy
Recommended Cleaner: Power House Clean N’ Dull
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