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2003 mis-adventures
« on: May 28, 2003, 11:21:23 PM »
I used an EBonite Tornado solid, sanded to 1500 grit then polished to about 2500, drilled 3x5, with CG dead center and 3" pin to CG, on teams, playing around 17 at arrows out to 10 at breakpoint. Breakpoint moved several times due to other team having 5 fluffers using all polished pearls goin up 5 board, 10 board and one plastic going up the middle. oil moved left and right like a Banshee, carry-sideways, if you will.

Doubles and Singles I used a Storm Bolt Pro, pin above the finger with same finish as the Tornado above. Stood about 40 throwing between 4th and 5th arrow,
ball going out to 6/7 board. As dry as lanes conditions are here in NJ, I've never covered so many boards with this ball.

BJI and Storm Sports Challenge oil patterns are NOTHING like the ABC. BJI and Storm are significantly more oil. I actually used my oiler (Pro Purple Buzzsaw) on the BJI, swinging 12 at arrows, out to 9/10 at breakpoint; that was beautiful, lovely, wonderful. Only shot 620 in 3 games of doubles, but I was happy except for missing 2 easy spares - brain farts - too excited over the wonderful oil pattern.

All in all, the ABC *TEAM* condition was challenging. You had 3 boards, 1 board left and right of your breakpoint; there were at least 3 legitimate breakpoints depending on your ball and release. Speed and release consistency were the prime requirements. Oh, from the right side, inside 10 board was SIGNIFICANTLY drier, all the way to the left gutter. Many, Many people missed spares to the left of spares involving any of 1/2/4/7 (1/2, 1/2/4, 2/4, 4/7). I shot one 8 pin, throwing down the 15 board with a pearl urethane - the ball went over the 7 pin spot. I got very careless; I had thought I was precise - guess not!

Can't say as I've seen the team shot this dry in the last 5 years.

Singles and doubles: the shot you had was almost entirely dependent on who shot before you in team, IF you bowled at 5:30 and 11:30, the D/S which followed teams. I did not see any of the early morning squads (7 AM, 9:20 AM, and 11:30 AM squads), but since there were no preceding teams to those squads, I imagine they had the most consistent, last disturbed oil pattern.

In ensuing years, if they keep these times, I will try to bowl D/S at 9:20 or 11:30 AM. As long as they fresh oil before each team squad, 2:30 or 8:30 PM shouldn't make any difference.

40-frame game: funnel bowling. Hit anywhere between 1st arrow and 3rd arrow and a virtual funnel will guide the ball to the pocket. I thought this was supposed to be fun; first time I shot it. People are surprisingly cut-throat about this "tournament"! Expensive too - $50; that should have clued me in; it was fun.
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