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Author Topic: BJI, BTM, Storm Challenge and the 40 framer  (Read 1210 times)


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BJI, BTM, Storm Challenge and the 40 framer
« on: June 08, 2003, 10:29:29 PM »
The BJI is about 20 minutes wests of the conventoin center on 40.  Diections are easy and there are a lot of good returants to eat at near the BJI. Be sure to check before driving down to the BJI at night on weekends because they have cosmic bowling the the tournament doesn't run during cosmic bowling.

The Strom Challenge is in the convention center, only two games though. I know they try and oil around 6 PM don't know about before but fresh oil is said to be the hardest shot.  Thats when I bowled

The BTM is about 10 minutes from the Convention center and very easy to find, no returants in the local area to talk about.

The 40 framer is only 2.5 miles up the street from the conventoin center but squad times are usually betwen 3-6 PM

All these bowling cnters are easy to find, maybe the Family bowling center is a little difficult.  Thats where the BJI is located.


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