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Bowlers Journal and Bowling this Month
« on: April 03, 2006, 06:15:19 AM »
Don't know if this will help anyone, but here is my take on the two side tournaments.  We didn't bowl the 40 Frame Game.  Scott

Bowlers Journal Tournament

Held at Saratoga Lanes just south of that road work (with no signs)

Bowled on two different days in this tournament.

First day seemed to play very wet/dry.  I had to force the ball out but too much and it wasn’t going to get back.  Yet, I had virtually no room to miss left as the ball wanted to jump when it encountered friction.  Shot a set of 847 basically playing 23 to 19 to 15 all afternoon with the Hawg Wild.  

I then bowled a doubles set with my son who seemed to find a shot outside with firm speed but after a good 236 start, the shot became very iffy.  Washouts and splits defined the rest of his afternoon.  But, I though maybe I could play a little tighter line with my Pure Burgandy Hammer.  Started game one playing 14-12-10 on one lane and straight up 10 on the other lane.  Fairly good start at 218-212.  But then the carry down hit and it got ugly in a hurry and with very few strikes the rest of the way shooting 168-172 or so.

Came back on Tuesday to bowl another set and decided to try the outside.  Played straight up 6 board with my EPX-T1 and began with a 246.  Changed lanes and simply could not get the ball to the head pin.  Shoot a big 169 game.  Changed to my Hawg Wild and stayed at the six board and shoot 257-221.  893 put me in the top five (as of this writing) for Senior Singles.

I think the outside shot is there but accuracy and speed control are very important.

Bowling This Month

Held at Sully’s about 20 to 25 minutes from the Convention Center.  Bring your spare ball because this is one tough shot.  48’ of flat oil.  Threw my EPX-T1 and the ball went dead straight.  I found absolutely nothing from 15 board out to the gutter.  A pointed rocket to the pocket seemed my best choice at the end of practice.  Continued to try a tighter line but it was all too easy to miss the head pin left.  After a poor 178 beginning, shot games of 189-168-231 = 766  Pretty disappointing until I look at the leaderboard and see it places me in like 6th in Senior singles.  Buoyed by the 231 game which was a line and ball change, 25-20-17 with a Big Deal, I found a little something.

Bowled a second set and stayed with the same line and Big Deal from the last game and stay close:  205-168-237-177 = 787  Scores which (as of this writing) placed me in 2nd in Seniors singles and 1st in Senior 8-game singles.

Very difficult shot to hit with much consistency.  It is a shot that, unfortunately, many bowlers will avoid because they won’t be able to shoot huge scores with 8-10 boards to hit.  It will certainly humble 220 average bowlers, but I hope many will make the journey.