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Author Topic: Got in alittle practice today  (Read 558 times)


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Got in alittle practice today
« on: March 06, 2007, 10:52:03 AM »
The base bowling center puts out a different pattern every Tuesday.  They told me it was the Nationals pattern, proanvil lanes.  I had discussed this with the lane man at the center I bowl league at.  He said the house pattern was blended very similar to the nationals pattern, but the nationals pattern was much oiler especially on the outside.(he said they run 40%, the national patterns was 50%, maybe somebody with ION oiling machine knowledge can provide better input).  The BASE laneman said he adjusted the volume as needed.

Anyway, I start the Epic Battle(800 sanded + rough buff polish), sliding 19, hitting 10 at the arrows and looking at 8 for a breakpoint.  If I hit 8/9 I was dead flush, 7 yielded a late angle and weak 10, mixer 7, occasional 2 pin, 2-8.  Shot 235 the first game clean.

The next game, I pulled out my new Horizon Solid, 800 OOB, just to compare.  The horizon was earlier, but still aggressive off the end of the pattern.  I stayed in the same spot, but the transition started about the 7th frame.  I made a 3 and 3 left, resulting in a 2 pin.  Made a 1 and 1 back to the right and mixed a strike.  Shot 218.

The next game, I went back to the epic battle, sliding 20(so a 1 and 1 from earlier) hitting 11 still looking at 8 for a breakpoint.  Shot 224.

The final game, I started with the front 5/6, wiffed a 10, to the tenth and threw the worst shot of the day, left a split.  Shot 233.

It was just me and kid on one lane, so I created my own transition.  Assuming it will be the same as last year, it should transition fairly quickly and settle in for awhile.  

Anyway, thanks for reading, maybe it helped, maybe it didn't.


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