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Author Topic: Question about bowling equipment and air travel.  (Read 19985 times)


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Question about bowling equipment and air travel.
« on: May 10, 2015, 11:00:03 PM »
Topics says it all.  I'm wondering if you can carry on a two ball tote?   I don't want to check them, due to one of them being unreplacable.  You input is greatly appreciated. 
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Re: Question about bowling equipment and air travel.
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... a DHS attorney appeared before a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and boldly claimed DHS has the authority to strip search every airline passenger. Although it hit the news, I was surprised by the lack of media coverage.

Not only 8 years old, but wrong, as it has been proven that the 4A applies.


Wow!  Where were you in 2015 when I posted that?  :)

Apparently, I was replying to the previous post and referencing back to what was posted.  I think.  I can't remember what happened last week, let alone the reasons for a post four years ago.  :)  There must have been more concern over that situation back then?

BTW, what does the 4A mean?

My last flight, I did have to remove all objects from every pocket, remove my shoes, remove my belt, remove my hat and remove all liquids, pastes and electronics larger than a cell phone from my carry-on bag.  I ended up having to hold up my trousers with one hand until I had to raise both hands over my head, then they dropped. 
Not quite as bad as someone else posted.
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